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KEF reference line revamp ??
What is your question regarding reference 3. I love mine.  
Krell K3001 vs. NAD M33
That was K300i not K3001 
Kef reference 3
I have had the Reference 3s for about a month. Currently using a Primaluna Dialogue HP with KT150 tubes and a Cambridge streamer. Thinking about a one box solution. Any thoughts about the NAD M33, Naim Unity Nova or the Krell 300i? Will the Naim h... 
Any Black Friday tube sales?
Àre there really any difference between KT150 tubes from different vendors? Upscale claims to cull out lesser tubes, but charge more than others  
Kef reference 3
That is what I am seeing as well, and I am looking at a demo for somewhat less. Room is not big enough for the reference 5.Thanks for the heads up.  
Kef reference 3
That would put them out of my price range. I am looking at demos of the current speakers.  
Speaker stands for KEF R3 (something else than KEF stands)
I am having similar thoughts.  Considering Reference 1 speakers,  but $2000 for the stands seems ridiculous. How important to match the stands to the speakers? 
Kef reference 1/2 demo
Whoops,  it is Audio Intellect. Sorry.  
Kef reference 1/2 demo
Audio Doctor is now Audio Innovations. I have done business with Dave and could not be happier. He will take good care of you. 
Full Range under $5k-ish
Focal 1028 and 1038 are being closed out at good prices. Take a listen. 
When do you turn off the tubes?
Interesting thought. I will try them. 
When do you turn off the tubes?
I never leave it on when away. Just wondering about the 1-2 hour breaks. 
Is unamplified music the gold standard?
i  hate to sound obvious or trivial, but unamplified music is the gold standard for unamplified music. Most non-classical music is made to be amplified.I love small jazz music (piano/bass/drums) and even in live sessions it is amplified and mixed ... 
Movies employing music in a great way.
Leaving Las Vegas has a great soundtrack that really goes with the movie. 
Jumperless jumpers
As the strands are tinned, they should not corrode. That is why we use tinned wire in the Marine environment.