Which speakers do you like in the $5K price range?

I am considering upgrading my speakers and have $5K to spend on new or used. What are your recommendations. I am looking for a full range speaker that is placement friendly (not too far out into the room) and works with a SS amp. I listen from Ella to Hendrix, lots of guitar, jazz and vocals. I am looking for something that is dynamic, extended with good bass slam and extension, very natural sounding. I currently own B&W Matrix 803s and probably prefer something without a metal tweeter this time around since my only source is SACD/CD. The 803s sound prety good in my system but I know that the 802s and 803 matrix speakers sounded better when I compared them a while back so it is time to upgrade. My room has 7' ceilings, is 16' wide and 22' deep but I mostly listen 6-8 feet from the speakers which are 24" from the back wall and 6-7' apart. I have thought about the Aerial 10Ts, Talon Khorus with the X-XO so far.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Dali or Dynaudio
Used Dynaudio's Confidence(I think this is right) use the world class Dynaudio Esotar 330 tweeter(same as Confidence, Sonus Faber Extrema's, etc). I'm not sure if those Dyn's are ported or what not. You might do best with acoustic suspension(sealed) designs that might do better closer to the boundaries. OTherwise you could consider smaller sealed monitors with a sub(s). Often small sealed monitors do better closer to walls. Still, that might be tough ultimately.
Used What Puppies will need to be out in the room. There are lots of high end speakers you might find that you like in that price however. Avantgard Uno's can be had at the $5k used range, and you can adjust the powered woofers somewhat to try to balance out your sound if you've got to get em closer to the walls and such. Infact, you'll probably not be able to beat these speakers for your applications(although off axis isn't possible with these speakers).
Another suggestion would be for you to biamp a pair of high end speakers you like, and put a parametric EQ on the woofers!!!! You'll otherwise be asking for lumpy, boomy, uneven bass next to the walls usually(depending of course).
Active speakers where you can get some more bass flexibility options will work for you, if you can find the right speakers.
If I can think of anything else pressently, I'll let you know
Take a look at two often overlooked speakers: Shahinian Obelisk (www.shahinianacoustics.com), which costs $ 4000 new, but is on offer here used as well, and VMPS 40 (www.vmpsaudio.com) for $ 5000
get Natilus 803 could be much better than Matrix. I have ever experienced both. N803 surely better and thats within your price range.

1) more pretty
2) better in staging and clarification
3) easy to drive, even small power amp can handle.

I would suggest resisting generalizing about metal-dome tweeters when you audition and listen with an open mind, regardless of what sources you run - speaker choice should have more to do with your room and the kinds of music you listen to, and the way you listen to them, than with driver or source type IMO.
If you and your room can deal with set up I don't think you can loose with magnepan 3.6/R. Some love there sound some hate the sound so I suggest you listen first, but when I was faced with the same question its what I did. You may also want to consider a used pair of Piega P-10's they may be had in your price range and they are a great speaker as well.
I would second the recommendation of the piega p10 or p8ltd used. Depending on the finish it will end up in your price range used. They are excellent with solid state and very compatible with SACD. I had the p9 in very similar position to you with regards to the room and they worked extremely well. I listen to much sthe same music and was looking for similar attributes and have been very pleased. I think the other suggestions are also very reasonable. I don't have as much experience with the unos but do know the duos quite well. They are superb but have not heard with ss. Vmps are always well thought of as are the obelisks though I have heard neither. IF any questions on the piega drop me a note
Legacy Focus 20/20.
Disclaimer: I am a dealer for Talon and Dali.

In your price range, I agree with the other posters and recommend the Aerial 10T, Piega P-10, or one of the Sonus Faber floor-standing models (VMPS is also a good choice). In addition, you may want to consider the following:

Talon Raven-C (NEW) - Retail $7500-$8500 (depending on finish)
Talon Raven (USED/DEMO) - $5-6k
Talon Raven-C (USED/DEMO) - $5-6k
Dali Euphonia MS-4 (NEW) - Retail $7385
Dali Grand (NEW) - Retail $4965
Dali Grand Diva (NEW) - Retail $3860

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any specific questions.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
the piega p-10,used,or the p-8ltd are the best bets ..i agree with the other posters.
Avantgarde Uno for $5k used????
Used Dunlavy SC-Vs. End of discussion!
Don't forget to keep your room dimensions in mind when deciding.Are you certain about the 7' ceilings? That seems really low. Aren't standard door heights about 7'? I would imagine that your ceilings are probably closer to 8' which is common in most homes that aren't built with vaulted ceilings.There are some really tall speakers that may not sound so great with a low ceiling.My suggestion is that you save yourself a couple of thousand and go with a good time-aligned and phase-coherent speaker like the Meadowlark Osprey. I would imagine that your Pass amp would pump plenty of power into them to give you the dynamics and coherency you are looking for. Hopefully you can do an "in-home" trial from a local dealer,if possible.
You want placement friendly? I'd definitely audition a pair of ACI Talismans. I heard them a couple of months back and they are simply phenominal. Some of the finest stereo I've ever experienced. They are unique in featuring a built in parameteric EQ for the woofer section. This will allow you to very precisely control their low-end response and the overall balance of the system. With shipping they are under $4500 pair. Ever since hearing them I've been lusting for a pair.
Coincident Victory $4,599.00
Check out duntech at duntech.com.au. They are sure beat B&W, you will be surprise. The Gemstone series is very reasonable to bring over from Aus. The Opal are the one that I have a chance of audition, they are very room friendly. They would cost you 4k max or less. Good luck.
Dunlavys are the deal of a lifetime these days. I bought a pair of Athenas for $4500 shipped when the co was still going. Considered B&W, then i heard them, was really serious about the Aerial 10Ts and then i heard the Athenas...no comparison. Now that the co has gone under folks are dumping Dunlavy speakers for way too cheap. Brauser is right if you have the room...if not Athenas all the way
Vandersteen 3A sigs with 2 2wq subwoofers would be nice.
hi---you and my self have chatted about equipment over the last year. i have pass aleph 1.2 amps and a pass preamp and upgraded from b&w 802 ser III to silverline lafolia. i couldn't be more pleased.
silverline's are much more neutral sounding than the b&w 800's ser III. the dynaaudio escotar tweeter is heaven compared w/ the b&w metal tweeters----rich sweet detailed sound. the lafolias provide much more information--the sound staging clues are in another league beyond what my 802's were capable of producing. with the right lp's or sacd's my room breaths with the life of the recording venue--this sensation did not occur with the b&w 802 ser III.

silverline does not have many dealers. demo's are an issue unless you have a local dealer---i did not. i gambeled and won. you have pass amplification. call pass labs---those folks are very familiar with silverline speakers. you may speak to allan yun the owner and designer at silverline--he uses pass amps, along with others, to voice his speakers. PASS AND SILVERLINE WORK VERY,VERY WELL TOGETHER--in my experience there is a synergy between these two sets of products[pass aleph 1.2 mon's , x-2 pre and pass xono phono stage]. i have been using this combination for about six months[the xono is only in the system one month]. i'm bi-wiring w/ kimber select 3033 on top and harmonic tech 9 on the bass. my room is 30'x35'. sourses are sony scd 777es and vpi sout w/ dynavector 20x.

both the lafolia and the sonota will likely work well in your size room. marty de wolfe[bound for sound] loved the combination of the lafolia and the pass x250---see the review posted on silverline's website--he purchased the review set. watch out--- silver line changed the large woofer driver about 12 to 18 months ago. with used lafolias check w/ silverline re the spker's serial number to make sure you have the newer rear woofer--for tighter, better controled deep bass. the lafolia is fairly flat to 25 hrtz in my room w/ radio shack meter.

for some reason the market in used silverline lafolia and sonota II's reflects a price drop eg lafolia list $8000 and used or demo's are seen for $4000 to $4500, $5000. silverline will sell demo's, when available, direct at a very attractive price. allan the designer-owner loves music and is an interesting guy to with about talk about music and music reproduction.

MY SECOND CHOICE WAS the cremona which again has a very seductive voicing which loves pass amps.
i wish you good luck with your quest. please feel free to email me if you would like to chat . i'm in miami, fl if you want to stop by and listen
JUPITER..check this out..I think this is a terrific speaker..

Personally I have taken a real liking to Vienna Acoustics. They have a very smooth warm sound, quite different than B&W's (no metal tweeter). The Beethoven's can be had for 3900 new and the Mahler's (10,000 new) can be had for about 5,000 used. They are both rear ported though so they would need some breathing space from the back wall.
Contact AUDIA SOUND LAB, Inc., in Montclair, California. They manufacture no-holds bar, jaw-dropping loudspeakers.
The first thing you should know Audia Sound Lab, known as AUDIA, is they don't do anything lightly, slightly or figuratively. This is a company that takes high-end audio and custom installation, as well as, their unique position very seriously. Selling speakers in the traditional way is not their main focus, instead the product is sold through dealers and distributors. The tight group of craftsman and engineers invest their time, expertise, and efforts to develop the speaker systems to match to the customer's acoustic environment, decorative appeal, and sound requirements.
Alon Lotus Signatures...if you can find them.
... would be excellent choice in that price range. Quick, transparent, nuetral, with a very responsive bass. Set-up is a breeze because the soundstage is so wide and deep. When I bought them the dealer said they should be about 3 feet from the back wall. Mine are only about 12"-18" from the back wall and sound awesome. I listened to speakers costing up to $15K including Revel Salons, Vandersteen 5's, Tannoys and others and none of them brought the complete package together like the Hales IMO. The Hales are power hungry, but if can bring an amp to the table with at least 250 w/ch. you'll be in for a musical sensation. They also sound magnificent in a HT environment.
Hales Design Group T-5's or T-8's would be an excellent choice in that price range. Quick, transparent, nuetral, with a very responsive bass. Set-up is a breeze because the soundstage is so wide and deep. When I bought them the dealer said they should be about 3 feet from the back wall. Mine are only about 12"-18" from the back wall and sound awesome. I listened to speakers costing up to $15K including Revel Salons, Vandersteen 5's, Tannoys and others and none of them brought the complete package together like the Hales IMO. The Hales are power hungry, but if can bring an amp to the table with at least 250 w/ch. you'll be in for a musical sensation. They also sound magnificent in a HT environment.
I'll chip in and say that a full Tyler Acoustics Linbrook system (with bass modules) would be well worth checking out. I drive my pair with a Rowland 8T amp to good effect.
Unfatiguing, transparent, musical and full range (25Hz-25Khz) with excellent bass slam and holographic vocals. At a reasonably sensitive 92 db @ 4ohms nominal, you'll need a solid 100wpc amp with good current delivery. My Rowland at 500wpc@4 ohms is probably overkill...
The VMPS RM 40 certainly has had a large following and after hearing them they should. Go to audiocircle.com and check out the VMPS forum. They are not to be overlooked in this price range. Winner of CES last year and have had great reviews. Let your ears be the judge, in my ears they sounded phenomenal, especially for 5k.
Try Jbl k2 if you have strong amp!

GoldenEar Triton One

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I wonder if the OP has bought his new speakers by now as its been 13 years since he asked the question.  LOL

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For historical interest? Hey, at least we end up learning all about the Hales. Don't even think about bringing less than 250W to the table!
Hales were best speakers I ever heard .
Took 2 men and boy to move them around .
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Vandersteen 5!