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Lost: streaming & changing my system HELP
Brooklyn bridge or Manhattan? 
Any Thoughts on Naim Uniti Nova ?
Any updated info on the actual use and fine tuning of the nova with the goal of having something close to high resolution sound from streaming or feeding the nova higher resolution sources I will be up dating for the first time in 15 years. Accust... 
Lost: streaming & changing my system HELP
Thanks for your thoughts and feelings. I appreciate your input. 
Lost: streaming & changing my system HELP
Thanks for feeding food for thought to this hungry mind 
Lost: streaming & changing my system HELP
Thanks for your comments. Some food for thought.Assume I have a $10k buget for Streamer, flexible dac--maybe to function as digital and/or analog preamp. I mentioned some pieces of equipment above.I want to keep the silverline LaFolia speakers in ... 
Pass Labs Aleph Amps & B&W Nautilus Speakers
14 years ago, i posted about the great combo of the pass  aleph 1.2 and silverline lafolia big floor standing speaker.   this combo is so good that i have kept the pairing in tact for 14 yearsmy house is up for sale and i will be down sizing in th... 
Arcam r-Cube Portable
the reviews seem great. not super portable, easy to move around the house. refurbs at about $200 are possible. this would be for true tooth and 3.5mm plug-in only. 
Arcam r-Cube Portable
i have a smaller jawbone. it is wonderful for travel. not a greaqt solution at home. limits on volume and distortion when set for higher sound level. i would like to get something with better audio which is semi-portable. 
5.1 small speaker recommendations
Definitive technology pro cinema series--more dynamic and quality sound for the money 600 to 1000 series depending on your room size and needs 
Inexpensive All-In-One Solutions
thoughs: definative tech procinema 60.1 sold by waverunner on ebay $325 factory refurn good for small room only 12x12 maxavr denon 1912 all the bells and wistles $400 on line newor skip the interent radio and streming with a lower model $300. the ... 
Which speakers do you like in the $5K price range?
hi---you and my self have chatted about equipment over the last year. i have pass aleph 1.2 amps and a pass preamp and upgraded from b&w 802 ser III to silverline lafolia. i couldn't be more pleased. silverline's are much more neutral soundin... 
Highly Recommended Added 2 new 20A lines
the electrician rec'ds 2-20amp lines to my existing pannel. he says i need a seperate ground field for the two lines.the electrician will pull the new wire thru existing conduits so that the new wire will share a condiut w/ old wire. he says there... 
Granite Slabs
OTHER METHODS------my large floor standers are much tighter from low bass to the top-end and image better being placed on aurio 1.1's. i improved upon the effect by placing a 2"x2" grafite square between the aurio and the base of the speaker. i ha... 
Pass Labs Aleph Amps & B&W Nautilus Speakers
we were chatting while you were shopping to replace your class a forte. i think that you made a good decision and i truly hope that you receive much pleasure from the combination in your rig now!!!! hows the sound???bob from miami 
Pass Labs Aleph Amps & B&W Nautilus Speakers
i used aleph 1.2 monoblocks w/ matrix 802 ser III. this is a fabulous combination. the aleph sound mates well w/ the metal dome tweeters on the matrix series. i owned the 802's for almost nine years and tried many amps and cable combo's. with the ...