What pets hang out with Audiophiles?

We seem to be on a roll with this type of thread - cars, watches, etc.

What pets do audiophiles have? Do they hang with you while you're listening or run for cover? I have a couple dogs (shelties) and a couple sets of fish. Neither listen with me. Anything exotic out there? -Kirk

I have a cat & a dog & the cat likes to curl up in the room when I play the stereo & it doesn't matter what the volume is. The dog usually gets up & leaves when the music starts.

Personality wise, the cat is aloof. In fact the neighbors cat is much friendlier & comes over to great us & play, etc. OTOH the dog is very friendly & well disciplined.
I have a champion pedigree Maine Coon Cat who always listens to classical on the floor, between the speakers, upside down; or, she is on the sofa next to me.

My screen name is actually a combination of her full pedigree name "Cooneyisle Sugar Britches"; and the nickname my wife calls her "Brie". If you do a Google search of her full name, you will find pics of many of her decendents at breeders around the world; many champions and grand champions themselves.

We also have a Cocker Spaniel named Bow Bow (Chinese for "Baby") who sometimes gets kicked out of the stereo room when I am trying to do some serious listening, because she likes to scratch; which causes a thump on the floor and a jingle of the tags on her collar. She also likes to snort.
We have a basenji puppy who plays in the family room where the hi fi is. She generally ignores the music. The biggest response I've gotten from her is the first time I played Hugh Masekela's Coal Train (on the "Hope" album) and the vocalist goes "Whoo Whoo" like a train whistle, real loud. She picked up her head, perked up her ears, and looked for the vocalist. Recently, she's found the power amps--Pass X600s, running class A--and likes to curl up on the carpet in front of them for warmth (even in the summer). I live in perpetual fear she will chew my speaker cables--6 meter pair of Audioquest Dragons.
I loves cats. I treat my felines with the same respect that I would impart to an international dignitary, i.e., Louis IV. Aside from exclusively using Evian in their water bowl, they're fed a diet of turkey and other premium meats. Regarding their musical taste: strickly Tchaikovsky!
My 16 year old cat always curls up beside me, or sits on my lap, whenever I settle down to listen to music. She is almost totally deaf now, and so does not care about the volume or what I listen to (my wife should be so tolerant...).
I have a Saint Bernard named Missy and she loves to listen to music. As soon as she hears the music she Sits on the couch Just like a person and listens all night long. And she never complaines!
10 year old Dalmatian, comes into the music-room as soon as I sit down to listen and settles at my feet. Prefers analog, hates muddy bass.
Our 9 year old American Eskimo dog generally hangs with me in the living room where the music system is but is usually oblivious to the music.
Our cat, who died in April, used to really groove with the music, placing himself in a position where he could get a reasonable stereo image; '60s jazz was his favorite.
Our 3 month old kitten likes to hang out where we are, which is often near the music. I had to spend some time, initially, getting him to stop biting the Vandersteens when he heard interesting sounds emanating from them. Now that he's settled down somewhat, he does seem to notice the music but is more fascinated by the images on the tv.
My dog pal.
My cat Mindy. Priuor to Mindy for 16 years it was Tibina until she passed on in 1998
Sek, I am sorry to hear about your loss. It's tough, I know. I lost my cat of 16 years, KoKo, last year. She loved to listen to the music. I think she also saw it as a cuddle opportunity. I have a another cat now, BooBoo,and he is starting to come in and listen. I haven't figured out if he is listening or just sees an inviting lap. BTW, I got tons of scratching posts and trees for him and he has NEVER touched a thing in the house - scratch, bite,etc. He's got his own stuff that he tears into.
Scott, I wish you good times with your cat as well. Time is so precious, isn't it?
p.s. my fish don't care one way or the other as long as their water is clean and they get fed.... (I wish it were ALL so simple! :-} )
Two cats, Paco and Lugnut. Often they both will be on either side of me on the back of the couch when I listen. Lugnut KNOWS when the record is finished because when the stylus is in the lead-out groove he will put his nose on my neck to inform me it's time for me to get up and deal with it.
I have a 220 lb Mastiff named Jake. He is always in the listening room.
I have one dog ( mix terrier/chocolate lab ).She usually sleeps in her own chair while I seriously listen. She eventually wakes up a little anxious to get my attention, but she is patient, as she knows that I will take a break for her to take a walk around the block. She's my best friend.Cats are cool, but a dog's love and loyalty to their master are lifelong and unconditional.
Lugnut, were you named after the cat or was the cat named after you :-)
My two greyhounds lie on the floor while the music is playing, one in front of each speaker. They don't seem to notice the music. They just enjoy being lazy.
Actually, I dictate to the cat and he does the typing for me.
Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot, Bengal Cat, and a generic cat. They all react differently to the different types of music I listen to -- Classical all is mellow, rock -- the cats run and play, and the parrot talks.

Previous to this crew, I have owned a toco toucan, a macaw, and fish -- all were in the stereo room...

They all seem to get along well with music and don't hurt anything...
"Jake" a lab, brittnay spaniel mix. Loves walks on the beach and fetching sticks in the water.

2 cats. They like to be around us. They had their share of destroying my equipment. Anyways, They are more important and will not trade them for anything.
I have a Blue Front Amazon Parrot. Sometimes, with female vocalists, he likes to provide backing harmonies, with warbling and trilling, singing his beak off! It's just too funny! Happy Tunes!
jojo, chihuahua, total lap dog, doesn't mind the music since he gets to chill with me
heidi, a chi/min pin mutt, much younger than jojo, more restless due to age and general disposition but quickly calms down and finds her sweet spot when a listening session begins
i don't know their ages precisely since they were both rescue dogs i adopted
jojo has been with me almost 5 years and heidi has been with me just over 1 year
they run the show and let me live with them
I have a black Chow Chow who sits between the speakers and looks at me when I'm listening. If, however, I'm watching a movie, he'll lay the other way and watch. Strange, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
4 year old tri-colored Bassett Hound named Baxter.....sleeps about 20 hours a day.
I had to move my Blue Crown Amazon out of the listening room. His talking, babbling and barking prevented me from enjoying my critical listening sessions. My 20 year old burmese cat, Radar, recently past away, but he was always on my lap sharing the "sweet spot" with me. I also have a 95 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback named Rift (after the Great Rift Valley) he hangs around me (lays by me feet) while I'm enjoying music. He especially likes it when I play music by Three Dog Night, the Wolverines and Temple of the Dog. But he leaves the room whenever he hears Snoop Doggy Dogg.
Champion Rottweiler named Magnum. He is so tough that he likes to sleep in bed with my 4 cats. All of them enjoy the music.
Jla, you don't live just down the street do you ? There's a tri-colored basset called Baxter and a random-breed called Basil. They mix it with our two Bernese Mountain Dogs if they manage to escape the musical experience being offered to them. They are more interested if it's an AV offering 'cause they seem to watch more than listen. But they do sometimes vote on content by fighting or escaping. Else they disappear into other areas of the house in disgust. Kind of like my wife.
Pretty funny Lucynbarney! But I can't say we have encountered two Bernese Mountain Dogs on our walks. Too bad....not a lot of audiophiles in my neighborhood Enjoy....John
3 Pugs - Lenny, Cleo, and Isabella. I think they enjoy the comfy sofa more than the music.
well so far the dogs cats, birds & fish have reported in. Two cats at our house as well; one Siamese (hers) & one Ally cat (mine). On the more exotic side, we also have a female Fox squirrel named (what else) Rocky, who actually is a housepet. She's 8 years old (quite old for a squirrel) has her own bedroom, her own nest-house atop the refrigerator, & her own very large outdoor kennel. She stays indoors for the most part, but does like to go outdoors only when the weather is warm enough. I found her in the yard as a tiny baby, fallen from the nest at age 4 weeks with her eyes & ears still closed. We consulted a wildlife rehabber & attempted to train Rocky for a natural outdoor life, but as predicted when the time came to release her she wanted nothing to do with it. After just 3 days outside it became quite clear that she preferred her indoor life with us, & so she was allowed back indoors much to her relief. She climbs up & down our clothing, rides on our shoulder, plays with toys, has chewed on everything in the house (including one incident involving an expensive speaker cabinet) but nonetheless she's a very unique & much beloved little pet.
pardon me for asking but where does she weewee, BB?
Hi Ang I thought I had previously explained that in an email? If not, & for those with a need-to-know, she 'takes care of business' on an absorbent disposable piddle-pad (a puppy-training pad) located on a windowsill. The pad is of course replaced with a new one a couple times per day. Rocky knows where it's located & will make her own way there at times, when we don't pick up on her cues. There have occasionally been a few accidents; ever experience a golden-shower via squirrel? Didn't think so ;-)
Well, you know, Bob, they say that memory is the second thing to go (wink wink nudge nudge....) I forgot what the first thing is....You very well could have told me before, but I find that until I get an upgrade, I am overwriting bits in my brain. WIth this piece of data, I found that I just "lost" my parents zip code.... ;-} aj
A 3 legged black lab named Coltrane. He also jogs with me. Right rear, since it's inevitably asked :-)
My docile female German Shepherd, Shadow, and Chewie, the male Golden 'Bull in the Audio Shop" Retriever. Look out monitors and Maggies--another reason I sold my 3.5Rs--too many chance to wreak havoc!