Classe Audio rises again

"Today at the CES in Las Vegas, it was announced that Sound United (Denon, Marantz, Polk Audio, Definitive Technology, Polk BOOM, HEOS, and Boston Acoustics) had acquired Classé Audio and that operations would be resumed under the leadership of Dave Nauber."


This is a great news! I can hardly wait to see their next product under new management. Dave Nauber is a great guy!
Really glad to see this as well!   Always has been a good brand and I hated to see it disappear.  
Curious to see if they make product in Canada or China. But great news for getting a second life. 
Would only buy if made in North America !
As mentioned elsewhere in these forums,  I have a CP-500 preamp and a CA-2200 power amp.  Really like them.  The CP-500 with all its ins and outs, including balanced on XLR and a tape loop, and neutral as in full sound is quite wonderful.

I am not sure the foreign manufacturing was/is their problem.  In my mind the use of IC's in the later products got them in trouble with high end aficionados. 

I hope the new version of Classe goes back to the quality designs of the era of my Classe products.

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Yeah maybe they will go back to making really great sounding affordable amplifiers :-)
The question is not whether the revived Classe can continue building products but can they sell enough to be profitable?Flip a coin! The hi-end market is extremely limited! Too many competing products!
I also own a CP500 and a CA2200. I've owned 2 CP800's as well. I was curious as to if I could hear or see a difference between the two. They were identical in appearance as well as sonically. I understand a companies need to outsource to survive. Long live
let's hope they manage to resolve the quality issues. have a look at this
also this
pre amp is already a month at a repair service!

As you may realize, even if the difference is inaudible some would not consider the 800 because of the IC(s). Myself included. I would worry that they might be lazy/cost cutting in other areas. That quality of gear should have discrete circuits.

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Unfortunately, Classe is only a small shadow of what it once was when all of the design/engineering and production was performed at their facility in Montreal prior to being taken over by B&W a few years ago. 
Good to hear as I really like Classe products.  I think they are a great value.  However, all my experience has been with products that are probably over 15 years old.
Hope Classe has a good plan with deep pockets!  Still using a CA200 after 20 years. 
Glad to hear I had their ca 2200 cp800 both were great gear 
Polk/sound United will have them making soundbar parts in no time. I have been a big fan of the Polk sound for many years, and my old SDA 1.2TL’s have been a part of my rig for years now. The leadership at Sound United has no real desire to do more than mass market, mainstream lifestyle products.

While I am happy the Classe name survives, I am afraid that is all it will be.
happy to hear Classe is up again as I own the SSP800 and CA2200..  about the video deralte posted, I have a similar problem with the input switching on the SSP.. the trick is you have to turn on the source first then the SSP and it works like a charm, every time.. noticed when he turned it off then on the source was still on so now the CP worked fine.. I wonder if he knew that and purposely "blocked" that portion out...  about the clicking, I never experienced that... I've owned the SSP for couple years now
I have 5 pieces of old Classe equipment, all but one from the Dave Reich era, so having the name still going probably isn't going to mean anything as far as getting my stuff serviced, but nice to see it back nonetheless. 
not sure why they wouldn't want to not repair their equipment.. thats MONEY they certainly can use.. especially if sales are slow.. I;m in the used auto parts business and I know several new car dealerships that say the service dept. and body shop is whats keeping them afloat.. it would also keep their Classe name in good standing in the public eye.. boost new gear sales..
I am also glad to see that Classe is back . I am using an older Model # 20 preamp and a model # 10 power amp which I had completely rebuilt about  3 years ago , they have an extremely seductive sound . I am interested in the newer Class D offerings. Anyone with any experience?????
I have a CT-SSP and asside from it not doing 4k (frankly thinkg video should not be off loaded to the audio, and go directly to screen, like the Oppo 205) the sound is very good, I am pleased with it. I hope that they will be able to deal with any warranty issues that might come up over times, or even non warranty upgrades.
I own a SSPmk2, a CA-5100 and an AMP5.  The 5100 is a wonderful amp (very musical) and the AMP5 is a home theater amp.  I used the AMP5 for a few days listening to music and couldn't wait to get back to the 5100. If you only do home theater Classe class D amps are OK but if you are into music stick with their AB based amps. I think a used CA-2200 would be a good choice and probably a good buy right now!