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networking wire
I also run ethernet from my office to the music room.  When I upgraded from a generic Monoprice to a Blue Jeans Cable the improvement in sound quality was pretty stunning. 
Speakers "Disappearing"
To make a generalization, the size of your midrange drivers has quite a bit to do with it.  I liked the tone that came from the single 10" drivers on my Zu Omens, but a cone that big will never "disappear."  I could always close my eyes and know t... 
What is your listening chair?
Sectional couch that's deep, so that if you sit with your feet on the ground you're slouching back.  To get my ears on axis for my tweeters I have to sit tall and cross-legged, like a meditation pose.  I happen to see listening as my meditation, s... 
Led Zeppelin Classic Records 45 series -Am I nuts?
the 45rpm LZ box set is my most prized and cherished thing in my music collection. if you are a fan then it will sweep you away compared to other versions. lower noise, more dynamic, more detail, the music leaps from the grooves. a force of nature... 
Getting into tubes
Don't be scared of an amp without auto-bias.  If you can set the time on your wristwatch, you can bias your amplifier. 
Quincy Jones Interview
I thought it was a great interview.  Quincy is a badass, a musician's musician, and old enough to be out of f**ks to give. 
Need passive aggressive advice
They’ll all sound good if you’d do a little work to update your wardrobe.  A lot of people have moved on from the baggy jeans and white New Balances they wore in 2004. 
Coming out of the blackhole called work...retirement
Since you re Building a new home seek expert consultation regarding the listening room, this is of paramount value for you. In particular, you might reconsider the 5m x 5m dimension. A square room generally invites the most standing waves. Find so... 
Advantage of PS Audio Bridge II over USB cable from PC?
I'm still delighted with my PWDII after all these years.  Getting the Bridge II was an instant game-changer for sound quality over the Squeezebox Touch via coax I had been using to feed the PWDII.You get the capability to use Roon (game changer II... 
What is really the purpose of streaming??
In my system, into my DAC, streaming sounds better than CDs ripped to flac on my hard drive.And for $20/month, I can play about 90% of the albums that have ever been recorded.In case the internet breaks, I still have all my ripped CDs.  But as lon... 
A lot of hype about PS Audio, deservedly so ?
They're still supporting firmware updates (even getting MQA capability) on my PWDII DAC, which was originally released about 8 years ago.  I love it and respect the company very, very much.That's impressive. 
I haven't looked back since going to Roon from LMS.  From any phone, tablet, or laptop in the house we can control the main rig in the living room, my office rig (SB Touch), or the Bluesound Pulse Mini in the kitchen.Roon's tough to quit once you'... 
Best Audio Writing of 2017?
http://https// This one got me right in the feels. 
Roon Sound Quality
I got a nice bump in sound quality when I went from LMS to Roon.  And Mark's right; once you use the interface it'll be hard to go back.