A light-hearted essay on loving music vs the audiophilia obsession

Dear all,

I penned a light-hearted essay about my audiophile journey and this hobby that is so deeply addicting.


Would love for you all to take a read, and comment. 
Perhaps your journeys are similar?


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Very enjoyable piece. Thanks for sharing. What would be interesting as a follow up would be some explorations as to what lead you to this path in the first place. Some never overcome their technophilia about audio equipment; others never succumb to it. Since you came out the "other side," so to speak, you now have an opportunity to explore why you entered it to begin with. What would probably result would be something philosophical, spiritual, and even psychological about the needs that lead people into what some call an "addiction." That would be interesting to read. Cheers!
A nice thought piece.  Thank you.
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your well-written missive. I for one, use any change of gear as an excuse to listen to music, again, and discover new things -- if discovery there is. Listening mostly to classical, I appreciate the nuances that come to the surface as a result of better SQ.

I have been an avid classical concert-goer with a penchant for accuracy in sound reproduction. Early on I had access to gear on loan which helped me make upgrades most of the time -- rather than changes. Nevertheless, I have changed 9 pairs of speakers, 11 power amps, 6 pres... and auditioned scores of others at home for extended periods of time. Strange though it may sound, the advent of superior sounding digital helped me close the TT upgrade anxiety!

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@essrand thanks for sharing. I understand you, my audio-gear-addict brethren. The comment (analogy) about how discovering A’gon was spot on. It is like a superhighway of gear access one in which I have accelerated massive gear swapping binges many times over the 15 years since I discovered it. O well it’s better than actual drugs, lol. When upgrade fever strikes, take a walk, go for a run, bike ride, pray, etc., whatever until it passes. When it sounds great, leave it alone.