basic passive preamp

I'm looking for an affordable passive - need 3 inputs - new or used - for a 2nd system.  The creeks come to mind but any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you. 
McCormack Micro line Drive?
Adcom GFP-750  Can be passive or active 

You want 10kohm log cheap and good quality, there are many on ebay under $100?
The pick for me though is the 10kohm log Schiit Sys. $49 and if you don’t like it you can send it back.
And if you need more inputs there are many rca input switch boxes on ebay cheap.

Cheers George
I would look into Tortuga passive preamp.

What is your amplifier and source? System matching is very important. TVC would be the way to go. What is your budget?
i used to have a luminous audio axiom--very inexpensive and very good--you can get one with three inputs
McCormack Micro Line Drive is the champion!.
It can be used in active mode as well with unity gain or up to +6db.

I use a Promitheus TVC,paired up with a pair of Monarchy Audio sm70mkII's with great success. This model has 4 inputs,2 outputs,and a 6db boost.( I keep it at 0 )
Thank you - in response to the question source is nad cd player and amp is nad 2600, but those may change.  George I didn't understand your post re what are on ebay for under $100.  And how does the sound quality of the Schitt compare to the others including the tortuga?    
loomisjohnson1 is right on.  Get the Luminous Audio Axiom.  Very inexpensive and it sounds outstanding..  It has the 3 inputs that you are looking for.
Looks like the luminous is perfect - is the sound quality comparable to say a Tortuga or a placette?  Also, I would imagine there aren't many of these on the used market - should I purchase direct through the manufacturer?
These are superb low cost passive pre amps-
Passives don't work nearly as well as active....If you insist, build one yourself.....all you need is a volume control, some wire, and box to put it in. 
"Passives don't work nearly as well as active..."

What...??? Music First Audio's Baby Reference blows many actives out the water.
 George I didn't understand your post re what are on ebay for under $100. And how does the sound quality of the Schitt compare to the others 
Hi, when you said in your first post affordable. I thought cheap but good. The Schiits volume control inside is every bit as good as other potentiometer based passives being presented here that are far more expensive. That’s what makes them a great buy, with a return policy.

I also manufacture the LDR based passive the Lightspeed Attenuator which is maybe too expensive for you, and only one input. Second from the top in this link.

And this is just one of the ebay line level rca switch box.

Cheers George
I concur with the Mccormack Micro Line Drive preamp, own one and it is spectacular. The passive side provides dynamics like an active pre would deliver. The active side provides up to 12 db of gain and it is very good sounding as well. Steve's amps are designed to be used with passive preamps. I still own The Mccormack DNA-1 Rev B after all these years.
Yes the McCormack Micro line drive is a great potentiometer based passive, with an active stage that can be switched in as well, if your source has low output voltage, <1v. 
Trouble is the active stage is just a  Analog Devices AD712 dual-op-amp chip, not the best of audio opamps, that would be better replaced for dual OPA627's per channel on Browndog adapter boards.
And I think it's only available s/h, long discontinued now.

Cheers George           
Thank you George for the heads up on the op amps and if a upgrade there is still available it would be worth looking into.  Let me pull a statement from Stereophile worth repeating: "The task of the designer is to come up with a preamp circuit that does the least damage to the audio signal, then add the necessary preamp functions in such a way that the purity of the signal is not compromised".
Gents - I see Luminous Audio offers an XLR equipped version of the Axiom, can anyone tell me if that represents a true balanced design?  Hoping it's not a completely ignorant question.  My very basic understanding is that just because a piece of gear is equipped with an XLR connector does not mean the design is actually balanced.  Thanks in advance.  
I wrote to Tim Stinson at Luminous Audio. He replied that the design of the XLR equipped Axiom II is fully balanced.
You might also think about a used Placette Audio passive. Their bigger one has 3 inputs, uses vishay S102 resisters, has remote control, consistent input impedance.
Reference Line preeminance one passive pre, I have one for sale?
 Very nice passive pre all cardas wiring, if your system is on the neutral to warm side they are amazing . 
I recently renovated my house so the room is now very bright with bright speakers so I have purchased a older tube pre. Preeminance one Affordable at $300.    
Sent you a PM re the  Reference Line preeminance one, I can always have another passive to do demo A/B's against my unit.

Cheers George