Best things 'in life'

I thought this would be interesting, I just came across a thread that asks to list the best things of your own hometown and the opening post listed the best things that came from Philidelphia.
Well this is a little different. Since audiophiles tend to be more analytical and observant than non-audiophiles I thought alot can be learned from each other if we list the things we have come to appreciate in our life.
I will start with a few things that I happen to appreciate greatly!
Beer: (what better place to start)
...... Belgian is the country to choose for beer with charecter and layers of flavors and hints of fruit and herbs or cheese. But the very best of the best of the best as in not only in the best beer of the world but more like as in all food is: duchese de Bourgogne, just amazing!!!
Food, the best dish ever: Fish Taco, in New Canaan Connection at Rosie's. Everything they make is awesome!
Champagne: Vueve Clicquot, prior to this one I never ever liked champagne, but this one I love, not expensive only $40 +-
Cheese: La tur, great with grapes,alot of flavors in there
Best picture with Peter Sellers: After The Fox

Thanks for contributing in advance!
Best audio system?
=== Whatever I'm listening to.

Best wine?
=== Pouligny Montrachet, 1976.

Best dog?
=== My old pitbull, Zorro. You wanna tell him he's not? I didn't think so...

Best woman in the world?
=== This one's easy - my wife. Right, honey?

Best Romantic?
Good for you;~)
RW's getting some tonight!

Good for you RW!

And I was trying to keep this clean, oh well.
Can we get back to the threads heading?
Best position?
When listening that is.
Right now it's my Imac 24, feeding my MHDT Havana Dac, which feeds my fully modded Woo Audio 6 (with the Sophia rectifier), then on to my AKG 701's and into my old noggin.

Beautiful I tell 'ya!
Since audiophiles tend to be more analytical and observant than non-audiophiles

Would you like to elaborate on that a little more ?

So because one is not an audiophile per se , they dont enjoy the finer things in life ?
Best guitars...My Collings D3 dreadnought and the 1968 Les Paul Custom stolen from me in 1974. OK, there are a couple dozen other guitars I crave, too...
1) health
2) my family
3) free time to do whatever
4) music
5) exercise
6) a good beer
Pedrillo- If you like Veuve Cliquot at $40, try Scharffenberger at ca. $20. I was amazed. Best price/performance ratio I've tasted and I LOVE the bubbly.
BTW, do you live in CT area?
No I live in NYC. But visit New Canaan to pick up raw milk and of course fish tacos. If you are any where near N.C. you must visit Rosie's.
Thanks for the champagne recommendation.
I live in W. Hart but get down that way for work occassionally. Will put Rosies on my list. Thanks.
When at Rosie's check out their quesadilla that is awesome and so is the lobster roll!
If you appreciate rare tuna their ahi tuna taco is also great.
Any wine recommendations?
I just had a nice petite sirah believe it was by JT. Just JT.
If you are ever in nyc check out pascalou's amazing menu! New American.
Chicken wings made with my "Wing City Gourmet Buffalo Hot Wing Sauce".

Makes your brains fall out they're so good...

At present, I custom bottle the sauce only as gifts for friends.

Turn that into a commercial venture and buy yourself your dream system!!!
I'll try it!
I considered that at one time. Not an easy task to market hot sauces.

Anyway, this isn't intended as an advertisement, but everyone loves the sauce...and it's excellent on rice, ham, in chili, and many other foods in addition to chicken wings.

Certainly one of the "best things in life" when it's served up for the gang.
Well I too have something to speak of in terms of culinary talent, maybe not as complicated as hot sauce(never attempted to make it), but I do make a killer pizza. If anyone here wants to attempt to make what my friends consider the best pizza, the recipes can be found in a book called The Pizza book by Evelyn Slomon.
Mind as well indulge in the dough that you can make at home. Sorry but I couldn't help myself.
my wife, my privacy, my time alone during the day, my work
Well here is a big surprise, in an audio forum, music has been the one constant in my life since grammer school days. Instruments, audio equipment and hobby related interests, women, sports, cars, cameras, booze etc have all come and gone, often in a cycle, but apart from 'family' nothing else has, and continues to, hold my attention and is as rewarding as music. Well, I do enjoy a good book too I guess. Hog in heaven = reading a good book with some appropriate music. :-)
I used to say: a beautiful wife, content children, a ugly dog, a capable doctor and shyster lawyer. I have all five.

For those Audiogoners in So Cal:

Best hole-in-wall Mexican: Marias, Glendora
Best Surf Mexican: La Sirena Grill, Laguna Beach
Worth a Trip: Phillipes The Original, Chinatown/LA
Japanese Soul Food: Fukada, Irvine
Red Sauce Joint: Vince's Spaghetti, Ontario
Best Wine Store: Wine Expo, Santa Monica

Best Beaches:
Hamoa Beach, Hana, Maui--most beautiful outside CA
Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach
Pescador, Malibu

Record Shops:

Ameoba, Hollywood
Boo Boo, San Luis Obispo
Rhino, Claremont

After 3 million air miles in four decades of travel:

You should only travel to countries where their National Beer beats their National Airline.
Best Mexican Restaurant in L.A.?
El Tepeyac! The Hollenback Burrito.
It's in East L.A. and the locals call it Manuel's.

Best 4 legged animal: The Wapiti (Elk).
Best Dog: Buddy. Without missing a single day, he gets the newspaper from the front yard and brings it to me. Pretty good for a 12 year old Lab/Pointer mix.
Best Rock Guitar solo: Crossroads
Best drummer: Art Blakey (or Tony Williams)
Best Fish: Salmon
Best state: impaired
Hi Swamp- A Bishops Corner native now living on the shoreline. Still in W.Hart at least 2/3 times a month. I miss Schoeler's
Wet P###y,Knob creek Bourbon,clean cocaine and a fat trust fund!
Philefreak- LOL; that comes dangerously close to a very politically incorrect joke that I forgot about til now. "Loose shoes, tight p---- and a warm place to sh-t."

Zenblaster- That dates you and me both. I remember taking dates there after a movie in downtown Hartford at the Asylum!
Oregon, I second El Tepeyac. In fact I ate there today. I am working on a project a few blocks away. The hollenback is great, just make sure you not to finish in one sitting.
Since you guys brought up restauarants, here are my top places in the NYC area.
(sorry no Mexican...NY doesn't have anything close to LA Mex-wise). But we have this:
Venetian: Al Di La
Thai: Sripraphai
Indian: Chola
Steak: Peter Luger
Pizza: DiFara's (greatest on planet)
Hi Swamp, Yea, we old timers know a thing or two about the great things in life! Bottom line is, as we grow older the person we find to put up with us is all we have. Find that someone and hold on to them for all we're worth. My ex-wife (who is an Internal Medicine MD) say's, no one well to do or not, want's more money in the end. It's all about that conection with someone you loved!
Women are indeed very special, treat them gently and with respect.
I agree Philefreak, I think that one of life's greatest pleasures is having that one woman that we love immensely. It is the greatest gift in life!!
And food too is special so here are some awesome places to eat in and around nyc!!!!
Italian: Il corallos trattoria, on prince st.
French/New American: Pascalou, 93rd and Madison
Greek: Stamatis, Astoria broadway and 34th
Japanese: Takahachi, Duane or Reade st. Tribeca
Brazilian: Favela, Astoria 28th ave. 34th st.
Best Fish Taco: Rosie's, in New Canaan Conn.
Best Raw Bar: Aquagrill, Spring st and 6th ave.
and..........: Oceangrill, Columbus and 77
Best Belgian Bar: Burp Castle 7st off 2nd Ave.
You're killing me!!!
Band : Beatles
Food: Saute grade A Foie Gras
Concert : Pink Floyd
Speaker : MBL
Dog : Pug
Drink : Sauterne
Movie : 2001
Actor : Charlton Heston
Actress : Meryl Streep
Liquor : single malt scotch
Director : Scorsese
You won't get an arguement out of me.
A hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning... there is NOTHING like that first sip.
A Vindaloo or Chicken Korma, Pillau Rice, Sag Aloo, Nan Bread and poppadom's 'Ruby Murray'(cockney slang for an Indian Curry). The best place to get the best Ruby is not in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or any other Country in that part of the world, but good old London Town!
I miss 'em so much.
If you are a wine lover check out Cameron The wine you can get for $20- a bottle is incredible and they have great champagne also.

The best lobster roll- The little lobster shack at the end of Commercial St in little, sleepy Clinton CT, out of this world, Just hot lobster meat with a little butter and lemon and and extra long fresh hot dog roll. It's a 3 minute walk from my house and I spend way to much money/time there. It was written up in last sundays NY Times so I am expecting longer lines. Bring a bottle of Reisling from Cameron Hughes and Heaven awaits
Love, friends, food, reading, music, and days being pain free.
family, community, faith, being employed, pets....
1) Health.
2) Wife.
3) Financial independence.
4) Unpressured free time.
5) Running.
6) Having house & grounds in good shape.
7) The Internet.
8) Music/audio system.
9) Building a computer and having it work the first time it is turned on.
10) "Casablanca"; Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights"; any film by Eric Rohmer; most films by Woody Allen.
11) 1982 Chateau Pichon Lalande; 1978 Chateau Palmer (both better, by a slight margin, than any of several Lafite, Mouton, and Margaux I have tasted).
12) Finding a desirable antique radio in good shape.
13) A world series title by the New York Yankees.

-- Al
""Casablanca"; Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights"; any film by Eric Rohmer; most films by Woody Allen."

..a few of my favorite films:

1.All About Eve
2.A Woman Under The Influence
3.Cherry Blossoms (new addition)- a film by director Doris Dorrie
5.Citizen Kane
6.Forbidden Games
7.400 Blows
8.Hannah and her Sisters
9.I Am Cuba
10.Knife in the Water (and/or Crazed Fruit: boats and sensuality big in both films)
11.La Strada
12.Nights of Cabiria
14.Pandora's Box
15.Raging Bull
17.Sansho the Bailiff
18.Seventh Seal
20.Sunset Boulevard
21.The Battle of Algiers
22.The Marriage of Maria Braun
23.The Third Man
24.The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
25.Through a Glass Darkly
26.To Kill a Mockingbird
29.Virgin Spring
30.Wages of Fear
31.Winter Light

I don't like calling this a "best of" list because there are just so many great films from every corner of the world that I have not seen. Note: Chaplin and Keaton favorites not on this list, but 'City Lights' and 'The General' are certainly classics films, and lest we forget the insightful documentaries from the Maysles brothers. The films "The Man with a Camera" and "Berlin: Symphony of a Great City" are well worth watching for an insight into human activity and sights from the final year of the 1920's. "The Man with the Camera" has a superbly imaginative soundtrack as well. With increasingly short attention spans, many film viewers don't have the patience to sit through an epic 4-disc saga, but if you are willing - please do yourself a favor and see Masaki Kobayashi's "The Human Condition".
That's a really excellent list, ByeGolly! I might have included "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" on my very brief list, if I had thought of it at the time.

Luis Bunuel is probably worthy of mention as well. If you've never seen it, check out "Nazarin" when you get a chance -- one of his lesser known works, but in my opinion his best.

-- Al
"Luis Bunuel is probably worthy of mention as well."

I've seen most of Bunuel's films - and that's well before Netflix launched.

Noticed how many go on & on about Blu-Ray (and their home theater setups). I'll stay focused on content of film over new technologies in film/film playback every time. Kinda like audio where the music matters more to me than the equipment I play it on (C:
"Waking up is the single "Greatest" thing IMHO that is."

..unless you're waking up in an ICU bed with a dozen tubes in you, a pool of urine between your back and the plastic mattress cover and pain every f-ing where.

..unless it's after a serious binge accompanied with a headache like a cluster migraine with someone jack hammering in the room next to you.

In these (and other) cases, not waking up is the single greatest thing that is.

Breakfast in bed
Six days spent on the Black Sea coast near Crimea Ukraine. It's a place and time of my life that I regularly enjoy only if in memory, so in a sense it became a part of me.
In no particular order....

Living & Breathing
My Son
Chocolate Milk
Wind, Rain and Stars
Women (also see most dangerous)
Peace & Quiet

Fun post....
Off the top of my head...

Good health.
Giving up smoking.(almost a year for me now)
Music and movies.
Being single. :)
My Fender Stratocaster,a good Montecristo Victorie, and staying at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. But that would all change if I thought for one second my wife would read this thread, LMAO!
My 5 year old daughter, My new and improved second wife,
hiking the Himalayas in Nepal,living in Hawaii, Skiing fresh powder in Crested Butte and living there for 8 years, driving out west through the many awesome National Parks and exploring them. Scuba Diving, Live music, Rock Climbing, Art, internet, Pittsburgh, New York Times, watching a great dvd on my 42 plasma while snuggling my wife. Kayaking a scenic river. Life is GREAT !!!
My wife and I watching our 1 year old daughter run, dance, play, and laugh. To me, that's the best thing in life and is true happiness. In comparison, everything else is a cheap imitation at best.
Many for me, but one of the best is my 3 yr old Australian Shepherd genuinly happy to see me every time I walk in the door...even if I've only been gone for 30 minutes.

For me, the best things in life are usually the small laying in bed and watching the sunrise.