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Beatles Red and Blue albums remix
Sorry, I meant “now and then”. Yoko Ono had given Paul McCartney 3 unfinished John Lennon tunes on a cassette several years ago; 2 were recorded for the Anthology disks. This would be the third, and they will be using AI to enhance John’ s voice.  
Add sub to 802D4s?
Which amps do you like with B&W’s? I have Mac 611 monos and feel they mate well with B&W.   Very happy with the sound, smooth, robust, and dynamic to my ears.    
Add sub to 802D4s?
I have B&W 802d3’s and have 2 JL Audio f 113’s.  I listen to rock, indie, and some alternative.  I love bass and the subs really give music an extra kick and dynamic.   I had them both in repair about a year ago and really missed the deeper ba... 
McIntosh to Luxman?
I don’t understand the McIntosh bashing. I use 611’s with an Esoteric N01XD streamer, Clearaudio turntable, and B&W 802D3’s (another brand that gets bashed on this site). The sound is balanced, but not veiled in any way. I think the sound is c... 
Great find: A really good streaming FM radio station.
WELTFM.0rg. This is a community radio station in Fort Wayne, with many genres of music in the evenings. Listen to Deep Cuts Friday nights from 9-10pm, which plays deeper album cuts from well known and newer artists.  You can actually listen to any... 
Big orchestral sound in pop, rock etc.
Check out Chicago V.    
Where is the Multichannel Music at?
I have about 50-60 Blu-ray concerts. In addition to the 3 excellent concerts mentioned above, David Gilmour Live in Pompeii, Pink Floyd Delicate Sound, Keane Live, and the Pretenders Loose in LA are also very good.  Actually there are too many con... 
Connecting a phonostage to a processor.
Yep, thank you drbond.  I use this forum to learn, and agree many on here have great knowledge. I have learned so much from many of you.   In my post, I simply was interested in other experiences on this topic.  I would have thought putting the pr... 
Connecting a phonostage to a processor.
Thank you rauliruegas for your insightful and helpful response. I was just curious what other people had found.  You know, you can always choose not to reply to stupid questions.  
8-10k budget suggestions please
Lumin has great streamers at many price points. I have had the D2, T2, and now X1. You will be in for a treat moving from bluetooth to a dedicated streamer. You could get the U2 mini, which streams only, and does not have an internal DAC.  You wou... 
McIntosh MT5 vs Rega 8 or 10
Yes, thank you. It was the only way I could afford it as well. I spent more money on the turntable than I initially thought I would, but very excited. I got the silver finish with the tracer arm. I will be using a parasound JC3 plus for the phono... 
McIntosh MT5 vs Rega 8 or 10
Thanks everyone for your help.  I decided to go with A Clear Audio Performance table.  I got a great deal on a lightly used titanium cartridge.  Can’t wait to get it!  
McIntosh MT5 vs Rega 8 or 10
Thanks for the info My dealer likes Clear Audio, so I am just starting to look at them as well. Which Clear Audio model do you like, or at least compares to the McIntosh TT5? I believe their Performance DC air and DC wood lines compare favorably t... 
McIntosh MT5 vs Rega 8 or 10
@smatsui Yes, trying to stretch my budget to the P10. It’s  just a big jump (with the aphelion cartridge) from the 8. What cartridge and phonostage are you using with the 10?  
McIntosh MT5 vs Rega 8 or 10
Yes, looking at phonostage’s also. So many options. How about the Rega Aria or Aura?