BAT Service

After 6 and a half years of continuous use a transformer in my Balanced Audio Technologies REX Pre-amp control unit failed. Included in the shipping to BAT was a letter I wrote informing them that I would be out of the country for a couple of weeks and asked if they would ship back the equipment around the time I would return. They were kind enough to have the pre-amp shipped so that it came back the day after I returned.

BAT also requested that I send them my REX pre-amp power unit for a circuit upgrade. I did so and received if back 5 days after I had sent it.

All the work was done at minimum out of pocket costs to me. I can assure you BAT did not make any money for this work and probably did it at some costs to themselves.

I wanted to share this experience because in this day of companies coming and going I feel it is important to know there are companies that stand rock solid behind their products.
My all time fave repair story: I had a ProCo RAT guitar gizmo serviced by ProCo 3 times over 30 plus years...all completely free of charge (except for the minor fees I incurred shipping it to them), returned to me in a box of candy twice, and candy and a free RAT t-shirt the 3rd time just a couple of years ago. Each time all new pots and jacks installed.
Glad to know that BAT hit a home-run and did not strike-out...And yes,we do need more audio companys to go to bat, for the audio consumer. Kudos to "Balanced Audio Technologies"...
You've made a right choice sending BAT unito to manufacturer which is always trustworthy. BAT units are highly complex and probably trickiest among all valve electronics.
Excellent repair post Boston. Considering how much BAT gear costs, especially REX gear, the company should not make any extra monies from repair, IMO. It is important to share both positive & negative experiences when dealing w/ these customer service departments.
I had a great BAT service experience years ago as well. Victor and Co. are great to deal with.
I've found BAT/Victor to be awesome as well.
Purchased my first VK-300SE used and it arrived hissing like a can of spray paint.
Seller called BAT who said to forward to them for repair on former owner's warranty!
I'm now enjoying my second VK-300SE and planning to purchase some NOS 6H30 drivers for Christmas.
Long live BAT!
I haven't owned a piece of BAT equipment in many years. But when I did, I found their customer service to first rate.

Bostonbean, Thanks for sharing your experience with BAT.
I have owned 9 pieces of BAT gear, and do enjoy their house sound. That said, I have not owned any BAT gear for several years now. I have no issues with their customer service, it was first rate, service was prompt and well done. However, it was a bit pricey, and required too frequently, IMHO. I have since moved on, there are other good sounding components that work more reliably in my system.

I am glad to hear of your pleasant interaction though. It's always nice to read of positive customer service experiences.
According to Analog Planet, Jim Davis of Music Direct now owns BAT.
Kudos and highest regard to BAT :-)
Replacement tubes purchased from BAT came with a Music Direct invoice. Music Direct has always been great to deal with, so no surprise there..