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The "how many reviews it got" rule
Consumer Reports is the best model for reviews. They buy everything at retail and then review. Not a viable model in high end audio.I still frequently disagree with them, but they are honest. 
Atma-Sphere in CO?
I'm sorry, I just have to say this.Due to the elevation, the ATMOSPHERE in Colorado is very thin.Please forgive me. 
KEF LS50 Wireless -- wow!!!
Doesn't your boat have an ammeter? You could turn on the inverter and see what it reads. Remember, the specs from the company would just tell you what the draw is at 120 volts. You need to account for the losses from the inverter. 
What to do...What to do?
It is all what does it for you. I am still thrilled with my Vivid !.5s. When I listened to them, I was just velcroed to the seat and could not get up. I had listened to a bunch of speakers and liked some of them, but I just could not stop listenin... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
I went to Paul Simon's last concert on Saturday. It was a disappointment. I had great hopes. It was a good concert but nothing special. He seemed happy to be finished, rather than celebrating. I thought there might be special guests but there were... 
Not enough power what does it sound like?
Just to agree with the above, it is the underpowered amplifier that blows the speakers. The clipping/distortion makes the speaker move in ways that it was not designed. Uninformed people think that it is too much power that blows the speaker. It i... 
KEF Blade or Giya Kaya 90/G4?
I purchased Audio Troy's Vivid 1.5s. I added a Jl subwoofer. Right now I am sitting here listening to Jazz at the Pawnshop and thinking how great they sound. I don't know about the rest of the Vivid line, but if it goes up from here, then they mus... 
Integrated amp for Vivid 1.5
I started with the KT 150s so I can't compare to the EL34s but they are cooler than the KT88s in my Cary. You might want to give Kevin a ring if you think they may be running hot as they are expensive to replace. 
Integrated amp for Vivid 1.5
I am a good person to answer your questions.I have the Vivid 1.5s. I had a Cary SLI-80. After getting the Vivids, I replaced the Cary with the Primaluna Dialogue HP. I am very happy with it. I went all in with it and had the tubes replaced with KT... 
The best place in NYC
The Devialet store was terrible. They didn't even know how to set up their equipment properly. It is mostly a showroom for Phantom line. In Living Stereo is nice with a good selection, but rigid pricing. Lyric really pushes their Wilson line. Take... 
Two Type of sound and listener preference are there more?
First  a couple of admissions:1: I have the smallest audiophile phallus in this conversation2: I am a fanboy of Dave Audiodoctor. He has a wonderful small shop with an incredible inventory and lots of patience and spent hours moving equipment in a... 
Tidal on Cambridge
Still haven't gotten to it. Hope to later this week. 
Rolling KT150s in Primaluna hp integrated
My KT150 got an endorsement from my wife. She said that they look like my speakers, Vivid Audio 1.5. Nice to know that they are a visual as well as audio match 🤣 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Saw Tierney Sutton last night at Side Door Jazz in CT. She and the band were great. It is a nice venue. They will be playing in NYC this week. 
PSB Imagine T3's?
I read the reviews and found a demo pair at a good price. I walked into the store with my credit card ready to go. I really didn't like them at all. I went back a few days later and had the same reaction with a different amplifier. I ended up with...