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Night and day speaker connection
tablejockey , I take a look inside my speaker and the internal speaker cable is not thin at all . 
Night and day speaker connection
douglas_schroeder , I would probably try your suggestion of double the cables, would it double the performance as the one I just did... wow it would be fantastic !  Thank you 
Night and day speaker connection
turnbowm, yes more natural, full spectre, space and depth, pristine highs.  There are ways to connect the (-) and (+) on the bindig post:  the red on the bass post and the black on the treble post.  Or both (-) (+) on the bass post.  It change the... 
Night and day speaker connection
janewyman, thank you I just need this to the good size sleeve. 
Night and day speaker connection
twolwftears,  Probably it would be difficult to make and find banana or fork connectors that accept such a big awg cable ? Two biwired speaker cable together:2 x 15 AWG x 2 = ? AWG 
Night and day speaker connection
Thanks guys, you confirm that I am not only dreaming...  
The one tweak most Focals need ...
erik_squires.  How much do you think to rebuild a new cross over for a 3 way speakers home made 8" woofer, Vifa 1" silk dome tweeter, Audax 3" carbon fiber midrange. 25-25000 hz.  I want especialy more top end presence and definition, mid and bas ... 
Tube Ring on tube preamp
I finally go with "Duende Criatura" rings, they are more compact, and give a better precison in sound, over standard kind of rubber ring. 
Open Baffle vs Box
A few years ago, I heard the Spatial in Chicago audio show, and they are very impressive speaker, I would want to hear the new M5 Sapphire. 
Tube Ring on tube preamp
I wonder if I can exchange the 6H30 with 6922 on the audioresearch LS 26 ? 
Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?
I also have StraightWire CrescendoII IC, love them, and awsome "MadScientist" NitroNano power cable on my power amp... wow! 
Best speakers for max. $3000?
Yes, "Spatial" are realy special, you must hear them, for the $ ... Wow ! Realy impressively musical immersive. 
Graphene contact enhancer which one is best for the price and improvements
I just make a move with Mad Scientist Graphene, and the result is woW !  Better layered music, music definition, you must try ... for the price !  Absolutlely recommandeble. 
Electricity enhancer
noromance, I have just finished to apply all around my systems, audio and video, and it is a way to feel the music, like if your are in the live symphonic-opera house.  I have noticed that the "Mad Scientist Graphene" help greatly to add more laye... 
What was your first big eye opener with regard to audio?
When you find all the gear and stuff you love, now it is time to pay attention on: Current, electricty, contacts, contact cleanner- enhancer...  All your system need to perform at his best, is clean electrical energy.