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Toe-In or Toe-Out
I forgot to mentionned, and complete my phrase...  But now, I use the Toe-in just in front of my head, instead of behind.  My speakers are 62 inches centre to centre.  May be it is because of open space room and my ears.  I have also notice, that ... 
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
oregonpapa, Which is best to apply: NPS 1260 or Total Contact Enhancer ?  Which is easy to apply and good price for the improvement ?  Thank you.  
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
Oregonpapa, Would it be risky to apply an electrical contact protector to an SR Violet fuse? Since there is already graphene used in this fuse, should we avoid adding more and limit ourselves only to a cleaning and protection product, such as ProG... 
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
oregonpapa, My favorite color is Purple.  I never thought that it would be an improvement.  I took a chance, and it is the best upgrade for the music lover that I am. (I used before the (3) Orange). I listen mostely Classical, World Music, Jazz.  ... 
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
willgolf,  I had the SR Orange on my last stereo system.  I have now the SR Purple on my new system.    
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
First, do not listen to your music in the first 12 hours.  Then you will begin to be impressed.  Second, the layer of the music, the separation between instruments.  Third, It is for me like there is a big sphere of music in front of me (holograph... 
Contact -enhancer, fuses - NOS 1260 High fidelity audio cables
millercarbon  "Eventually maybe someone else will figure out one reason Synergistic Fuses and AC outlets are so good, they all have a little dab of the same gray looking goop. Huh. Imagine that".  So it is possible that if someone apply an other b... 
iQSE ByBee on the ceiling
Thank you sgordon1 
Moving the sweet spot
inscrutable, no balance knob, thank you for your idea with first reflection 
Moving the sweet spot
lowrider57, Yes (4) Cathedral Panel, facing the rear and front wall on the lenght of the room.  I found it help to have a better focus sound.  Thank you 
Moving the sweet spot
lowrider57, I moved my chair back, opened the angle of the speakers, and re-installed the ByBee QSE under my integrated amp. So now, I have a realy most pleasant sound.  Thank you. 
Hegel fuse holder
I also have a Hegel, and would like to see a video, how to open this little door, without breakin the plastic cap, and al;so to see the correct direction of the "orange fuse" how to install into the fuse holder ? 
Moving the sweet spot
millercarbon,  I think you are right, it happens for most every one of us... with the age.  Thank you 
How to isolate turntable from footstep shake or vibration
I just suspended my audio rack, not the 70 pounds power amp, from the ceiling with ajustement screws, and a foam insert to the bottom to prevent excess of mouvement. 
Re-terminate speaker cables
I have tried and it is very difficult for the wire that I have, I just quit and send to the Cie, they know how to terminate the good way.