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WA-Quantum GmbH's Quantum Chips
No result for me with some of them, but...SR Blue Fuse= Just Wow ! 
Bi-Wire Jumpers
akg_ca,  ... However, single wiring will often sound the most musically coherent.  I think you are right with the term "Coherent". 
Bi-Wire Jumpers
My next step, would be overkill, if I use the second speaker pair with BFA banana, also connected to the bass speaker binding post.  There is a little difference between the two pair, one is Straightwire Crescendo II and the other is Crescendo III... 
Bi-Wire Jumpers
I Just made experimentation about Biwire and use of Jumper. And I am not sure about biwire speaker cable is as good as single wire with good jumper ? What I have notice is after a few weeks with two pair of good speaker wire (one pair with banana ... 
Solid core Versus Stranded Speaker cables
chrisr ,  Usualy manufacturer use the same gauge for internal speaker cable.  Some use stranded 12 gauge.  Which one would be best solid or strand ? And which gauge would you suggest for a three way speaker. 
REGA RB 303 to RB 808
Groovtracer counterweight and sub platter, and Funkfirm TT mat.  Happy with the result.  
Dynavector DV20X2H or DV20X2L
jmolsberg  Thank's  
Dynavector DV20X2H or DV20X2L
jmolsberg By the way, DV20x2L offer a realy special new dimension listening to music ! 
Dynavector DV20X2H or DV20X2L
jmolsberg   I use to clean with Nagaoka stylus cleaner every 5 LPs, but brush every side with only the brush.  Do you put the stylus cleaner onto the stylys directly, or on the stylus brush ? 
Dynavector DV20X2H or DV20X2L
jmolsberg  Around 1300 hours ? 
Dynavector DV20X2H or DV20X2L
So after buying a new DV20 x 2 Low, I am very surprise by: the sound stage, precision, details and easy to listen to.  Nothing to compare to the High version, (the high was good) if you have a MC phono preamp with at least 60dB out put.  Dynavecto... 
Better to plug it in ... ... ...
tom6897   Yes thank you, even though I have a good Power distribution bar, with good receptacles and a dedicated AC line, for me and my new AC power amp cord, it is way better to plug my amp into the wall outlet.  Fun you said, now it is realy F... 
Gershman Avant Garde Upgrade?
jk2011 I also intend to modify my Gershman Avantgarde.  Mine is in between RX20 and R1 model.  Did you do the work by yourself, or you gave them to a technicien ?  Did you change all the CO: tweeter -mid - bass ?  Did you change also the interna... 
Night and day speaker connection
douglas_schroeder  Test done, The music is amazing with double biwire "without jumper".  If you can afford it,  adding another pair of speaker cable to your bi wireable speaker, one of the best upgrade for me.  Timbre, musicality and no more com... 
There's a lot more bass in a 6.5" driver than most of you think
In Chicago audio show (2016) I have heard, rather small tower speaker, from Penaudio (Serenade) with two 6" woofer, and it was unbelievable bass !