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What Sonically is the Difference between a $1,500 CD Player and a $10K-$25K One?
2005- CD player 5000$ = 2/102017- DVD super-audio player 500$ = 9/102015 Turntable 3500$ = 9.5/10 
Electricity enhancer
noramance,  I think that the Black Discus Nano offer improvement in helping to low the noise floor, so there is more density in the instruments so their stamp is full body, the attack of the piano notes are percussive, better separation of instrum... 
Sound quality vs. volume
Yes elliottb: "Once anyone gets a very satisfying balanced system and speaker/room setup, most often you will find you very rarely listen as loudly as you used to. You are busy being immersed, involved, hearing things previously undiscovered."  ..... 
Real world life expectancy of a high end cartridge?
According to Dynavector, my DV20x2H would last at least 1500 hours, and if it is well maintained, 2000 hours.  I also use Last or Nagaoka stylus treatment, every 10 LP, and stylus brush every LP, and vinyl brush at every side.  I also keep a recor... 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
So TC is nothing to compare with Caig ProGold  ? 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
oregonpapa, If I have already apply Caig DeoxIt and Progold on my connections, do I have to remove it with alcool, or if I can reapply over, Total Contact Enhancer ?  Would I have enough product to treat all of a stereo system: Turntable; Phono p... 
How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?
After those yearssss... and $$$... It is time to... only listen to my music and appreciate how good it sound to me... to you. Enjoy ze Music 
Caster Wheels vs. Spikes
georgehifi5 ,  The Vibrapod are well design (compare to the sorbotan footer) and not expensive and very effective on my suspended floor, but if the  sorbotan footer do the job, why not. 
Helmhotz resonators for audiophile at almost no cost and without calculus...
mahgister  Very Interesting, I also have, years ago, a small platic cube, with a hole, fix to the back of my speakers and only just a half inch, up or down the back of the speaker would transform the sound !  May be You should post a video on Yo... 
Low Sensitivity Speakers Compression Issue.
kosst_amojan   The problem is that ears are far more sensitive to tone than amplitude. Given a choice between amplitude accurate, distortion free sound and sound that presents the best tonality, I'm not surprised at all by why people prefer to... 
I'm putting to rest worrying about sibilance
noromance  You are unfortunataly right, I had the same problem with "Pairing" components, I switch another CD player Brand to another less expensive, and I have now a better reading music.  I wonder why companies did not put together the best ma... 
Shocked removed spikes, used blue tack, what other non spike footer
For me Vibrapod do a great improvement (compare to spikes) under my 80 pound speakers.  There is floating floor in my music room.  I made comparaison test with Gaïa II, and I return the Gaïa. 
Under speakers Vibrapod or Gaïa
wolf_garcia , I have already Vibrapod and they made my speakkers much better sounding like music... nothing to compare with Spikes on my flooting floor... so I will check for the Vibrapod and give them a try ;)  Thank you 
Under speakers Vibrapod or Gaïa
wolf_garcia ,  Thank's;  I was thinking to place a wood board under the existing vibrapods and add four other Vibrapod under the wood board.  So it will be twice decouple ?  Would it be better ? 
Under speakers Vibrapod or Gaïa
boxer12 , I will try the Gaïa, for my speakers, thank you.