Assitance needed recalling a speaker's name.

I used to visit the now bankrupt Ultimate Electronics store in Kansas back in 2001-2005. In one of their show rooms by the mirage speakers, they had a home theatre setup with grey/silver speakers that were about 24 inches in length and 5 inches wide. The same speaker could be used in any location of a 5.1 or 6.1 setup. It was a flat faced speaker with no round cones because I'm pretty sure it used a folded ribbon for the midrange and tweeter. It had a grill cover that was a grey cloth with magnetic holders on each end. I cannot remember the make and model of this speaker and it's really bugging me because I remember they sounded really nice, but were too expensive for me at the time. If someone could help me with the make/model of the speaker, I might be able to find a used pair on ebay.
Thank You in advance.
Your description reminds me of B&O BeoLab 5000. (?)
Could be Infinity Prelude MTS, but those used cones.
Keep guessing. I looked at pictures online of the Infinity Prelude MTS and the B&O Beolab 5000 and those aren't what I remember. There was no big sub speaker because it was part of a home theatre system and people would use their own sub to fill in the low notes.
Are you absolutely sure there were no round drivers. For some reason I'm thinking Meridian M-33's. Also, could the drivers have been horns?
OK, I'll guess Infinity Cascade, not a ribbon, but fits the description,

Cabinets also came in silver and black.
Maybe an older Bohlender Graebener.
Thank You very much Tls49. You are correct. This is the speaker I saw so long ago, but couldn't recall the make or model. Now the quest is on to find out who has some they're selling and how much they cost.