Software for Cataloging Vinyl Collection?

I now have over 5000 albums in my vinyl collection, mostly classical, in 3 locations and desparately need a very "user-friendly" software program to enter and maintain. My computer runs Microsoft XP. Can anyone suggest one?
Asked the exact same question a while back

heres the thread

Microsoft Access and Excel are already included in XP.
The newly upgraded Collectorz is terrific. Much improved interface. You can use their iphone and ipad apps and access your collection online.
Correction: Neither Microsoft Access or Excel are included in any versions of Microsoft Windows. If you're planning on using these, you'd need to purchase them. Home license versions aren't all that expensive anymore, so it's not a huge expense.
after trying a few, I have settled on Readerware because it is fast, particularly if you have a bar code scanner. And you can drag and drop album details from Amazon pages if your albums are a little obscure. The interface is es simple, too.
corrections: included in Microsoft Office package sorry
Catraxx is a nice solution,