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Integrated Tube Amp Demo
Luxman LX-380 would a solid candidate for this list as well.I know there are luxman dealers willing to ship amps for a home demo. 
Anyone heard the Luxman LX-380 tube integrated amp
Also, thanks for your impressions. Very happy to hear your validations on this well-reviewed amp. 
Anyone heard the Luxman LX-380 tube integrated amp
Really good to hear.Didn't seem like you did any comparisons. But I wonder how it would sound compared to the SS integrated, Luxman 590AXii. 
Anyone heard the Luxman LX-380 tube integrated amp
@swhite007Finally! A real world user of this amp. I have read four stellar reviews of this amp, but couldn't find a single actual user to validate their opinions.What speakers do you run this amp with? You use digital or analog source? 
Upgrade DAC from AMR DP777SE
It is very hard to find a DAC as smooth, engaging, and analog sounding like AMR, with the AMR you don't feel the need to invest in analog gear at all.I owned the DP777, and still miss it.Like yourself I moved on to Bricasti, it's a lot more neutra... 
High-end TT setup with phono stage built in
@mijostyn Problem is that I have yet to meet anyone who has heard either of these two plug-play high end tables.Based on that and the responses on this forum, I guess I am in the minority of people who would like an high-end plug-n-play analog sys... 
Bricasti DAC owners
If I had to choose between the MDx board and new footers for my Bricasti M12, what would you recommend?for $1000, an mdx board or 3-4ish Critical mass footers, what would you choose? Related Q: what isolation footers work best for your Bricasti? 
High-end TT setup with phono stage built in
A friend of mine suggested the same.These are vintage. How do I go about procuring one of these, it needs careful restoring by someone who knows what he's doing, right? 
High-end TT setup with phono stage built in
Thank you. This might be close to my price point.I will take a look at the G2000R. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@whitecamaross,Just piping in here a bit to express my gratitude.Years of following this thread paid off. I grabbed a pair of Audiomica Consquence ICs and SCs and am gobsmacked at how they have changed my system. It was like upgrading a speaker or... 
XLR cable with warmth without losing resolution
To put a closure on this thread.I went with a pair of Audiomica Consequence. I am still gobsmacked with how good these cables are.If you ever get a chance, do try them.Cheers! 
All-in-one integrated, 10-15K range, class A/B only
@caphill , speakers are tbd as well, but I am leaning towards a magnepan. 
All-in-one integrated, 10-15K range, class A/B only
@denon1, have you also heard the accuphase E-650? 
Speaker upgrade around 100k retail
For that price point. Audiogon is not the right forum.Go to where you might have better luck finding audiophiles who actually have heard the speakers you mentioned and might even have A/Bed in their homes. And will give you sugg... 
Commercial streamer (bricasti m5 spotlighted) vs Raspberry Pi 4 implementation.
@rsf507 I haven't tried the USB vs the ethernet. I will at some point and if I do it and hear any difference will keep you posted. Cheers!