B&W speakers toed in or fired straight out

I have pair PM 1s and B&W recommends that you toe them I'm toward the listen area.I personally find them a little bright toed in on some recordings with the tweeters on axis.They sound a little better firing straight forward off axis to me in my room.I'm curious to know what others experience with their B&W's since they recommend toeing them in.Thanks in advance.
Slight toe in is what works best for B&Ws that I owned.
I'm with you, Antwan. Despite the manufacturer's recommendation, I preferred my B&W 805 Signatures pointed straight ahead rather than toed in. True, this was in a couple of pretty live rooms, but that's how I always ended setting them up.
-- Howard
IME with N802's the axis should cross behind your head. I aim for each speaker to point just outside the shoulders of a person seated at the primary listening position.
Toe-in changes the interaction between speaker and the room and therefore very room dependent. There is no one-size-fit-all recommendation. You need to experiment with it.
Too many variables at play here to give you any real insight as to what is best. Downstream electronics, room dimensions, room acoustics, seating position, and speaker placement from reinforcing boundaries will all affect the sound.

Experimentation is the key.
Toe-in experimentation is the only way to get the best sound. Whatever works for you is best.
Thanks for all responses .