Cataloging Question

I have an unusual request for help.  I catalog all of LPs in alphabetical order.  I have just listened to, (several times now) and need to put away:

Dave Rawlings Machine-"Nashville Obsolete", (which, btw, is EXCELLENT.  Recorded in a custom, all analog studio).

I have several Dave Rawlings albums which are under Rawlings, Dave.  So should this go under the same or under "D", (Dave Rawlings Machine)?  It is the name of a band, not a single artist.

How would you catalog it?  Thanks!
there are musicians that did solo stuff or were in a band and I just put all of there stuff together as then I know where it is
Autobiographically. Obviously.

I tried that once.  Couldn't find a damn thing!  :-)

That's one of my favorite movies...well, top 5 anyway  :-)
I'd put in my collection in the way that's easiest for me to find.  

Elvis Costello, Elvis Costello and the Roots, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Elvis Costello and the Impostors... they all go together.

Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Pink Floyd... they all go in different spots... "W", "G", "P".

What works for me might not work for you, just figure out what works best for you and be consistent about it.
That’s where I’m having the problem.

Elvis Costello and...
Neil Young and...

These I put under Costello or Young, but;

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow or
Todd Rundgren’s Utopia

I put under R and U because they are the names of the band.

This isn’t Dave Rawlings’ Machine, (that would go under M for Machine), it’s Dave Rawlings Machine.

I wonder how the National Archives would catalog this? How about a record store?
just put it all together , you are the one that listens to the music and you are the one that has to know where its at.       

just seems you are making a mountain out of a molehill out of this.

just put it all together , you are the one that listens to the music and you are the one that has to know where its at.      

just seems you are making a mountain out of a molehill out of this.

I was just interested in how everyone else would catalog this album.  You sure don't have to participate..
You sure don't have to participate..

I didnt know that i needed your permission to participate in a thread you started , which you asked for members opinions / input.

i just find it hard to believe that you havent come across this issue before?            
I see what you're getting at.  If I were to get technical about it, I would put it under "D" for Dave Rawlings Machine like I would put Pink Floyd under "P", but for ease in finding it, I'd probably put with the other Dave Rawlings records (under "R" I assume?). 

I've seen record stores arrange things differently from one to the next.  They often group artists that were in a band together.  The one I was at yesterday had David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Pink Floyd altogether for example.  The one I go to most often does the same thing, for example all of the John, Paul, George, Ringo, Wings, John & Yoko, etc. records are all right next to the Beatles, under a separator that says "Solo Records".
I didnt know that i needed your permission to participate in a thread you started , which you asked for members opinions / input.

I never said you needed permission?  Sorry I wasted your time...

you didnt waste my time....but if you look at my first reply, I mentioned to put all the albums together so it would be easier to find them when you want to listen to them.         
 then you made the comment of  the other artists and whether it be solo stuff or group stuff and where to put it......and again, just put it all under one artist.     
but I make the comment of that you are making more out of this and you got all bent out of shape.   

what I dont get is what does it matter how you catalog your albums or the next person does theirs.   if they do theirs a different way then you do, are you now going to change yours around to be like theirs now ?       
If its a group, it goes by the name of the group: ie, The Eagles under E.
If its an artist, it goes by the name of the artist: ie, Don Henley under H.
My parents taught me this, as their parents taught them. Kids in the one-room schoolhouse on the prairie learned this even before Sears & Roebuck started delivering gramophones. This is the extent to which our schools have dumbed us all down.

Well, not all.

Alphabetical order is good, but not really great for me. I don't want to look for Bryan Ferry knowing I can find his stuff in the Roxy music section also I don't want to look for just Chick Corea. I want to look first in the Jazz section that I have. My catalog is over 6000 records.
 I would put it under “R” —  but if I thought there was a likelihood of confusion, I would put an index card in the appropriate place with a cross reference to other locations. Yes, you could call me anal, but it works. 
Go to the Library Of Congress' website and see how they catalog their albums? (Probably cross referenced six ways to Sunday). That way if you forget where something is you'll at least have a reference to help you sort it out. And yes, I have been known to overthink things sometimes. LOL
Absolutely filing my music in alphabetical order would drive me nuts. I have vinyl, CD’s, cassettes, and then there are my ripped files. All are first categorized by music genre, i.e. classical, jazz, alternative, indie, rock, fusion, pop, etc (including my ripped/flac files). I don’t want my Beethoven intermingled with my Beatles.

After that, I don’t even file alphabetically, example, I have all my classical music primarily divided by orchestras, or others by conductors. Or, as example, I have 4-5 complete Beethoven cycles, they all go together no mater the orchestra or conductors. Same for my Mozart cycles. Then for soloists like Heifetz, they all go together.

Similar for my ‘rock’. All my Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, etc all go together, as example. Same with all my Beatles, George Harrison, John Lennon, and McCartney. My Todd Rundgren and Utopia go together, and Eric Clapton, Cream, Derek and the Dominos, Blind Faith, etc are all together. Fairport Convention goes with all my other ‘folk rock’ stuff. John Mayhall is on an island by himself, but close to my Clapton stuff because of the Bluesbreakers ;-)

And I do that for all my source types. Sounds confusing, but have been doing this for over 45 years now, so I guess I have gotten used to it, and can usually go right to what I want to listen to.
I have to fall on the side of the first name of the group, even if said name is also the name of them performing solo.

So for me it would be D.