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Help me find this sound
Oh, man, don’t you hate it when someone doesn’t provide closure on a thread question?But hey, 19 years is better late than never, no?It’s been a heck of a journey, and I could have never imagined in 2002 where I’d end up, but I have far more than ... 
VR4 Gen1 + DNA-125 or HCA-2?
I have tried both amps with my 4's (Gen 1's, but with he 4to5 mods) and the DNA was a much better match. They HCA-2 sounded extremely thin and seemed to run out of power at rather moderate levels of volume. The DNA amp was fairly smooth, if a bit ... 
Which companies also offer good service??
Rogue and Von Schweikert.It is reassuring to deal with owners that return all your calls and emails, and that take care of any issues promptly and courteously.KP 
Please Help with DAC...
If you get the DAC, look for a 75 ohm design. HDVX or AZ Silver Photon should cost no more than $75 or so used. There are other 75 ohm cables available for that or less new as well.KP 
Please Help with DAC...
Look for a used MSB link DAC, they can be had for under $150. If it doesn't do it for you, just sell it for no loss.KP 
Silver vs. Cooper speakers cables
You should do your hair in a Litz Braid, silly.KP 
Is this ludicrous or not?
Well said all around, Mr. Douglas.KP 
Is this ludicrous or not?
Is there anyone left that takes these reviewers seriously?KP 
Opinions, Is this better for the Members?
I had to resort to posting negative feedback in order to receive proper settlement from a member that behaved very badly.Under this new system, I would have no recourse.KP 
Thoughts about these forums
Funny, I have not visited this site in about a year.I come back and see this post. Hack sums up the main reasons why I left this and other forums with pints #1 and #4. My last thread was questioning the value of jars of pebbles in audio. It was de... 
Prolonged use of PAUSE on a CD player
Given that hard drives can spin at 10,000 rpm or more, 24/7, for years, I'd be disappointed if leaving a CD drive spinning for a few hours would cause failure.KP 
Ten Percent Distortion?
who naturally says that the sound of an amplifier is all that counts. What a silly idea! Everyone knows all that counts is the amount of coal it can carry.KP 
What do you NEVER want to hear again???
Just the ABB jams; I feel they tend to drag for too long without doing much. Ironically, on the song I like the best from them (Midnight Rider) I feel the jam is too short.Add "It's a Small World" to the list.KP 
New marketing tatic what`s your take?
Expensive ads for niche market merchandise let you know a nice portion of the price of the item will be going into the ads, not into the product.KP 
What do you NEVER want to hear again???
Oh well. It was just a matter of time before a stranger's opinion was taken as a personal insult by a thin skinned fan of some group or other.KP