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Where to go next, DAC or Preamp
The new iFi Pro iDSD might kill all birds with one stone. USB and SPDIF DAC-preamp with lots of decrappifiers built-in. 
Dynaudio vs Harbeth vs ProAc
Congrats. I've heard some Nolas before and thought they were good! Enjoy 
How good are the Audience Au24 SX speaker cables?
I still have the AU24. Auditioned many cables from cableco in the same price range. Nothing better at the price for my system. 
Advice from members
I think folks are saying that room treatment isn’t finished with the DSPeaker. Acoustic treatments always work to improve....everything. That said, you’re calling out harsh treble and muddy mids at higher volumes - this could be reflections, or ju... 
Advice from members
I'm going to 3rd room treatment. Check out GIK acoustics; sound improvement per dollar is here rather than any gear. This is pretty much always true. 
Best used or new DAC under $3500
QB9 uses Burr-Brown, no? Codex uses Sabre.Like said above, how about Hugo TT or the new Qutest?Otherwise Metrum Onyx/Jade or Audial Model S USB great DAC you might find used is the Resolution Audio ... 
Dynaudio vs Harbeth vs ProAc
Another vote for the ATC SCM19MK2. I still have the MKIs and love them. So natural and transparent. If the rest of your chain and room are in good shape, try to hear them.Having heard Dynaudio, Harbeth, Proac and others over the years, I don't thi... 
Upgrading form Pass integrated amplifier to a better one
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Chord; always muscular and bold sounding  Lots of the expensive brands in the thread have no balls :P 
Binding Post Jumpers - New Product!!!
I don't get it. These just look like jumpers and still have to go through the speaker binding posts.... 
New system has fatiguing, harsh high frequency sounds. How to fix?
Turn the treble down 2db in your receiver! 
"Best" mini-monitor?
$10K is a lot (to me!) to spend on bookshelves when I’d have thought one could also get a compact floorstander that takes up no more room overall than minis on stands?Having said that, I’d add the ATC SCM11 or SCM12 Pro (effectively the same) to y... 
Budget Audience Clone?
Hey there, I’ve auditioned tons and tons of speaker cables and agree with you that Audience is amazing. I got some used AU24 in the end. The cheapest that I thought came closest were Black Cat’s entry level speaker cable, of which I tried the MK1 ... 
Nad m51 equalizer??
Yes. The DAC is just recognized like a soundcard device. If the application you use to play music has DSP stuff (like JRiver), it will be run just the same before it gets to the DAC - though this is often not preferred as it won't be bit-perfect p... 
Help on Optimizing Dedicated PC as Music Server
Hi Norm, USB straight out the computer has always been pretty horrid for me. First, I'd recommend an interface to isolate the USB and reduce USB noise - the iFi iUSB and Schiit Wyrd do similar jobs.In terms of USB-S/PDIF converters, there are so m... 
Speaker cables to smoothen things up
I've heard Densen and Neat stuff and it's not laid back at all :)8TC is clean/neutral/not warm so I'd rule those out. Van Den Hul is pretty laid back but I'd trust their ICs over their speaker cables; can get quite pricey for what it is (in the US...