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Cd's to make a come back in the future?
I think the CD _has_ left us.  Except for audiophiles, when was the last time you saw someone use a CD?  Maybe someone driving a car that was 10 or more years old?I'm 42; when I fell for the audio hobby eight year ago, I dove into digital since 10... 
From tubes to SS amp : Ayre, Belles, Pass or else ?
I’m a Tube Guy. Through four years of attending RMAF, rooms featuring Ayre amplification have been the only ones which ever made me think I could live with transistors.OK, that and a darTZeel setup which cost more than my house. That solid state s... 
Differences in Audioquest Storm series (Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane)
For what it's worth, I tried a Thunder on my tube integrated in place of a Pangea AC-9, and the difference was sufficient that I had to keep it. 
PS Audio DirectStream DAC driving VAC Amps
I've wondered about this particular combination myself. 
Digital Radio Stations (recommendations) has nearly changed my life. Streams in 16/192! 
streaming DACs around $4k
I'm in love with my PSA DS and Bridge II.  It's spooky good.Also, Roon is like Leboski's rug: it really pulls the room together. 
PS Audio Directstream Junior Owner - Still beneficial to buy a separate server/streamer?
Are you using the Bridge II in the DSJ currently?  It might take a good penny to better that for sound quality. 
Best song for immediate impact when presenting or testing?
This thread has been making me happy all week.  I made a playlist in Roon (why oh why is there not an easy way to export this for other Roonies?)  Between Tidal and Qobuz, only 2-3 of these titles can't be streamed.Even the stuff that's outside my... 
I've been on the US beta for a couple of weeks, listening through Roon into a PS Audio DSD.Qobuz hi-res streaming provides the best sound quality I have ever experienced in my listening room, hands down.  We're through the looking glass now.  For ... 
Tube Sound Question
I think the amp accounts for about 80-90% of your potential tubiness.   
HELP ... Need Advice/Recommendations on Tube Amp
Don't be scared of manual bias.  If you can set the time on your watch, you can bias your amp.  :-)That Carver really interests me, too.  A really novel implementation that allows tubes to run cool enough to touch, and supposedly they last 5 years. 
Best song for immediate impact when presenting or testing?
I had a lot of fun listening to the first half of this list last night!  In particular the 17-minute Dave Holland track melted my face into a puddle on the couch.  Weather Report surprised me by holding my attention for 7+ minutes of fairly "out" ... 
Most Recent ROON Upgrade Quite Nice
For my musics, I’d say that Qobuz has 90+% of the catalog depth of Tidal.The hi-res selections on Qobuz seem to be around 10% of the entire catalog, proportional to the amount of MQA currently in Tidal (and nearly all titles available in Tidal MQA... 
Most Recent ROON Upgrade Quite Nice
Roon developers on the Roon forum, for what it's worth, say that the 1.6 update itself has no bearing whatsoever on sound quality over 1.5.But, Doug, wait until you can hear Qobuz hi-res streaming through your setup!  I've had access to the Qobuz ... 
Alt Country Fans/Wood Brothers concert, online
Sweet!  Loves me some Wood Brothers.  Will tune in to this tonight.