Best Pre-amp For Anthem Amp 1

I'm looking to find the best preamp that would go with an Amp 1. Will be driving Infinity Kappa 8.1's.
I have a Sonic Frontiers SFS 40, maybe similar to the Amp 1, and I used to have an Anthem Pre 1, which I consider a very fine preamp for any system. The Pre 1 handles LP's, the Pre 1L is line stage only. Both are a little scarce these days. Of course if you arfen't playing LP's I'd recommend a passive preamp, assuming your digital source output is good.
I see an Anthem Pre 1L in Audiogon "For Sale", asking $700. That might be a SHADE high: I sold a Pre 1, with phono, for less. On the other hand, the Pre 1L is newer. Somthing to consider if that's within your price range.