Toe-In or Toe-Out

I always listen for a long time, with a bit of toe-out, just behind my head.  But I try again, for the second time, and for my room, I find the sound is much more coherent, with less saturation, in fact I can play a little bit louder without fatigue and saturation of music, like just in my face sound.  In fact it is more easy to listen to my music.  It is not a big move to make, just experimentation, it worth to try, for free.


Not tried it in stereo only. Don't think it could possibly sound good and moving 300 lbs. of speakers is a bit much at my age. Happy listening.

follow the manufacturer guidelines as a starting point, if you haven't already

the instructions of any good speaker maker will take into account the dispersion pattern of said speaker

I forgot to mentionned, and complete my phrase...  But now, I use the Toe-in just in front of my head, instead of behind.  My speakers are 62 inches centre to centre.  May be it is because of open space room and my ears.  I have also notice, that when my chair is more on the right side, 1 foot of the centre, I heard a less fatigue music and little bit more high frequency , probably my ear and open space room.  Thank you all.


noromance, I will try straight ahead next time, may be it is because of the fold AMT diffusion Tweeter ?

Whatever sounds best to you is the way to go. Every room and person is different. 

Glasses and hat will change what you hear too.

I go for full blown laser alignment with 4 columns. 2 mains, 2 MB columns

From the seated position to the center of the columns. Measure that distance, pushing it away lowers the db to that ear. I run mine the same distance
Toe-in or out.

The mains are toed-in and fire in front of the seated position. They are tipped back 5 degrees, with the ribbon tweeter turned horizontal vs vertical.

The MB columns fire behind the seated position and are tipped back less than 5 degrees. They are outside the monitors and 12-24" closer but 60 degrees off axis from the monitors. They don’t interfere with the monitor imaging either. You also push the MBC back about 1" inch at a time, until the timing is right between the monitors and MB columns.. To close boomy, to far away they loose coherence. They sound like they are in separate boxes.. Just what I didn’t want to do..

You really want to zero in your speakers, use a laser and a db meter in the seated position..

Your ears just make sure they are pretty close. That set up can compensate for a lot of hearing issues too between moving a single column forward or backwards but keeping the laser in the same spot for imaging..


stereo5, you are correct, with the age the ear goes bad with time, and also the open room is another issue.  Thank you

oldhvymec, Thank you for your help.  Have you a dB and laser model device to suggest me ?  I am now writing you from my computer situated in the back left cornerof my open space room, all curtains are now closed, and the sound is better than on my listening chair, it is realy weird, isn't it ?  Thank's again.

Mine were freebies from work. They were a writing pen and a laser pointer combo. Worked great for me. The db meter, no need to get fancy. If your going to use a phone or something like that just use a stand so you're not part of the equation and use a painter tape reference on the floor with alignment marks for clocking the pickup mic the same direction the same time. I used a pair of Galaxy S3s that were both retired a long time ago. You could even pair them and WiFi the info back to a 3rd phone or laptop..

I'm frugal.. LOL Works sweet as can be.. Cost? 10 minutes of learning Doggle or VPN or Tethering or LOL what ever you want to use for FREE. You can just use one too. tape marks on the floor like I said..

Have fun...

Merry Christmas come to think of it..

Crossing just in front of your head or just behind your head is still toe-in not toe-out. I have never heard any loudspeaker in the toe-out position. 

oldhvymec, I check my right speaker, it was 11/2 inche to far from the right.  I check the front wall, 26 inches, it was OK for both.  I have tried, near listeng field, but I prefer far listening. in my 17x22 feet x 8 h.  My speakers are 61 inches centre to centre.  My ear, on my chair are 131 inches from centre of the speakers.  And it is now better.  How is important the positionning !  Thank you.  Not easy in getting old ...

Getting old, nah, wiser yes.. :-) Years is just something that comes along with it.. They are all free.. :-)

Glad to hear things are better..


noromance,  I just move them closer with just a little "hair" toe-in, (48 inches) and I find the music more coherent and lively.  I will keep them in that positioning.  Thank you.