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Opinions on Krell LAT-1 Speakers
They are garbage.  
power cord for electrostatic speaker
I have CLS IIZ LE, power cables make zero difference at all. The electronics in the speakers will filter out any noise in the line. Plus, like you said, there is hardly any power traveling thought them anyway.The human mind is very tricky, if I sp... 
Good, Affordable Horns?
yes a very thin piece of wood with almost no internal bracing. My buddy uses Forte II as DJ speakers, they are good for that. I have had Chorus, KLF 30, KG 3.5, KG 5.5, Hersey, some others I cant think of. KLF-30 were my last pair, got a pair of B... 
Good, Affordable Horns?
From what I have learned through they years may people like the older Klipschorns, the ones from the 50's 60's, with some crossover upgrades. But I'm sure you will get all kinds of answers on that one. 
Good, Affordable Horns?
You are talking about Klipschorns I am talking about Klipsch in general. The heritage series is constructed a little better than all of there other stuff. OK, they ring or resonate like a thin piece of wood, not a bell. They are still in productio... 
Good, Affordable Horns?
Well OK, if you are comparing the Klipsch cabinet quality with new Polks, Bose, KLH then yes they have good cabinet construction. If you compare them to B&W, NHT, Dynaudio ect..then they are built rather poorly. Klipsch most certainly needs tu... 
Good, Affordable Horns?
Klipsch are not good horn loaded speakers. I should know, I had 6 pairs over the years before I realized I was doing it all wrong. Knock on a cabinet of a Klipsch, it rings like a bell. 
Classical speakers that do violins well??
Yea I have been waiting to hear them. They sure went up in price! The original CLS was about $2000 or $3000 a pair back in the day, My Limited Edition ones were $6000. but hey ML need to make money too right? Hopefully they sound as good as they s... 
Classical speakers that do violins well??
Like the Martin Logan CLS. With the right room, equipment and so on, it's in my opinion one of the best Jazz & Classical speakers you can get. The bass is light by most standards but people are use to a lot of bass. Face it an acoustic bass wi... 
Crossover-less Speakers
I have had many, many speakers about a year & a half ago a buddy of mine put his custom built Moth Cicadas up for sale & I bought them. They are a single driver crossover-less speaker based on the Moth Cicada. I really like the speakers, t... 
What's With the Ring Radiator Tweeter?
Yea I know that tweeter it is used in may hi endspeaker assembly companys like Wilson,Krell,Von Schweikert the list goes on & on. Mostly companys that cant make there own speakers. never the less it is a good tweeter. 
what is your proceedure for setting up u'r system?
FlrnlambI think you missed my point. If you think your current system is better than your Sonus Faber system you obviouslyhave no clue. 
2005 Remembrance
Dont forget Stanley(Tookey) Williams. 
Rank Stereophile, & why no Von Schweikert reviews
Tpsonic,Is this true? I do believe you but that is crazy. 
what is your proceedure for setting up u'r system?
I can enjoy movies in Surround sound NOT music. Whell I can enjoy it but not as much as I can with two speakers. If you think about it if you go with surround sound you must now spread your money out at least three times as much. You are now buyin...