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Your First Concert was.....
Rush, 1982 Signals Tour at the Long Beach Areana. I was in 7th grade and my Dad took me and my best friend. Will slways be my favorite concert. 
Copland DRC205 digital room correction
What does the DRC205 retail for? 
Personal CD player evolution
Jafant- I will have to get back with you on the BCD-1. It is in transit. Ordered it last week. 
Personal CD player evolution
Current digital is a Bryston BCD-1 and an Olive Opus 5Sony ES Yamaha Rotel RDP/RDD DAC/TransportEAD DSP1000 w/ Rotel RDD TransportClassse CDP-1Wadia 850Wadia 860XEsoteric DV-50Meridian G08Bryston BCD-1 Olive Opus 5 
State of HDCD and SACD
I have owned some decent SACD players and ulimately decided to purchase a Meridian G08 since the SACD format is so limited. I recently purchased a cheap Denon 756 new in box for $100. Now I can listen to the 40 or so SACD's that have been collecti... 
musical drummers...who are they ???
Jeff Porcaro 
Do long interconnects degrade sound?
Thanks guy's for the great advice! My wife wants all the electronics in our den, but I don't want to run 50+ feet of speaker cable to my OB-1's in our living room since I am sure this would degrade the signal. I am looking to purchase some small m... 
PMC Owners your opinions
Hey Oz-Here is your answerOB-1 = "Other Box"LB-1 = "Little Box"TB-1 = "Tiny Box"DB-1 = "Dinky Box"It really isn't that confusing....relax a bit. 
Short XLR Connectors???
Thanks a lot.....the Neutrik should solve my problem. 
What time do you wear?
My latest addition is a 1972 Certina Chronolympic (blue face white sub dials, NOS). 
Music you would like to turn someone on to.
Creeper LagoonThe Mustard SeedsBurning WaterAllan HoldsworthThe ThornsDredgKarizmaJing ChiSloanBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubDave Douglas 
How's this for a dose of reality???
Best quality Rush CD's?
I own both the MFSL Moving Pictures CD and the Remaster. Both are quite different. The MFSL is warmer and reminds me more of the original vinyl pressing. The Remaster is more dynamic, but has a hotter mix. I would love to hear the best of both if ... 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
I would have to say the Somec Black Dragon full DCS carbon w/ Dura-Ace 10. There are only 4 of these frames in the US and the ride is unbelievable. 
Mcintosh MA6900 v Krell 400xi for S F Cremona
I have owned the Krell 400xi since last summer and it has proved to be an exceptional integrated. Smooth, refined yet still detailed with controled bass. I can't think of another solid state integrated that can compete with the Krell for $2,500.