Anthem 225 vs Yamaha A-S2000

Hi guys. So I have some new speakers on the way (4ohm but high sensitivity custom scanspeak standmounts) and am looking between the Anthem and the Yamaha for a good integrated.

Unfortunately, I live in a state where I will not be able to audition, so would be grateful if anyone could give me some impressions if they have heard either of these amps.

Thank you!
Many Yamaha's don't like impedance less than 6 ohms...check on it.
I'd take anthem any day over yamaha.
the anthem is killer...and a great value.
Thanks for your responses. I think I'll go for the Anthem, then.
Just stumbled on this thread - I did audition the Yamaha amp for a week prior to purchasing my Anthem 225. The Yamaha is a beautiful amplifier for sure, but the Anthem is effortless in power, and just sounds more organic in my humble opinion, as well as having a more refined top-end. I just feel the value of this Anthem is off scale. But the Yammy sure is a nice one, I don't think you could go wrong with either one.
Well, I guess only fools cannot change their perception of things! I had been thinking about my initial Yamaha audition when I purchased my Anthem 225. It had me thinking for months...well, I gave it another go and must admit that finally, it does sound more refined in every parameter - so I sold the Anthem and purchased the Yammy. The Anthem is still a fantastic amp for the money, but overall, it is more of your basic amplifier and a very well executed one at that. The Yamaha has a better phonostage built-in, a better headphone stage, much better tone and volume controls, and sounds stellar even when compared to much higher priced units. One final thing, the Yamaha actually sounds subjectively just as powerfull as the Anthem's whopping 225 watts per channel.
The Anthem 225 is a really good amp BUT for less money you can get a MUCH better amp with the Bada Purer 3.3se with the Jan 6189 tubes !...
Sorry to be blunt about this, but I once owned a Bada product and the thing broke down after 2 months - I could hardly get any service on it and sold it for audiophile peanuts. Sounded ok, but not great. I suggest you open your Bada up and have a look inside. Then have a look inside the Anthem 225, the parts quality, and if you know a bit about amp construction - the layout, the overall execution - as one review said it best - this is no flimsy integrated. Better get a good solid state OR a good tube amp instead of a compromised hybrid design like the Bader.
As owner of an Anthem, I'll put in my vote for taht one.
Soniqmike, my friend owns the bada amp and he has had it for only 3 weeks and has had no problems with it yet. I'm thinking about trying out the Yamaha later on....
I talked to Walter at and he had a yamaha a-s2000 and Luxman l550 in for trade-ins and they compared the two and the Yamaha a-s2000 sounded better than the $$$4800 Luxman l550 !
I can also highly recommend the Anthem. Ours is now driving Revel M22's in the bedroom system with really nice and convincing sound.
Prior to that, we enjoyed it in our main system (driving F52's at that time), where we eventually upgraded to an Accuphase E450 (which definitely plays in a different category and opens up a whole new set of details, no contest).
Long before that, I had Yamaha amps, but can't really comment on how those compare, as they were driving speakers in a very different category.

In it's price range, I think the Anthem can hold it's own very well, especially if you need some power and prefer the uncluttered concept of good integrated amps.
The response's given seem to show a bias too ignorance. The Yamaha is heavier and runs fully balanced, the build quality is on another level in comparison to the Anthem. Im sure both products sound fine however the Anthem sells based on name alone. Check out the size of the caps used in the AS2000, that is all you need to see when asking if it can cope with impedance swings.
Takisjk just left some really great feedback about his Yamaha a-s2000 on Sonicbeauty's Review on the Yamaha a-s2000 here on audiogon !...
The Yamaha puts out 190 watts as you can see in this review... .Also they was a French reviewer that just loved the yamaha a-s2000. He was using some Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation (25,000) and these speakers are hard to drive too...sensitivity is only 85.0db. He said this amp is an incredible it to integrated amps in the $5,000 to $7,000 range !.. A Classic that we will talk about for a long time!
I got my Yamaha a-s2000 today and I'm SHOCKED at how GOOD it SOUNDS ! It sounds much more like a really good CLASS A AMP like the Luxman L590a mk2 or Accuphase! This amp does run a little WARM. I'm going to let it break-in good for 400 hours or so and see how much better it sounds then.....
Well it has been 1.5 years since this posting. How are the Anthem 225 and Yammie AS2000 still sounding in this comparison?
I find the Yamaha to be far less engaging and a bit sleepy when compared with the Anthem 225.

I have experience w/ the Anthem 225. It is a very robust amp- enough to drive Thiel loudspeakers (my reference) and this is no easy task. The Thiel craves power and current- the more the better. I found this match to be quite pleasing and the Anthem never ran out of juice. Happy Listening!