Virtual Dynamics Recall

I guess everyone knows about the recall on the power 3's. Has anyone already got your cryo treated power 2's yet.
I only got off the phone with Rick on the 22nd to inform him that I have (2) Power 3 cords that needs to be recalled. He told me the Power 2 with cryo treatment are ready to be sent out in 3 days, the 25th. Yet, I received (1) Power 2 in the mail today. I have already opened it up and plugged it in for burning. However, it just occured to me that I received this is cable too soon for it to be the batch of Power 2 to be cyro treated.

I will have to ask him whether this cable is treated or not, plus, I ought to have 2 of them, not just one.

At this moment, I am not too happy with their logistics. He already sent me an Audition powercord that isn't cyro treated that I have to send back to exchange for the cyro treated one. Before he sent it to me, he informed me I had a choice of either cable, and I am to give him my decision before the cable is sent. Now I have to pay for the to and from shipping charges for the Audition. I hope I don't have to do that for the Power 2 as well.

How can I knock a company that puts out such a great product with such great value. I realize Rick and company must be swamped. If this was another company, I'd be totally furious and asking them to reimburse my shipping charges.
I'm still waiting for mine.This sounds like too good of a deal and slightly scares me.I hope to see feedback from a happy customer soon.It's been over two weeks now and still counting. I e-mailed Rick yesterday and no response yet.This will be my first purchase from him.I hope it's not my last.Is everyone with Virtual Dynamic power cords happy?
I have three of the Cryo Signature power cords and they are much better than my Ensemble cords-way better. Very quiet and dynamic. Rick tells me that they will take several hundred hours to break in and that he thinks they sound best just plugged into the wall with no conditioner.
I was very happy for the two weeks I had my Power 3's before the recall, going back to the stock cords made me realize the tremendous impact the VD cables had on my system.It has me wondering about their speaker cable and interconnects.
Viggen what kind of IEC connecter is on the 2's is it larger than the 3's
Do you guys know what is the reason for the recall? I have a P3, and since I live on the Caribbean, I bet Rick is not going to call me...
Rick called me personally to return my power3. I simply shipped it back as it was in the mail at the time....I imagine it will be a couple of weeks for the cryo-treated power2 replacement...meanwhile I'm mightly impressed with the Audition power cord I bought from him. I'm using acoustic zen satori and matrix wires and am very happy with them but it makes you wonder what his speaker and interconnects are like. They are doing the correct thing, replacing a recall with a better product...I can live with that. Anyone comparing their speaker and interconnects with the big boys?
Anybody care to post the recall reason?
According to Rick, the person in charge of testing the Power 3 cords didn't know what he was doing and wasn't testing the cords correctly.They may be alright but Rick didn't want to take take any chances and made the recall.He's probably losing money initially but is anticipating long range sales and is using good marketing savvy.I am anxious to get the Power 2's and will post my findings.
By the way Bluenose, Rick also called me personally which was gentlemanly of him, however I hope he doesn't grow too fast too soon.He needs to be patient or he may end up disappointing customers unintentionally with poor service and quality.It doesn't matter how good your product is.You give poor service and/or the quality suffers,you'll not only lose current customers but potential ones as well.I think Rick is counting on this website to provide good feedback for him as he is not investing in expensive advertising to promote his company.This website alone could potentially make or break him.I personally hope he succeeds and wish him well.
I received the call last week, and was informed I'd receive and email with instructions (where to send the pc's back).

The email has yet to arrive; anyone get this email and how long did it take for the it to arrive?

I could call them and ask, but they are probably swamped right now so I'd rather ask here.

Got an E-Mail today , My Power 2's were shipped today.
Hello Bob55,
Ive got the Reference series double bi-wire speaker cables and 2-Power2I cryo power cords and the new Nite Series IC which is the top of the line that he makes. To make a long story short i am DONE with purchasing cables. I think it would be hard to top the performance i get from this combination. If you have any questions feal free to e-mail me.
Killerpiglet,it would probably be best to call Rick directly as he is extremely busy and e-mails are probably last on his agenda.I think he's swamped tryng to make good the flood of Power 3's he's recalled.I,m glad to hear from Mrsoundman that he likes his new VD power cords.I have been anxiously awaiting a positive response.I'm curious where you have the cryo'd Power 2's and how long have they been burning in.I hear they take a while to open up fully.Cheers.Also the recalled cables I had, Rick gave me the address of someone named Brent in Omaha,Neb. to send them to which I did and that was over a week ago and no response from Rick or Brent if he received.This will be a good test of patience for us all but hopefully we'll all make out for the better in the long run.
Received a call from Rick personally re: the recall about a week ago one night. Personally, I think this type of follow up is extremely professional, regardless of what you do for a living.
Rick and Brett have been a joy to deal with and they certainly have a great deal of pride in their product, as they should.
I have the Audition on my cdp and the 3's on my pre and amp and it is by far the most significant and exciting addition to my system in years.
Can't wait to hear the difference between the 3's and 2's.
I also received e-mail that my 2's were shipping today.
Sherod, I recieved an email from Brett, who'd read this post.

On march 1st Rick told me he had just installed a cryo freezer, but asked me not to mention it on Audiogon for a awhile because he was afraid of getting swamped with orders. Oh man, it looks like his fears have been realized! The following monday I purchased what he said would be the first fully cryo'd Audition Package from him. I was told it would be about 2 1/2 weeks from that monday to my door, but I'm still waiting, and now I know why.

I think it's pretty damn good of Rick to recall the Power 3s and replace them with cryo'd Power 2s. I think the cryo process adds about 50-100% to the total cost of the cable, not mention that the Power 2 is more than double the cost of the Power 3. I own three Power 2s right now and think they're fantastic. Brett with Virtual Dynamics told me my cryo'd Audition Package would ship on tuesday, so hopefully I'll have them soon. With all this craziness, the people at Virtual Dynamics must be living at the factory 24/7.
I think you are right Gunbei.They are working very hard. I am very happy to report that Erin( I believe Rick's wife,not sure)gave me a personal call to inform me that my Power 2's had been shipped today.She was very courteous and apologetic and I was totally impressed at her consideration.Not only did she call me initially but she called me back twice more to answer some questions from the first call.All I can say is if their products come even close to their customer orientation and consideration then they will be hugely successful.My hat's off to Rick,family and crew at Virtual Dynamics.Long may you prosper.It won't be long before you have the megabuck giants running.I'm confident that at this juncture they are surely squirming very uncomfortably.
Killerpiglet,thanks for the notation of Brett's e-mail regarding the return of the cables to him.I apologize to Brett as I know he is doing the best job he can to make good these recalled cables.I suppose I can be a little premature with my anger.It's just that I've been burned before and I have become leary and distrusting with age.You know the old saying "fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me." I have yet to hear these bargain-priced cables but just in the last few days with the return phone calls and the positive reports from current owners of the cables I feel more comfortable with Virtual Dynamics and with time they will grow at a comfortable pace to meet the demands of their products.Having a degree in Business Administration with emphasis in marketing I can appreciate that Rick is trying to do the right thing and that is "meeting the needs and wants of the consumer".This simple formula is all he will need to become and remain successful.
Bro 57,

The Power 3 and Power 2 are exactly alike, size wise. Only way I can tell the two cables apart is the difference in color on the shrink wrap and the little lable on the connector with its model number.
Should the Virtual Dynamics PC cords be plugged directly into the wall, or through a line conditioner?
Rick was suggesting that I get an outlet splitter and plug all the power cables directly into the wall via the splitter.

He also felt modern equipments are protected by fuses and such, so a surge suppressor isn't necessary.
Directly into the wall. You don't need a conditioner with them according to Rick. I run the simamp directly into the wall with the Audition cord....if anyone is running VD's into a line conditioner, let us know what you're is good....
I'm running my three Power 2s into a Monster HTS2000 with good results, but discussions such as these have me wondering if I should invest in a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet and Juice Bar instead. I don't have enough wall outlets in the vicinity of my rack to accommodate the four cryo'd Audition Cords when they arrive.
Gunbei,I understand that the Virtual Dynamics have their own " dynamic filtering " so that line conditioners aren't necessary.Maybe Rick or someone with technical knowledge can explain the reason for direct wall plug-in.My guess is that a conditioner may be too much of a good thing and possibly interact with the VD cables to suppress the music.Of course this is just a guess.Gunbei,now that you've listened to the cable awhile through the conditioner try by-passing and tell us what the difference sounds like.
Sherod, thanks for the good suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't have any speaker cables at right now. I sold two pairs of Analysis Plus Oval 9 to help finance the cryo'd Audition Package I purchased from Rick.

I think the first thing I'll do is to install the VD speaker cables and try to make a mental comparison with the AP9s from memory. After a bit of listening I'll probably go ahead and install the whole setup and let it burn in. Once I'm satisfied that my system is settled in, I'll start experimenting with the interactions between different conditioners and going straight into the wall. I suppose this could take up to a month.

My Audition Package was shipped out wednesday, so hopefully I won't have to wait to long. I'll do my best to post some useful information once I get a feel for the cables in my setup. Stay tuned.
Response to earlier post/question " ..anyone using the V.D. cords with power cond...?"

I have a Power three "powering" my PS P300. It was a significant improvement over the Silver Audio "Power Burst" that it replaced.

Although I understand the reasoning behind not using a power cond. in conjuntion with the Virtual cords, I'm still not willing to part with my P300 and the marvelous sonic things it does.

Also, as good as the Virtual cords are (and they are VERY good) , I'm still not convinced that they could clean up contaminated AC (& certainely not re-generate) the AC the way a P300, or similar device, can do.

That being said, I am, however, using an "Audition" cord "straight" into the wall to my amp -- with fantastic results.

Has anyone owned Shunyata,Electraglide,BMI,etc or other highly reviewed and regarded cables and then auditioned Virtual Dynamic cords to find them as good or better? Particularly when listening for what power cords do best;i.e. Black silence,wider and deeper soundstage,better focus,harmonics,dynamics,tonality and overall increased cohesiveness.( it's fun using some of the reviewer's buzz words,isn't it) but seriously,this is what I hear a good power cord do.I just sold my Shunyata Sidewinder I had on my pre/pro and I am ill after hearing it with the stock cord. It makes that big of a difference.Don't you think?
Denf,bottom line is what sounds best to you.What is "warm and smooth" to one man could be "colored and veiled" to another.Sometimes we get so caught up in the fervor of rave reviews that we jump into something and forget to listen for what our own ears like.If your set up sounds best to you with the conditioner,then so be it.
I just received another call from Ann(I think that's her name.I initially said Erin)to inform me they had shipped yesterday a cryo'd Power 2 extension for my hard-wired DVD.I am now convinced without a doubt that this company's for real.Never have I received such follow-up on a sale as this one.And to top off the conversation,she ends saying," God bless you".Oh,I sense a "David slaying Goliath" company in the works here.
Sherod, I was contacted by someone named Erin Lawley at Virtual Dynamics, that may be who you spoke with as well.
You got it Sherod!

My own little pet theory (for what it's worth) is that I think because the Virtual cords address the problems of parasitic mechanical vibrations (there's a mouth full!), by utilizing some kind of "dampening" compound/material in the construction, they work best with that PRODUCES these type of unwanted effects -- ie. big amps, power conditioners, etc. Anything with buzzing, transformers.

Again, at least this has been my experience with the Virtual stuff. I still prefer my Acoustic Zen "Tsunami"'s on my front end gear.

Like you said, it's whatever "floats your music boat".

Either way, it's pretty amazing the way Rick's cords have taken us crazy band of 'philes by storm, don't you think?
Well, Recieved 1 of 2 power 2's.
I also received 1 of 2 cryo'd Power 2's today.Got a confirmation call from factory to let me know my extension was 1 or 2 days following.I have just plugged in so will wait a week or so before I post about the sound.This cable is huge and built like a tank.It looks like it should sell for close to 1000.00 It makes my 650.00 Shunyata Taipan look puny.We'll see about the sound,though.
Sherod, I just received my cryo'd Audition Package monday, and just like you I'm in the process of breaking everything in. The Audition PCs which are a three strand design are easier to bend than the Power 2s that I also have. So far the cryo'd Audition cables have greatly improved the size of the soundstage and the three dimensionality of the overall presentation, but lack the warmth I like. We'll see how they sound in a month or so.
Gunbei,I have heard that they will warm up with time.Initially they should sound constricted and lifeless.I think in about a week they'll start coming around.Another person who has a Power3 says they not only start warming up but have a wonderful midrange with a very organic nature.Keep us posted as these do take a while to break in and I know it will be difficult to be patient.I have an Electraglide Referenceglide on my processor and it took almost two weeks to really blossom.Electraglide suggests wiping the cord down periodically with a water-based anti-static spray.They say this helps speed up the break-in process by helping the cable discharge the build-up in the dielectric.Shunyata suggests hooking up all new power cords to the amp as the higher current speeds up the break-in,then placing the designated cords on their respective units for a time to adjust to each one's power supply. Maybe someone with some electrical and physics knowledge can expound on this.
Hey Sherod, actually so far the Auditions sound anything but lifeless. I was already using three Power 2s in my setup for two months, so when the cryo'd Audition Package arrived I removed an Acoustic Zen Tsunami from my amp [probably the best place for quicker break in] and replaced it with the one Audition PC that made the shipment. All my previous ICs and SCs were replaced with the Auditions.

A little over two days into break in and a few things stand out. First, even straight out of the box, these are very smooth cables. For reference, I was using Cardas Golden Cross from the DAC to preamp before switching out for the Virtual Dynamics. The only thing missing is the midrange glow and overall warmth of the Golden Cross. But, this is after all only two days, and there is tons more information [good] being relayed now! After a month of break in, if I'm not satisfied with the midrange I'll try inserting the Cardas back into the line up.

Second, the Virtual Dynamics cables and cords emit a very large and holographic soundstage, almost in some ways otherworldly. As a consequence, the center image became very unfocused. However, I was able to fix that by toeing in the speakers about 15-20° more than they were before.

Things are defintiely improving even after only a few days. I'll check back later.
I received my cryo treated power2 extension today for on the cd player....I already have the audition on the amp. even out of the box I'm amazed.....wonder how good this can get. more there, there, richer, fuller with ease in the music flow. This can make me afraid of the dark again because it makes me feel like a little just sounds so "right"....if you catch my drift....
I agree Bluenose, "so right" is what it's all about!!
I wonder if his power cord extensions work on power conditioners like the monster, panamax, etc.....I think I'll check with Rick and see if they would work there as well. I must say, I'm impressed with the service....they called me last night to let me know they fedexed the cord to me....and I got it today all the way to Nova Scotia from Alberta.....
I got Rick's email that he is sending me the Power 2s last week. Everyone got theirs except me!! ARGHH!!!!
Better save a seat in your boat for me Viggen, I received my cryo'd Audition Package monday but it was missing three PCs. Not to worry though, I contacted Brett and he assured me that they would build the three cords and FEDEX them to me. They sent my cables Canada Post and it only took five days to Los Angeles, but now that they're also using FEDEX things will get even snappier.

Bluenose, that's a good question because it's not always possible to have the power conditioner near an outlet, so a quality extension cord would be great.
Hi all,
Been following this thread carefully and patiently waiting for my 3 Audition cryo PCs. Got 'em today and in they go replacing my Stealths. Initial impression I got is a quiter blackground and definately mellower. Bass is a little loose but I suppose it'll tighten up in a few days. Soundstage is a little wider but much deeper than I've ever experienced. Recessed? My dvd/cd player is out of commission and I only have my trusty Magnum Dynalab MD100 tuner to run the A-Bs. I'm also auditioning the Audition interconnects, replacing the Stealth CWS. Pretty impressive overall for the $$. Should have a better idea by Monday.
No room on da boat for you, Gunbei! The email Rick sent me stated that he sent out the Power 2s last week, I think it was either monday or tuesday. I hope the mailman isn't an audiophile and decide to take it home for a (permanent) audition.
What does the "cryo'd" do for these cords? Does it cost more?
Hi Stbhorn. The "cryo" is a cryogenic freezing treatment that Rick can apply to any of his cords and cables if you desire. Yes, it costs more, in many cases it doubles the cost of the cable.

Rick explained to me that the process brings the molecules tighter together, making a much denser structure which results in better conductivity. Other benefits of the process is that it results in a smoother, more coherant sound because there is less air in the matrix. And from what I understand, if you have one of his cables and send it back to him, he can still cryo it jacket and all.

A friend of mine told me that he knew someone that was trying to develop this process for use in treating guitar strings some twenty years ago. He said this fellow experiemented on different kinds of objects and noted that one of the great benefits was that it made all items far more durable. He even cryo'd his wifes pantyhose, and she enthusiastically noted that they lasted much much longer and were less prone to running. He went on to say that objects after being treated and returned to room temperature, showed no negative side effects.

I wonder if cryo treating a KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pie can make a good thing even better?

After only four days of constant play, I'm nothing short of stunned at how these cables are sounding. Huge, holographic imaging that's smooth as silk. The goofy center focus I noted earlier is almost all gone. 80% of it was fixed by toeing in the speakers more, and break-in seems to be curing the rest. The Auditions are still improving, and the coldness I experienced earlier seems to be receding. After full break-in I'll reinsert my Cardas Golden Cross and Acoustic Zen Tsunami and note any differences. I really love the warmth of the Golden Cross, but the Virtual Dynamics have a very seductive quality.

Audiophile Postman? Maybe he drives around in a sound treated mail truck outfitted with a Rogue Tempest, ProAc Tablette 8s and a Wassily Chair, heheh.
Hey Gunbei,

When I got my Power 3 cables, I had the goofy center focus thingy too. Instead of toe-ing in my speakers, I took out the bi-wire and went fullrange with the speaker cables. I think this sounds better than toe-ing in for my system. Why don't you give it a try. Just plug the jumpers on youe speakers since the Audition cables are only biwireable.
According to Foster Farms, their chickens are the freshest, never cyro-ed.

Logically, I don't see how cyro-treatment can be of any benefit to metals and its conductive nature. I think cryo treatment is supposed to uniform the crystalline molecular structure of the metals so there will be less distortion when conducing electrical current.

It makes more sense to me if you heat the metal up and let it cool over a long period of time under high pressure. This is how crystals form. But, this takes millions of years. So, is cyro-treatment a crystallization shortcut?
Hey, thanks for the tip Viggen, I would have never thought of that one. I have four separate cables running to each ProAc monitor. So does that mean I have Audition "shotgun" biwire? Did you just use one cable from each of the positive and negative leads from each channel of the amp? Just leave two cables from each side hanging? I have some Analysis Plus Silver Oval jumpers around here somewhere.
Gee Gunbie, if they're left hanging you don't want them to accidently touch....whoops, this sounds Freudian....well, I mean you don't want anything to short....could you simply try biwire and single and see which way you prefer? Also, can't you piggyback the two rights on one terminal and peggyback the two lefts if you use jumpers? Or maybe the jumpers and two spakes perside are too thick for the terminal to connect? Just a thought....let us know how you do and what works best for you...I'm going to move the cryo power 2 off the cd player and try it on the turntable this weekend..then later I'll try it on the preamp,just to get an idea of how it is doing.....