LP Cataloging Software?

Does anyone know of an automated or semi-automated software program for cataloging LP's? There are a few out there for CD's and I know of one called Maestro Manager for classical LP's but nothing for popular/jazz/rock/bluegrass/etc/ LP's. By automated, I mean that it works by linking to an on-line database where titles, song lists, times, dates, and such can be automatically downloaded and then the user can add to fields such as condition, buying price,location, etc.

I have quite a number in a dBase file but it takes forever to manually enter everything. The CD program works like a champ but the CD's and LP's generally differ with respect to song order, icluded songs, release dates and such.

I would be obliged if someone can steer me towards such a program.
Check Stereophile Links 2 Die 4. They have several. Or just get yourself a database & roll your own. I've always been disappointed with canned software because they have more fields than you want to fill in.

Making your own database doesn't require much more effort. Basically, just an idea of what you want to do.
A friend in Australia was looking for something like this. I will email her over the weekend and see if she ever found anything.
I founbd a databse for rock called "ROCKBASE" form a UK firm. It is on the orderof 60 quid and is supposed to contain 337,000 titles (LP/CD/Cassette) but, of course, for rock only. Anyone used it before?
Beavis, thanks. At the risk of seeming naive, what does Links 2 Die 4 mean?

I know what you mean about canned products and not having what you want or more than what you want. I am capable of creating a database to about any level of complexity, having written several GIS programs, but I was hoping to find something a bit more automated where I didn't have to enter info in every field myself for nearly 4,000 Lp's. If it comes to that, I will have to move my computer to my listening room!
OK I figured out the links 2 die 4 but didn't see software listed

CD Trustee has made some steps in this direction. This is the best I have come upon for cataloging CD's and LP's. The only E-Mail address I can find for them is '[email protected]'. I hope this helps, it really is a good piece of software.


I'll provide the same answer I provided to you a little while back from a post on a related topic (L.P. Cataloging Sytem Advice), it looks like CD Trustee "Professional" is what you're looking for! ;)

Since you already like and use CD Trustee, this would seem like the perfect choice for you (no re-learning involved).

Oh, I think you may be exactly right, Wes. Thanks!! I had missed your response in that previous post. The only drawback I see is that it is still a CD-based database and one would have to delete songs on a CD that are not on an LP and rearrange the order in mnay cases. Too, the release number would be incorrect. However, it would save a ton of time as opposed to doing it ALL manually.
That's what I was thinking... I think it's your best solution, for now - it will still automate much of the data entry for you. ; )

I took the plunge and ordered the "Pro" version. They send a CD to you in the mail which upgrades the standard version to "Pro" and contains the database. In the meantime they allow one to download the standard version. Since, I cataloged my entire CD collection (about 500) in something like 8 hours total. Will update folks on how the database works to catalog LP's.
Is there a MAC version or a program similar to CD Trustee software?
I have 10K classical LPs and want to find an efficient, relatively inexpensive way to inventory them. How did CD Trustee Professional work out with your LP collection? Do you have any suggestions on the best way to inventory an extensive classical collection after all of your experience? Thanks.

I haven't heard of CD Trustee Professional, but I did try Kix Music Catalog, Catraxx and Collectorz Music Collector. IMHO they all suck; at least for LPs. The online music search catalogs simply take too long - there are either too many choices or what you have is not listed. I think that it's easier to just enter the data yourself.

In the end it was faster to simply setup my own Excel template. I don't have little pictures of the LP covers, but that could be easily added if cared about that (I don't). When I'm in the mood I can enter about 100 LPs at a time before I start seeing crosseyed. So for 10K LPs this will be a serious endeavor.
Tend to agree with Br3098. Though I have only 1000 LP's, you can easily set up the type of template on Excel that works best for you. I used a Comments column at the end to enter anything special about each album, such as pressing, 45 rpm, collectible status, and current worth.It just requires you to do some research about each of your LP's, which I found both elucidating and fun.--Mrmitch