Wish me luck

Just got a bag full of part. Going to mod. my 834P. Hope it doesn't end up being a boat anchor.

When taking into account cost vs performance a modified EAR834P is very hard to beat.

I love my tweaked up EAR834P it is definetly worth the effort to do you won't regret it.
Got about half the parts in. It's taken me a long time to get up the nerve for this.

If all you are doing is R&R work and assuming all you are concerned with are your soldering skills. I would practice on something worthless before you work on your component. Otherwise good luck because you could really do some damage if not careful.

What an improvement! I can't wait for this to breakin a little. Now I want to mod. everything.

List of parts I changed out:
R1 & R101
R2 & R102
R3 & R103
R9 & R109
R11 & R111
C1 & C101
C5 & C105
C7 & C107
D1 & D2

I used Hovland caps.,metal film 1% resistors,and hexfred diodes.

After a month or so,I will do a second stage mod. The amount of work that can be done to this pre. is endless.

Tim, Congrats on your mod work.

What type/brand of metal film resistor did you use? It can make a big difference.

And what types of improvements in sound did you notice?


Fantastic, so did you practice a bit with your soldering technique? Was it on a PCB that the Resistors, Caps and Diodes were mounted on? What kind of iron did you use and how did you use a combination of a soldering pump and wick to remove the old solder. Sorry for all the questions but I have considered modding my own CD player which would require large amounts of R&R of various resistors and capacitors.



based on my experience with a modded 834P it will take 200-250 hours for the caps to open up. You're in for a real treat when they do! Did you source the parts yourself or did you buy a package?
I have done a fair amount of soldering in the past. It's not very difficult. Make sure you let the solder set a little bit with the heat applied or you will get a cold joint. The local Radio Shack has a 15/30 watt unit that sells for about $10. The solder sucker is about the same.

I bought the parts from someone who does modes. I plan on doing some more in amonth or so.

I didn't look at the type of resistors. I'll check later.
The sound.... Better separation.Blacker backgound. Definatly smoother. I have a couple "brighter sounding" records to play later. Only have a small amount of time to listen this morning.

Mitch Singerman in LA is well known for his EAR 834P mods. I'm sure if you contacted him he'd be glad to discuss the mod package he installs. Hovland caps are part of his package as is a complete re-tube. Mitch is a great resource.
My lp's are sounding better than ever. Getting to 200hrs burn in time. I think a couple more days should get the job done.

I have a question, I have no problem doing the upgrade myself, does anyone know a company that sells all the parts together in a "kit"?