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Peachtree iDac reliabilty?
I have a audio buddy who is now on his third iDAC. Same exact situation you describe. Says it's an amazing pc., but sounds like Peachtree need to get their Q.C. act together.Not like the thing is exactly chump change @ $1k. 
How do I know if iTunes files are all 'lossless'?
Great! Thanks for all the input and responses guys! Glad to see I'm not the only one floundering a 'bit' in this format ;^)To further add to the confusion - after poking around a little in the iTunes settings, I also noticed if you highlight any s... 
Anyone listened to ML Vantage?
Well, since initially I was the '1st responder' to this thread, I feel obligated to add my .02... I once owned the Summits (a GREAT speaker) but needed some cash for other home projects - so went down a step to the Vantages. I have owned these now... 
Ayon CD Players: CD-1 and CD-3
Has anyone in the threads above compared the Ayon to other similar tube-based CDP's in the same general price range? Such as -- Opera Audio Droplet, a used Audio Aero Capitole MKIIse?Also, based on the dramatic extremely positive effect I have had... 
Best New speaker under $5000
Another interesting speaker that I think will definitely be a contended in this price range is the new AV123 Focus Line Source LS6 @ $4500. Also the PSB Synchrony One @ $4500, and the Monitor Audio PL300 are supposedly 'killers' in this price range. 
Tubed Pre match with a Spectron Musician IIISE?
Look into Antique Sound Labs Flora EX-DT line stage. I am using them with a pair of NuForce 9v2se's and have fantastic results. Have read that it also matches up well with the Spectron. 
Does anyone own the new AV123 Focus LS speakers?
Thanks Aurthursmuck - awesome looking system you have too BTW. 
Does anyone own the new AV123 Focus LS speakers?
Aurthursmuck -- how do they sound?? What speakers did they replace and what speakers have you owned in the past? 
Does anyone own the new AV123 Focus LS speakers?
That will be a tough order to be sure. Yes, please get back to us with your impressions (or better yet a review!) when you get an opportunity. Will be interesting as you are going to a completely different type of reproduction (line source vs. poi... 
Balanced tube preamp for Class D amps
Here's what may seem at first glance to be a bit of a wild-card, but matches up GREAT with the V2SE's -- Antique Sound Labs 'Flora EX DT' autoformer preamp. Incredible bass, dynamics, soundstage, etc. I previously owned a BAT VK-31, VK3ixSE and a ... 
Review: NuForce 9 V2 SE Amplifier
Warrenh - I believe NuForce still offers a "$1.00 in-home trial" for 30 days. You have nothing to lose (other than $1.00). 
Review: NuForce 9 V2 SE Amplifier
Catahula bill- Haven't heard their speakers or pre, but if they dedicate the same level of genius and commitment to these pcs., they should be above level performers as well. If you haven't already, you can Google a search on these. I seem to reme... 
Review: NuForce 9 V2 SE Amplifier
You're right on the mark John. Two new reviews just popped up within the last few weeks - one at The Stereo Times (Feb 2008) and the other at Audio/Video Revolution (Feb 2008) BOTH reviewers basically state that the V2's are amoung the finest amps... 
Review: Bel Canto Design e.One S300 Amplifier
To echo the other comments listed - excellent review Mlsstl. Digital amps, of all brands, have really come a long way in a relatively short time. 
Review: NuForce 9 V2 SE Amplifier
Hey thanks guys for the kind comments! I really glad you found some value in my review. Teajay - yes! couldn't agree more, the Flora preamp is a true 'giant killer' of a preamp and seems to be a match in proverbial heaven with the NuForces. I'm st...