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ML no39, Wadia 850, Classe 1.0, or Sony?
Copland 289. 
Power cord upgrade
Sell the rest of your equipment,you can't hear a thing. 
Power cord upgrade
Try Luxor Power Cord Company.I bought their cheapest model($130.00)to use with my C.E.C belt drive player($1800.00)and like it a lot.You will certainly want more expensive models.Check amusicdirect.com(but better talk to them,their website sucks).... 
Comments on the Bow Wazoo Integrated amp
Still,we can always call Europe and get one. 
Best CD player now made.
Bow Technologies ZZ-8. 
Comments on the Bow Wazoo Integrated amp
That's right.Here in America we can't get many good things(like Bow Technologies,Gryphon,Yamamura,many others).Do you know why? 
Tubes? Transistors? Which are better?
Try Jeff Rowland with Michael Green Designs Chameleon loudspeakers,Albert.Tell me later if it is not convincing. 
Do I really need separates?
How much bass and volume do you want from your system?$5000.00 is not enough for tube separates new.Before you embark on this tube quest try to audition Jeff Rowland Concentra 100watt/ch. integrated($5600.00).You may not want to go further.Just ma... 
Speakers for Plinius 8150
Why in the hell do you want speakers to match your amp.?Get the speakers you like,then deal with the rest.Remember that amplifier is essentially just a cable. 
ML Aerius I, Moon W-3, Wadia 830
Your Wadia 830 may sound different with and without a pre-amp.Better or worse,that is the question you'll have to answer for yourself.Less is not always more. 
Get a DAC for CD63SE or a new CD?
$1000.00 don't buy first-rate player new.(I have not heard Musical Fidelity from audioadvisor.com).I have dealt with this company many times without any problem.If you call them talk to Ken or Chris.They also have demo.Parasound 2000 Ultra.This on... 
Get a DAC for CD63SE or a new CD?
What other components do you have?How much are you ready to spend?For now I can only say that transport is just as important as a converter.I,myself would either go with much better player or upgrade in two steps. 
List or discuss your favorite music
Here is the list of my 11 year old son:Dead Can Dance(Into The Labyrinth),Jean Michel-Jarre(Oxygen),Pink Floyd(Wish You Were Here),Aquarium(very famous Russian folk-rock band),Al Di Meola(Kiss My Axe).Not bad.What do you think? 
List or discuss your favorite music
It looks like almost no one wants to post here.This is the most interesting subject.What is the use of talking too much about wires and campwood we call loudspeakers?My $300.00 guitar played in a closet sounds better than Albert's $100000.00 syste... 
Speakers: all-time worst
Optional Bose stereo in my car.