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Which Component Has the Greatest Affect on Low-Level Listening
mapman Interesting answer about sub, I think trying a REL 9Ti with my stereo gear.  Thank you 
Suggestions for New CD Player
tonykay It seems that the Blue Ray Panasonic DP UB 9000 resemble to the Oppo ?  It has also XLR connexions.  The Yamaha BDA 1060 seems to be great for less $, it has also XLR connexions, SACD too.  I dont know if if they compare too the Oppo ... 
Speaker jumpers
I had tried both on the LF speaker binding post with good bass, then both on the HF with good definition, with the Jumper installed approriate; but, connecting the red (+) on the bass LF, and the black on the High frequencies binding post, there a... 
Your most indispensable "tweak"?
nonoise, I meant: Iso acoustic  Orea, sorry . 
Your most indispensable "tweak"?
nonoise, Where is the most noticeble impact of the "oreo", turntable, preamp amp, CD player ? 
Honest question about cartridge vs. turntable performance.
aj523   I agree, I have up grade my REGA RP6 with: New mat, Sub platter, and conterweight; using a Dynavector DV20 x 2L and a Clearsudio Basic + phono preamp, with great succes 
Footers under my speakers double the perceived value of my speakers!
I also tried Gaïa, but the Vibrapod are a winner ! 
Footers under my speakers double the perceived value of my speakers!
On my floated floor, I use Vibrapod  under my 80 pound speakers, with great succes, I got more body and full frequencies,and music placement.  Never go back to Spike ! 
WA-Quantum GmbH's Quantum Chips
No result for me with some of them, but...SR Blue Fuse= Just Wow ! 
Bi-Wire Jumpers
akg_ca,  ... However, single wiring will often sound the most musically coherent.  I think you are right with the term "Coherent". 
Bi-Wire Jumpers
My next step, would be overkill, if I use the second speaker pair with BFA banana, also connected to the bass speaker binding post.  There is a little difference between the two pair, one is Straightwire Crescendo II and the other is Crescendo III... 
Bi-Wire Jumpers
I Just made experimentation about Biwire and use of Jumper. And I am not sure about biwire speaker cable is as good as single wire with good jumper ? What I have notice is after a few weeks with two pair of good speaker wire (one pair with banana ... 
Solid core Versus Stranded Speaker cables
chrisr ,  Usualy manufacturer use the same gauge for internal speaker cable.  Some use stranded 12 gauge.  Which one would be best solid or strand ? And which gauge would you suggest for a three way speaker. 
REGA RB 303 to RB 808
Groovtracer counterweight and sub platter, and Funkfirm TT mat.  Happy with the result.  
Dynavector DV20X2H or DV20X2L
jmolsberg  Thank's