Anyone recall at what generation Transparent cable used metal for its network module?

Just curious does anyone recall at what generation Transparent Cable used metal for the exterior of their network module?  Are the exteriors all made from acrylic after MM?

G1 -> XL ->MM -> MM2 -> G5

Just curious, why? Trying to identify a cable? 

Does it make a difference?

I'm a sponge, what can I say...LOL

@oldhvymec - it's better to not responding to my question if you don't know anything on my question than providing an useless and nonconstructive feedback.
I remember back in the mid 90's my transparent reference cables had I believe aluminum network boxes, (2 per cable for interconnect cables) .
Thanks @fyud. Yeah I still have those and I think that's the Gen1.  After some digging from the reviews I  could found online I believe the only generation they were using aluminum for the network exterior is Gen1, after that they are all made by acrylic.
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Yes, G1 was the only aluminum. I started with those and upgraded through the years.
Thanks @no_money for your respond.  I skipped a few generation after the G1 and realized that their more recent generation no longer have the aluminum exterior for networks.
Anecdotal mention...owned many cables including current Gen Transparents.  They lost something special after they went beyond Gen 1 XL TECH....for me the magic went away when the acrylic came to stay!
@dave_b yeah I actually am not sure if acrylic finish improves the performance.  To me the aluminum finish is aesthetic better than plastic.  But again it's just my opinion on the look along, not sonically.