Best CD player now made.

I am interested in getting the best CD player out there as one of my digital sources. I have a few candidates but I wanted some other opinions. Any suggestions on the Sony's top player or Mark Levinson, or even the BAT tubed affair. I realise the Transport and the DAC might be superior but I wanted to stay below 5 digits. Thanks,
Linn CD
You already know: The Sony XA7ES has no equal. Then again it's $3000. I am also happy with my old Sony XA339ES, now eight years old and still spinning. Also got a Sony 200 CD carrousel for $270 almost two years ago, and looks like I'll have to get two more to keep my CD's on line. Sonically different because the analog stage is just not as good as the more costly Sony players, but it's fine for what it does.
Strongly disagree..two best CD players are Meridian 508.24 at $ 4000 and the best...Goldmund 39DA++ at $ 7000 and that the best CD players out there Happy Listening
I just bought the Wadia 850. I havent listened to many of the other top of the line CDP's so I couldnt honestly say this is the best..But it is an AWESOME unit and you should check it out if you can.(MSRP $4950)
There is no such a thing as the best CD player. It depends to your system and taste. I have had many different ones but the Meridian 508 is very good and very close to Analogue sources (I have a Linn LP12). AND it is very fairely priced which at the pace the technology is moving would a good deal
Just wanted to follow up here. I thought about purchasing that said unit, but heard so many negative things about DIGITAL volume control - you know, throwing away bits etc. So the present target may be the ML#39, volume in the analog domain, they are all in the $5K range anyway. Has anyone really compared listening to Analog vs digital volume control. Picky, but bear with me. Thanks
i have heard the #39 and alot of others. the levinson is the best let your ears be the judge? IF ANYONE IS SELLING ONE PLEASE E MAIL I WANT ONE THANKYOU.also listen to the metronome KILLER KILLER
i have heard the #39 and alot of others. the levinson is the best let your ears be the judge? IF ANYONE IS SELLING ONE PLEASE E MAIL I WANT ONE THANKYOU.also listen to the metronome KILLER KILLER
I was worried about that "throwing away bits" problem with digital volume too. But the Wadia can be adjusted to match the sensitivity of you speakers so that you use it in the upper half of the volume range where you dont lose any of the music. I heard the Lev39 and its a very nice piece too, but its s a $1000 more than the Wadia and Wadia matches (looks) more with my Krell FPB amp (both wife factors I might add) so I went with the Wadia.
I own a BAT cd player, and have subsequently auditioned a number of transport/dac combos - Levinson comes to mind. Also, the Muse just released combo that doubles for DVD/Audio and Home Theater.The BAT was soooo much more musical. I can't imagine anyone regretting the purchase. I audition just to see if there is something out there that pleases these ears better than the BAT. Have not heard it yet.
I had a sony xa7es & sold it after I heard,in my house,the meridian 508.20. I then sold the 508.20 when I heard,in my house,the 508.24!!!!!!!!!! Nothing even comes close!!!!!!!!!
I agree there is no "best". All the products mentioned are fine indeed. A unit in the same league at sub-$2500 pricing is the Enlightened Audio Designs Ultradisc 2000. Perhaps not quite as "sweet" as the Linn, but not off by much! Build quality sets standards.
I am surprized that no one has yet mentioned the Accuphase products. Their prices are right up there by the stratosphere. To you guys that heard the DP55, 65 or 75, well.... are they that good ? Or have they passed the point of diminishing returns - if you know what I mean. Thanks
I agree that this is all a matter of taste, but in my opinion the MERIDIAN 508.24 has got to be the best cdp I've ever heard. I liked it's music much better than the LINN Sondek CD12, KRELL, or NAIM. Again this is subjective, but if I had $4000.00 laying around I'd get the Meridian.
it sounds as if alot of you have quite a bit of money laying around to purchase home audio. how about throwing some of it my way or at least help me out. All I need is a toshiba dvd player it's only 300 bucks I mean come on some of you are spending 3 to 5 grand on a cd player. I am not joking help me out..
The Pioneer DVD 414 will outperform most of the CD players listed here. The going price for this $550. player is usually around $350.00. The Jolida is another alternative. I prefer to use the Jodida when a laid-back sound is desired and the DVD Player for accuracy and detail. Don't waste money on an expensive CD player until you can determine what the future technology will be. These are my personal opinions, but you may also agree after doing some of your own listening.
X-Ray try this one?
Over the years the best equipment..analog, digital,amp, pre-amp, CDP......whatever has always been either slightly or highly modified versions of stock units. All devices have their pro's and con's, even top end reference units. As for a CDP I'm all for transport/DAC/anti-jitter box combos. Digital techionolgies change so fast that you're out-dated before you buy. A good transport (G&D Transports top end unit is truly world class) with a good DAC and perhaps a Monarchy DIP/SUPERDIP(both in series) combo and you've a great CD device thats hard to beat. Personally I think buying a $5-7,000 CDP is absurd unless you have $$ to burn, then go for it. A CDP combo allows easy and relatively painless up-grading without getting whacked on the $$ loss of a all in one unit.
Stay away from the Sony high end stuff. I agree with the Meridian 508.24. It was way better than the ARC CD-2 I had.
Anyone heard of MSB Technologies (Mark Brasfield) - based out of Moss Beach;CA? Supposedly , he makes a killer CD player that rivals Meridian 508
I have to say that the Balanced Audio Technology VK-D5 is the first CD player I have ever heard that does not sound like one. There is just something musically right about this player. Sorry but I have to strongly disagree with the suggestion that buying a dedicated CD player is a waste of money. DVD players are, first and foremost, designed to play DVD movies. I have gone through the process of using a DVD player to play CDs and I was not impressed. There are good CD players and bad CD players and I will choose a good CD player to play CDs over a DVD player any day of the week.
you all need to listen to the theta voyager. it blows all the competition away. and it is only 7800.00. i did a lot of serious listening and found it to be the best. it will play any audio cd, dvd, 10 inch or 12 inch ld.
Has anyone listened to the Muse Model 8/296 Combo? I disagree strongly with Wadia's approach to separates. Slaving the DAC (via proprietary clock link) is a waste of time because the mechanical reading device is a heavy jitter producer. A jitter reducer is a great step forward, but still not correct IMHO. The Muse system is DVD Audio compatible, software upgradable, and the DAC (Model 296) slaves the transport. (through a standardized I2S link) Best of all, both the 296 and 8 come in at about $6000. (much better than SF's similar set up for $14000 - which sounds great) Has anyone heard this combo? Please let us all know!
I have not heard a better sounding CD player than the Sony ES CDP-XA7ES. Absolutely fabulous sound (my reference) and built to last for many years. I've heard considerably more expensive players (transports, etc.), but why spend more if it doesn't get any better than this? I own one.
THE Sony XA7ES is incredible for the price, $3000 retail). It's made like a tank and should last for many years. Ease of use combined with it's sense of nuance makes it the most musical CD Red book player on the planet. I wouldn't own anything else.
Since money is no object,why not throw a highly praised low cost player into the mix !Read the reviews at about the AH!Tjoeb'98.At within a giveaway price of $1000.(US),you could a-b it with the most expensive units and hear how it fares.You can also use it in a second system,in your executive office at your summer home ,in another room ect.
Naim CDS2 is the best player I've heard. Makes you think music - not hi-fi. I've heard the Krell 25, the top of the line YBA and the CD12. Don't listen to it if you can't afford it. I did and regret it.
California Audio Labs...All they make is CD and DAC equipment.Even the entry level models have good sound.
Some here have mentioned Sony players,....uh no, they may do something sonically correct but are not musical, they do not convey the emotion,...try a Meridian 508.24, Yba CD 1 or CD2, Copland 289, BAT VK5i, or Electrocompaniet ECM-1, all below $10,000
Another vote for the amazing AH! Tjoeb. I wouldn't trade mine for any other player I've ever heard.
Best (to my ears): Accuphase DP-75 Naim CDS II
I've owned the Muse 8/296 for 4 months now and not that I've heard them all, but while shopping for the player and then later for speakers I did not hear anything better with CDs not to mention 24/96 discs or DVD video which are also great. The DVD capability is a bonus since in my opinion the combo plays CDs incredibly well and is at least right up there with the best that cost considerably more. Slaving the transport to the master clock seems to be an effective solution to the jitter issue. Somewhat as an aside, I've also heard people say DVD transports are not optimized for CD playback and "won't sound as good". Not so in this case in my experience. As it is now and also being upgrade-able, my need for investment protection is also satisfied. Definitely a "must listen to" setup if you are in the market.
Accuphase DP-75
Look at the Meridian 508.24, EAD 2000 is stunning at that price, Anthem CD1 is also an excellent choice with the tube output stage.
have any of you heard the Linn Sondek CD-12? I know it is double the $10k limit but would like to know if it is all it is cracked up to be.
I see some of you mentioned the Meridian 508.24 & Naim CDS2. These are definitely great CD players. However, I think there needs to be an addition to that list. This may surprize some of you but the Adcom GCD-750 is remarkable player. And at an affordable price, by audiophile standards, I hardly think it can be beat. Alternatives: Musical Fidelity X-Ray; Alchemist Nexus; Naim CD3.
I see some of you mentioned the Meridian 508.24 & Naim CDS2. These are definitely great CD players. However, I think there needs to be an addition to that list. This may surprize some of you but the Adcom GCD-750 is remarkable player. And at an affordable price, by audiophile standards, I hardly think it can be beat. Alternatives: Musical Fidelity X-Ray; Alchemist Nexus; Naim CD3.
I did the A/B on the same system BAT vs Levison. BAT hands down didn't even sound like a CD player more like a record or high end single channel tape system. The only thing I can think of that will be better is when Victor puts the 5se tubes in the CD player.
Wadia 860. It's the smoothest thing I have heard for under $10,000.
Quite a response to the "Best CD Player" inquiry. I have to agree that the BAT VK D-5 is absolutely top of the line. It does everything right and is priced within reason. The Linn Sondek CD-12 is incredible, but so is the $20K price tag! Anyone shopping for a quality CD Player at a very reasonable price should audition the Arcam Alpha 9 24/96 CD Player ($1,600). This unit responds very well to a power cord upgrade (I use the incomparable PowerSnake Black Mambas in my system), which enables it to really "strut its stuff." The Arcam Alpha 9 outperforms many players in the $3K to $5K price range. Check it out and you may not want to search any further.
Best cd player is no cd player.Whatever you have will not reproduce your music adequatly.Do not deceive yourself and get a good analog.And if your ears are not that good,why bother at all?
Balanced Audio Technology VK-D5 and the Meridian 508.24 are both excellent CD players. The Meridian 508.20 on the user market is another option. Good luck..
Wadia 850
I bit the bullet and bought a Levinson, and I don't miss that money for a second. I'm stunned a CD player can have this much impact on a system, but it did to mine. It's so much better than the c-j I had.
To be honest, I have been out of the market for years. I heard a Sony CD ES77X in 1989, could not afford it, but got the 55 instead. There was a difference, but the 55 did have a soundstage, unlike other CDPs and honestly, I have not bothered to listen to anything since. I had heard mega buck US attempts at musical CD players, DACs, etc. But, to my utter shock and amazement, the Sony blew them all away. I believe, that if you have the three grand, you shold get the decendent of the first musical CDP, and in 10 years or so, you too may be amazed that as much gear has come and gone, your Sony remains. :-) Lou
The Melos DVT 24/96 with all tube analog output stage waxes the BAT VK-D5 in A/B comparisons. The Melos also bested the ARC CD2 in the same A/B comparisons. Both the BAT and ARC sound dry and thin compared with the Melos. The BAT has a better feel to its mechanism but sound wise there is no comparison on 16/44.1 stuff. The Melos sells for $1895 new and with some of the Chesk/Classic 24/96 recordings sounds as good as many high-end TT setups.