2014 wish list

Happy New Year to all. What's on your 2014 wish list?

2013 was pretty good to me- I changed integrated amps, going from a Rouge Tempest II Magnum to a Pass Int-150. I also changed speakers cables from Nordost Super Flatline II to Analysis Plus Oval 9's.

For 2014 I'm looking for more music, whether LP or CD. Have not (yet) made the leap to hi-Rez computer downloads. Maybe 2014 will be the year for that.
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Maybe a new cartridge or even a whole new TT and cartridge. It's still early.
No changes for me in 2014. 2013 brought me a Hegel H200 and a REL B2 sub. I'm so happy with my system right now that I'm taking a year or two off from the anal b.s. and I'm planning to take the wife on a nice trip to Europe. We go often anyway but I'd like to take her more often. New Orleans as well. I need a fried oyster Po boy in March.

This of course does not include new music. There's always plenty of that and the Montreal Jazz Festival which is more fun than Disney for kids.
I did my amps and cd player in 2013 and was thrilled so I think I would like to get a new vinyl rig. Maybe a Palmer 2.5 or something a little easier to use than my very moody VPI. (and something that sounds better!)
for me, perhaps a 6:1 audio switcher so that I can listen to either my FM tuner or iPod dock. Using a Y-cable at the input of the preamp is not the best way to switch between these 2 sources.
Anyone know of a good brand of audio switches that you can recommend? Thanks.
Accuphase amp + preamp, Neotech speaker cables and interconnects.
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donjr, good move. Build relationships and memories while you can. The system can wait. I always love a good upgrade, but it should never be at the expense of building love.  :)