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Joseph Audio dealers
Not on JA, they were very responsive. They gave me a list of potential dealers to visit-all out of state. Covid came along and  laterI gave up trying to travel when the 7's appeared  
Joseph Audio dealers
Thank you. I gave up the hunt for JA and picked up used Vandersteen 7!s instead   
What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?
Grover Huffman. Had to go to AQ robin hood to equal sound quality on my rig settled on Wild for speakers   
Analogue pre amp recommendation
You won’t be able to preview it and system synergy is always a dominant factor, but 2K will get you a Supratek Chardonnay if you don’t need phono. N if 1, but I’m so thrilled with my recently inserted Cortese that I have left a pair of vandersteen... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Cortese LCR arrived last week. Took about a month from order to delivery if I was willing to forego bling and go with powder coat. It’s in a dedicated room that not any people see, so, fine by me. First serious tube amp replacing Freya. With only ... 
Vandersteen 7 and room treatment
So what did I do? Nothing. The Supratek Cortese LCR arrived. It made the Chapmans sound so spectacular that the Vandersteen’s are still sitting on their pallets upstairs for the second week. Maybe later this week.   
Vandersteen 7 and room treatment
Now you guys have done it. Almost all are guilty. I see you on the Vandersteen forum, encouraging me to take a peek and I’m up til 3:30 am. I love the passion, humor, and style many of you share. The critical observations and advice have deepened ... 
Vandersteen 7 and room treatment
Thank you for the wonderful advice. Sorry I disappeared for a bit. Pulling major grandpa duty. My son and I will be driving up through Tierra Amarilla to retrieve the speakers next week. Beautiful drive through to mountain passes. I will be headin... 
Supratek Owners Thread
Current wait times may be less than before. Ordered a Corerese LCR abut 3-4 weeks ago and it is shipping any day now. Longer wait if you want the chrome chassis. I didn't care and went with powdercoat.    
Vandersteen 7 and room treatment
Thank you holmz. Albuquerque. Dealer is in Colorado Springs. Spoke with him a couple of years ago when I was considering Quatro’s. Seemed like a really good guy but then life happened and a few months later, COVID.  The vandortones disc and sound ... 
Is it me, or others?
I doubt OP was communicating with a person. Random keystroke or word combination triggered an AI exchange.   
Tax Returns: Nothing, a new DAC or... ?
Alas, the 7’a are sold. I’m very happy with my upgraded Chapman’s but can listen in a different league. Extensive listening to Magico A3 and A5 with Krell to with engaging, satisfying effect. The S5 and S7’s with D’Agostino to hair raising effect.... 
Tax Returns: Nothing, a new DAC or... ?
No tax return, retired. Zero debt. But, my circumstances have changed dramatically with a recent lawsuit settlement from being drilled by a truck while cycling a couple years ago. The money is invested with the interest return alone prompting me t... 
Need help choosing a new DAC
Personally, I can’t wait to hear the new Mojo Audio DAC coming out soon. The last couple of iterations have been musically satisfying and engaging. Ben says the latest one is quite a bit more refined  
Preowned Wilson Audio Chicago Dealer
Could the dealer have been steering you away from a poor fit, in his opinion, with your room and/or associated gear; or did he just trash the speakers?