Has anyone heard the Grundman pressing of WISH YOU WERE HERE

I have the Grundman Saucerful of Secrets, and I am very satisfied with it. Just don't listen to it late at night, while in a dark mood, in a dim room. 
Are you talking about the current digital 2016 vinyl reissues?
downunder- Yes- the New ones on Pink Floyd label.... The Bernie Grundman and Joel Plante remasters. I have been following another forum, and have seen some mixed reviews on Meddle, and Wish You Were Here. I would say MORE, and Atom Heart were  better received, while DSOTM has been getting some very positive comments. The Grundman Dark Side was favorably compared to the 30th Anniversary edition, some preferring the Grundman.  I tend to lean toward ALL analog pressings, but some that I own with digital in the chain do sound quite good. One example is Johnny Cash IV: When the Man Comes Around. I'm a casual Pink Floyd fan, and would like to dabble a bit more. Please take the above comments with a grain of salt, as the thread was very long, with a ton of opinions. Another reason why I might go for a couple of these would simply be the scarcity of used pressings on the record store shelves. And when they do have a clean copy, the price is up there. I picked up Saucerful for $23 at HMV in Canada. That cost me 30% less with my US dollar. (-:
I don't have WYWH as I have a UK pressing.

I have bought Piper, Saucer, Umma, More, Atom and Obscurred.

Obscurred and More sound really good and the pick of the one's I have bought.

I have UK pressings from Dark Side onwards, so the new reissues have no interest.
downunder- You’re in good shape with the UK pressings. I have never seen a UK for Floyd or Led Zepp, but I know they are cherished. I will be back in Montreal soon, so who knows. They have at least a couple of good vinyl shops. Yes- Obscured also seemed to be well received.  I have a Japanese THE WALL, so I’m set there. I’m not big on Japanese pressings, but this copy of THE WALL is really good.