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Wild Fires, Air Purifiers and Sound Systems
I live in Arcadia and I bought a Coway Airmega 200M last week.It has a HEPA filter and an ionizer, as well as an air quality sensor.It is pretty quiet except when the fan is on high, and so far my asthma has not flared up.It is rated for spaces of... 
30w class A amp for Joseph Audio perspective 2?
Most material requires less than 1 or 2 watts most of the time.  But low frequency sounds need more.  Depending on your listening level and the bass content, you might be pushing into 30 watt levels on peaks.  Although 60 watts only gets you 3 db ... 
A Highly Unusual Topic!
Except for pheromones, my smell sense responds better to food aromas. 
Ok now I am frustrated with streaming
“I’’m confident the technology will improve as time passes and your issue will be overcome.”Streaming technology is already matured. It just a matter of making sure your Ethernet connectivity is up to snuff. As I pointed out in my earlier post, I... 
Ok now I am frustrated with streaming
I''m confident the technology will improve as time passes and your issue will be overcome.In the mean time, appreciate the convenience of streaming and enjoy the music. 
Pass Labs Power amps choices
If you get the .5, you will lust after the .8 forever.  Just get it now and never look back. 
My #@%$ Cat Destroyed My ARC REF 5SE. Soliciting Suggestions.
Your ARC Ref 5SE is a very nice piece, although it is a bit old.If you still liked how it was performing, I would recommend getting it fixed, even at the cost you mentioned. 
Emotional rollercoaster
It is good you enjoy the Akai and Magnats.I remember enjoying my college system. Since then, the improvements have been in small steps that depended on me learning what to listen for, as well as more capable equipment.Back in college, I didn’t pay... 
Amp recommendation to drive Thiel 3.6 speakers
I am happy driving my 3.6's with a pair of Pass X600s.  Gutsy enough and finesse too.  Used will be within your $10k budget. 
Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
Any Lisa Fischer fans?  She really belts out the sexy opening here --https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU0wvr9-o-I 
Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
I also liked Claudine Longet.I always thought her Look of Love was the sexiest version. 
What are the sexiest components ever made?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though pretty doesn’t necessarily mean better.Original Transcriptors TurntableEmpire 698 TurntableSME 3009 TonearmMagnum Dynalab Etude Tuner with Gold FaceplateHeathkit AR-15 (in the dark)Avant Garde Trio Clas... 
Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
Lots of great singers mentioned already!I would just add Jacintha and Roberta Flack.  
What 5 components really stood out from the crowd on your Audio HiFi adventure/journey ?
Fisher 105 FM Stereo Phonograph with SpeakersAcoustic Research AmplifierRectilinear III (Highboys)Dual 1019 ChangerThiel CS 3.6These were the biggest improvements in sound over their predecessors.My later additions cost more but added less. 
Demo'ing Class A amps, Appreciation Suggestions from those who recently been there
Since you are open to used, have you considered older generations of Pass amps?I have read that each generation does sound a somewhat different.I have an original Aleph 3, and it is so sweet.