Review: Basic Power Cords 14 AWG with Shurter IEC Power cord

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We are very fortunate to have two wonderful systems in the same home that revolve around MagnaPans 1.6's and MG20's. Our electronics include: Electrocompaniet CDP SE, AudioLab Pre and Power Amps, Mark Levinson 32 PreAmp, 31.5 Transport, 360S DAC, DCS Purcell UpSampler, Threshold SA1's, EDGE NL10, Richard Gray Power Conditioners, Acoustic Zen wires throughout both systems.

We predominantly listen to jazz, particularly Bebop, Swing, and Contemporary. Our CD collection virtually has the entire catalog of Blue Note, Impulse, Contemporary, and Prestige.

We started to experiment with power cords approximately two years ago until we tried the Basic Power Cords manufactured by Roy Locke. Our premise is that the power cords should first do no harm and then see if they enhance the characteristics we are looking for when we listen to music through our systems. Here are the important points that the Audiogon Members would be the most interested in:
1) Roy Locke is a great gentleman and builds high quality power cords. He always returns phone calls, answers all questions, and has always been punctual regarding delivery of the cords we ordered. We also found him to be very refreshing in that he does not claim that his power cords are the best in the world, but highly competitive with other products, particularly at the price he charges. He also fully acknowledges that synergy in any specific system can affect the influence of his power cords. Therefore, you have a 30 day audition period and can return his product for a full refund.
2) In our systems, every time we replaced stock power cords with Roy Locke's Basic Power Cords, the following took place: Much deeper and wider sound stage with more clarity of ambient cues, deeper and tighter bass, lower noise floor, more transparency, and finally, more dynamic at lower volume levels in both our systems. His power cords never led to a negative result with the equipment we listed above.
3) We find that Roy's Power Cords are tremendously competitive with power cords that cost between $800-$2000 and give approximately 60%-70% of the performance of these much more expensive products.

In conclusion, Roy's Power Cords are NOT the best in the world (I really do not know what is because of the differences that take place with the interaction with a specific piece of equipment along with the rest of an individual's system), however, they are wonderfully built, give unbelievable performance for a VERY reasonable price, and we suggest you give them a try as you audition different power cords regardless of price!

Associated gear
The following electronics were used in evaluating these power cords:
Electrocompaniet CDP SE, Mark Levinson 32 PreAmp, 31.5 Transport, 360S DAC, Threshold SA1 Monoblocks, AudioLab Pre and Power Amps, DCS Purcell UpSampler.

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Thank you for the fine review. The Basic PowerCords are actually 12AWG. I agree with the comparison to more expensive cords, mine will offer at least 60-70% of the performance and in most cases close to 90%.