... Best Live Recordings ( other than Classical or Opera) on CD...

Hello to all...

I luv testing stereo equipment - and I think one of the best ways to tell just how resolving a recording is IF IT WAS RECORDED LIVE! ( not only how the music sounds, but how the ambience of the venue sounds, and if the clapping/hooting that happens sounds really real...)

What are your favorites? Please send suggestions... ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE DDD.

I'll start with one of my Favorites:
STOP MAKING SENSE: Talking Heads ( done DDD in the late 80's, remaster/reissued late 1999)
One of my go-to discs is "The Moment Always Vanishing" by Vienna Teng. Excellent dynamics and recreation of an intimate concert

Also "Party Doll" by Mary Chapin Carpenter, especially "Stones in the Road"

Frank Zappa -- The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life. 
... thanks for your replys...

Teng and Chapin-Carpenter will be investigated; have heard Zappa and  have the Zappa's "Yellow Shark" live - although it is recorded well, I find the content of it unengaging... Any other Zappas LIVE I might have missed out on? ( re recordings: one of my favorite Zappa tunes is "Invocation and  Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin")...
Zappa's YCDTOSA series of live recordings. Vol1 thru Vol6 came out on CDs and sampler on LPs.
Thanks - again -  for the Zappa reference -  I will check this out...

Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks: Where's The Money (audiophile quality recording)

The Band: Live at The Academy of Music

Bob Dylan & The Band: Before The Flood

 Thanks bdp24 - I'll check these out;  should search around ( I just moved) and find my copy of "Rock Of Ages", which I have never really listened to on CD, by the Band (one of my teen-life favorite bands, along with The Byrds, Seals and Crofts, Willie Nelson, and an emerging Elton John)...
I love live recordings. I've got a lot of them, including Classics like - Frampton Comes Alive and The Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East.

In addition to those classics, here are some that I play fairly often:

Eva Cassidy - Live at Blues Alley (great sound and performance)
Patricia Barber - Companion (great sound and performance)
The Jayhawks - Live at the Women's Club Vol. 1&2 (especially Vol. 2)
Bodeans - Joe Dirt Car (Would like to have seen this show)
Indigo Girls - 2000 Curfews (Saw them several times during this period)
Steve Farrone's Farm Fur - More Head (One of the great drummers)
Hiram Bullock Band - Manny's Car Wash (Great Bar Band)
The Tubes - What Do You Want From Live (Late '70's fun!)

And one of my favorite CD's of all time is:

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez - Live From The Ruhr Triennale. Simply Outstanding.
And I forgot another great one - Willie Nelson and Family - Live (1978)
Two great live recordings that capture the feel of being "there".

Experience: Jill Scott 826+ 2-disc set  (Larger D.C. venue)
Eryka Badu Live (smaller club venue)

All really good selections.
DIANA KRALL- LIVE IN PARIS- very "live" sound, good balance of all of instruments-  If you like her music of course.
Here are a few more goodies from my stack
  • John Renbourn & Robin Williamson "Wheel of Fortune". Great recordings of the guitar and harp, should be very dynamic and (in the case of the guitar esp in track 1 surprisingly bassy) -- of course the vocals are somewhat of an acquired taste 😀
  • Nancy Griffith "One Fair Summers Evening". Not a great recording (early digital) but still helpful to see if your system can capture the air and space in the room (Anderson Fair). Also available on LP which is well worth seeking out.
  • Suzanne Vega "Live at the Stephen Talkhouse". Another test to see if your system can reproduce the dynamics of a tight electric band recorded in a small room. My test track is #12 "Luka". As with many of these recordings the truest vocal sound is often one that is almost pushed to the edge of distortion, small room amplified vocals rarely sound "nice"
Wow - thanks to all for exceptional expanding my Live possibilities!

folkfreak's Suzanne Vega "Luka" comment is interesting - are there any Live recording anyone knows of that are not small-room, vocal amplified?
There must be some acoustic ( and I mean REAL Acoustic) recording out there...

ALSO: TO ALL ABOVE: do you compare the LP and CD before making it a favorite? 
I should stress re the comment on "Luka" the real overload is when she is talking between songs, the sung vocal is actually much better located in the mix

Anyway here are some suggestions more in a more acoustic vein, from the very well known to the more unexpected
  • Bill Evans "Waltz for Debby". Run do not walk to buy this if you don’t already own it. My go to version is the Analog Productions 45rpm
  • Jacqui Naylor "East/West". Two full live sets of intelligent vocal jazz. Versions of "Once in a lifetime" and "My Funny Valentine" that will knock you off your seat
  • Jethro Tull "A Little Light Music". Tull unplugged, enough said, available on a nice 2lp set
For all my suggestions when available on LP that's generally my preference but the music and performances are much more important than the format. Frankly all of these suggestions will sound just great over Spotify
Check out Nils Lofgren, "Acoustic Live."  My favorite cut is 'Keith don't go' and 'Mud in your eye.'
Tito Puente's Golden Latin Jazz All Stars Live at the Village Gate is an incredible recording for the music and the quality. I used it as one of my test recordings when looking for new headphones.
I will 2nd;

Diana Krall
Nils Lofgren
For new fans of Cream, their Wheels of Fire double album sounds just as they did when I saw them in ’67 and ’68. A couple more of my favorite live albums are The Ventures On Stage (’65) and The Live Kinks (’67). The Kinks are just about the most fun live group I’ve ever seen (and one of the loudest I’ve ever heard. Ray’s Telecaster into a Hi-Watt stack is the most piercing sound I’ve ever had to endure!), along with NRBQ. Hey, another great live album! They have a few, but get one with Al Anderson still in the band.
Ry Cooder--Chicken Skin Live
Hot Tuna--Hot Tuna (1st LP)
Eric Clapton--Unplugged
Nirvana--Live in New York

first two are analog (well, second one for sure).

I agree with your assessment of Stop Making Sense.  It's my fave concert movie.
The Grateful Dead / Reckoning
Wilco / Kicking Television
King Crimson / USA
Bob Dylan / Real Live
Fleetwood Mac / Live at the Boston Tea Party
Miles Davis "Four and More"
John Mclaughlin  "Live at the Royal Festival Hall"
Deep Purple "Made in Japan"

Those are all ADD, though. They still sound great!
McLaughlin Live In Tokyo with Joey DeFrancesco and Dennis Chambers
     One of my favorite live recordings is Gene Harris with the Phillip Morris All Stars. Personnel: Gene Harris (piano); Ernie Andrews (vocals); Stanley Turrentine (saxophone); Harry "Sweets" Edison (trumpet); Kenny Burrell (guitar); George Mraz (bass); Lewis Nash (drums).
While he sounds a lot like Oscar Peterson, instead of going really technical, as only Oscar could do, Gene adds in some Ray Charles chords that really make his music unique and interesting.
     Plus, the recordings are much newer and more dynamic than old Oscar P recordings, even this live album. 
The Tubes - "What Do You Want from Live"
Eagles -"Hell Freezes Over"
Kansas -"Two for the Show"
Peter Gabriel -"Secret World Live"
Thanks to all who have responded - got a Large List of music to investigate...

And By The Way: I took to heart one of the 1st recommendations I got and over the Memorial Day weekend, uneatrhed my Zappa "The Yellow Shark" - listened and was amazed on how different it sounded than I remembered. Learned to listen again - and not rely on memories from the past: changing your equipment might just change your approval and enjoyment of music you discounted years ago.