Bah Humbug-Bad Christmas Music

there is a radio station in my area which replaces their light rock format for the entire Decemeber for Xmas music 24/7--I keep it on all day on a small transister radio, so I have been hearing lots of it-

My conclusions, lots of good Xmas music, but amongst it of course, quite a few not to my taste----I find that it is best to stick as close to the original as possible, even if the artist themselves has their own signature---

My worst so far
-anything my Mariah Carey
-Transiberian Ochestra
-Barbara Mandrell-Must have been the mistletoe
-a track by the band Chicago didn't cut it for me
-the Glee cast did a remake of Last Christmas by Wham!,-I like the original, the Glee remake is terrible.

On a positive note, I have never been a Barbara Streisand fan--but love her version of My Favorite Things

Your hit list?
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Not much of a country fan, but I usually like Willie Nelson. Man oh mab, did he phone it in with his X-mas album. Ouch!
Your list MIRRORS mine !!

I'm totally sick and tired of the Maria Carey (screech owl) so much, I asked the general manager at Borders Books to change it out, a lot of customers agreed, after much bitching about that and the Phil Collins (weeping remakes)

And yes, Transiberian, what the hell is this crap, sounds the SAME no matter what tune they try to REMAKE.

Thanks for posting this thread, i'm ready for headphones.
My town also has a station that converts to "Christmas Music" after Thanksgiving, but plays mostly "celebrity" psuedo-Christmas songs, so I don't have it on very much. At the serious risk of getting flamed, among my least favorites that this station plays constantly (like once every two or three hours) are:

"So This Is Christmas"
"Last Christmas" (how this gets classified as a Christmas song is beyond me)
"Wonderful Christmastime" (now I know I'm going to get flamed -- I'm dissing Paul McCartney)
"Do They Know Its Christmas?"
Christmas music is one genre where my wife and I are both extremely biased towards the traditional versions of things I remember as a kid. I do not care for most newer versions of old standards.

Maybe if we were Christian that would help.

Bah humbug!

I still look forward to hearing the old standards again each year though by the time Xmas comes around I typically am ready to submit..

Hey , I heard a catchy hawaiian themed Christmas tune (name?) in the last few years on teh radio that I liked!

Add Josh Groban to the list. It takes him ten minutes to sing what most artists can sing in five!
Bah humbug,is right!! I can't stand the stuff.In all actuality,I can't stand Christmas as a whole.Just my opinion,nothing more.
Radio stations LOVE this time of year, its most always the light rock station in any given town and they make a pile of money on commercial revenue and many dont use talent saving them labor cost on top of it all.
One day is about all I cant take, and that means maybe a few hours the night tree goes up as we are usually laughing, frustrated with bad light strings and buzzed on some holiday drinks.
I suppose thats part of why I cant stand it after that cause I dont drink much!
On the other hand, give the Star of Wonder on Reference Recordings a try. It's the only Christmas music I like and I really like this one. Almost makes me believe.
Atco released a compilation of mid-to-late 60's soul Christmas tunes back in the day...Otis Redding, Booker T., etc. My favorite cut is "Back Door Santa" by Clarence Carter. I was surprised to see it for sale last year in CD format at my local music store. Probably out there again this year.
Much of the standard radio is aweful. But, go back to the classics. Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, then throw in some of the major orchestras like the Boston Pops, add artists like James Taylor, Judy Collins and a little Charlie Brown and you can can get some pretty good Christmas music.
Same deal here in Richmond - mostly bad stuff they play. Why don't they put some of the newer cd's in their rotation? We put the squeezebox on holiday shuffle here at home and have wonderful Christmas music - everyone from Annie Lennox, Sugarland, McGarrigles, Bruce Cockburn, Jewel, Indigo Girls, Shelby Lynne, K.T. Tunstall, Emmylou Harris, and old standards by Dean Martin and Perry Como! No Kenny G or Josh Groban in the mix!
Added yet another great Christmas album, Etta James "The 12 Songs of Christmas". There is great Christmas music out there if you avoid mainstream. I own "Jazzy Christmas" with Dexter Gordon, Branford Marsalis and others each doing their own tracks. Ella's are great albums. Avoid Andy Williams and the ilk.
My wife is killing it right now with too much play but the Mindy Smith holiday cd is quite good.
if the new breed of so called singers can't sing a cole porter song. What makes us think they can croon Christmas songs.
Dtc has it right. Anything from Bing, Frank, Dean, even Sing Along With Mitch is preferred to schmaltz some radio stations play. We do listen to a cd of songs from the "Rudolf" special that has instrumental versions as well as the original songs.

I dont mind when someone does a new cover of an old standard. What dont understand is why anyone thinks we need new contemporary Christmas songs. One in particular that makes me gag is about a kid buying new shoes for his dying mother! WTF?!!!

Cant get away without recommending Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra's "A Christmas Cocktail". Jazz/Lounge/Crazy that actually sounds really good.
-Happy Holidays!!!-
*I say this not to exclude Christmas or any other religious celebration, only so as to include New Years!!!

Not into Christmas music but I have to say that the cd 'A Christmas Cornucopia' by Annie Lennox is pretty darn good.
I recall the Ramones tried their hand at Christmas jingles. Or such classic's as,"I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus", or "Grandma got run-over by a reindeer"?......childhood traumatization.....elder medical trauma....Happy Holidays!! Maybe, Kelly Osbourne"s "SHUT UP"! Ok, that one's not Christmas specific.....
My worst so far
-anything my Mariah Carey

Everyone has an opinion, but I don't know what you're talking about. Her version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has become a modern Christmas classic since its release over a decade ago.
There is no debate the Carey can sing, maybe its more the structure that rub some wrong but you would have to be an idiot to not be impressed with notes she can and has hit.
I like the high pitched dolphin sounds she includes in a lot of her songs.
Isn't "good Christmas music" an oxymoron anyway? 'Tis with me, certainly anything that's been composed post 1900.
Mapman, that catchy Hawaiian tune that you might like is called "Mele Kalikimaka" and was done by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters in 1950. Another cover was done by Bette Midler and is very good too!

yes, thats it!

If you like jazz, there is a great Blue Note compilation called Yule Struttin'. If you are a classical music fan, I can give lots of good recommendations.
Try to find " Star O Wonder " by Tingstad and Rumbel. Beautiful,interesting renditions and audiophile sound.
Should be " OF " not "O"
Reviving an older thread to see how much worse it got, well, it did.

There's a time and place for everything.

Mariah Carey wearing a little slutty Santa suit dancing like a stripper in another of the boring mass videos, great stuff for the entire family.
"Mariah Carey wearing a little slutty Santa suit dancing like a stripper "

This is what happens when you take the CHRIST out of Christmas.
"Mariah Carey wearing a little slutty Santa suit dancing like a stripper "
No, that's what happens when Santa knows you've been good, so he sends you something naughty ;~)
I saw Michael Buble on SNL, he is listworthy.
I think I am going to show my age but I like the clasics songs sung by Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby and the like.
The younger generation will prefer current singers and tunes.
I don't listen to Christmas music unless I have too. I'm happy on January 2nd.