Thoughts about these forums

I would like to make a few comments. I have been away from Audiogon for quite a while now and thank all of you who have so warmly welcomed me back.
My absence has been two fold. First my health has made it difficult to be involved on a daily basis. Secondly and far more importantly is a philosophical view of how we use this site.
Over the years a number of us “older” members have had the opportunity to share, grow and learn as audiophiles, as people who enjoy music, as people who share a passion for a hobby and in our communication abilities. I applaud all of us for how far we have come over these past six years, and the incredible knowledge base shared here at the best audio web site on the planet. I also must thank Arnie (founder of A’gon) for his passion and concern for making this work. We once had to shut this site down as the threads lost their direction and purpose, but Arnie stood up and asked twelve members to help rebuild this site with a stronger wiser vision. Many hours have been spent by a large number of people trying to make this the great site it is.
So… so my point. Please let us try to remember what we (some of us) are trying to achieve here at Audiogon. What is the purpose of these threads? For me it’s education and sharing of a passion with other audio people. For me personally I enjoy sharing the experiments in tweaking, this is what I have become known best for. My purpose is education and sharing of experience. I love having constructive conversations with knowledgeable informed and educated people who can push my thinking forward and expand my knowledge through other people’s experiences. I enjoy people who put the effort into learning, pushing the norm to a new level, always trying to improve on the systems and musical qualities our systems present. Constructive discussions with people who have credible experiences are great.
What I dislike about this forum and have always struggled with is the comments made flippantly by people who have no known foundation from which they speak. These people as not educating, they are not growing and they are not enjoyable. They simply live here, under rocks waiting for the opportunity to make comments detrimental to the discussion going on, or they are unhappy people who wish to drag down our enjoyment. Many of these trolls left when the site was shut down and the forums required monitoring, but it is not possible to eliminate them completely, nor would it make an interesting site without all views.
I guess what I’m asking is that those who have nothing constructive to offer, to please leave your keyboards alone. There are plenty of threads available where people are simply chatting and not actually intending to learn. But if there are threads that are exploring ideas with knowledgeable and educated experienced people, leave it alone. We do not need your flippant off color remarks. I hope those of us who want to share and learn can have the respect to be allowed that right. The other option, which I have resorted to is private emails. These are great, but input is limited and thus my opportunity to learn is limited, as is yours.
Do you understand? Please allow truly constructive threads to be just that, Constructive. I am back to try one more time to share my ideas and knowledge and to gleam more wisdom from so many old friends, I just thought I’d ask for the respect we deserve and ask the trolls to leave the educational; threads alone. There are so few truly constructive threads at any one time; we can not afford to lose the momentum of the truly good discussions. There are tons of threads where trolls and the ill informed can do there work.
Just my thoughts as I return to Audiogon, and begin to see the old behavior creep into the couple of places I’m talking right now.

Thanks for your respect
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Welcome back J.D.! When I read your opening line I jumped to the bottom to see the author and honestly had you in mind and I was pleasently surprised to see your name. I was just thinking of you the other day as I had to look up one of your old reviews for some information. I for one hope you are back for the long haul!

Thank you for your post. As you, I have enjoyed and learned from the posts and discussions at AudiogoN. I have also been able to experiment with equipment, cables, etc., without having to spend large sums of money. I have also been able to readily dispose of those pieces without losing my shirt because there are plenty of other experimenters out there. I have also been able to acquire a lot of high quality used LP's on AudiogoN. But most importantly, I have met and have done business with a number of good people. They may not all be audio experts posessing reams of knowledge, but they're good people nonetheless and I appreciate what they bring to the table.

I have also run across a few less than honest people and have read a few mouthy posts. However, I have had fewer of these experiences at AudiogoN than I have had in the numerous years of my everyday life. I find this to be reassuringly remarkable.

My point here is that anything that we don't like to read at AudiogoN is rare and easy to ignore. I'm here because I enjoy music and want to have fun. I'm not going to let a few creeps bother me and keep me from enjoying my hobby.

Why are you letting them bother you?
Wow--some people can just babble on about just about anything without ever actually saying a thing! What was that all about? Did it have anything to do with audio at all?

Just kidding JD. I couldn't help it--your thread left it wide open for that one.
I have probably been as guilty of this as most people, but I also have a gripe. When people ask for general information to improve their system and someone tells them to buy the same speaker, amp, cable, house, or ears that they have.

This site is a lot of fun and occasionally educational. Having someone like Jadem6 point out that direction is important can be helpful to all people of goodwill. Those who take exception should examine their own motives.
Just thought that I'd like to say that I've been a member here for nearly two years, and that the information that I have learned has been invaluable. Most of my audio purchases, in that time, have been influenced by the helpful advise that I've found in these forums. I have recommended Audiogon to all of my audio friends so they can get truthful information about equipment, rather just opinions and sales hype from boutique salesmen.
I don't read every post so maybe I've missed out on most of the "troll" banter. There are occasional attempts at levity, but who doesn't appreciate a laugh once in a while, even during some serious discourse.
All and all, for better or worse, I always click on to this site, whenever I'm on the internet, just to see what's going on. My 2 cents worth.
Welcome back J.D.
Hmmmm...obviously a John Adams fan. Me, I am Jeffersonian all the way.
I totally agree with you JD,what I enjoy most in this
forum,is meeting friends who are humble, and who are
willing to help when needed, one good example is Tireguy,
and MikeLavigne.What I dont like in this forum, when
someone put too much ego on their knowledge.I do agree
we should all be enjoying this hobby.My only request
is tolerance with one onother.I hope you will always
remain healthy.And God Bless You.
I agree with you 100%. I know it's difficult to adequately convey in writing exactly what you mean and sometimes things can be misunderstood. But I really get turned off at insulting remarks. It seems so....mental. If the troubled souls that resort to this behavior would reach out for help instead, we would help with that too.
Long read;all good. Been here a while;coming up on 6 years. Things have changed a bunch.--Remember voting on the posting??? Today, I don't think Carl_ would last a day !!---Arnie used to enter some threads. (time/to/time) A real classy guy. Wouldn't even know if he's still here. He helped me several times.
I ain't got a clue what goes on behind the curtian. I'd like to see some membership #s--Then an now,kinda thing. I have bought and sold and learned---Which is also WHY, I have bought and sold.
Sure miss Kelly's humor--I guess Slappy has that role now,but that don't mean we couldn't use 2 funny guys.
I spend equal time at avs. They have us beat in so many ways. They list the views on each thread and they got several that have a million views--and responses that number 25 thousand or more.---All this to a particular thread--and there are many threads,with like numbers. When you log on you can see how many are on line at that time---How many,total, members--How many folk,joined that day.-----Sure, posts get deleted over there; guys ain't happy when it happens to their post. What's new?-- The climate from the leadership--You know,the guys behind the curtain--has changed.I guess it had to with so many members;I miss the good old days! "Funny Thing Happened To Me On the Way To The Forum"s See ya over there.

as another of the old gang of twelve, it's good to see you're still kickin'. now, my challenge to you and all the other old farts is to start a thought provoking thread that's not about past threads or what threads are supposed to be about. i'll join in.

Good to see you back at Audiogon Jadem6.

I intended to send you an email about a dozen times asking what happened to you. Hope all is well and you will continue to participate.
I, for one, am glad that life, and Audiogon, does not fit into a pidgeon-hole that is defined by any one person. I would just as readily embrace a "serious" conversation about music or some component, as I would welcome a more light-hearted relief, and or humanistic view of this crazy obsessive hobby, either of which I am just as likely to contribute. The day this site become exclusively devoted to "serious" conversations that implies the levity of our hobby is any more or less serious than collecting Hummel figures will be the day I quit (and perhaps other members will rejoice). I am not fond of mean-spirited posts, but in reality they seem few and far between to me. There are many posts that could be construed as ignorant, naive, and or outright stupid. I usually just skip over them, or try to help out if I think I can. It really doesn't take much effort on my part to do that. To expect/request that all contributions strive to conform to some high ideal (perhaps a reasonable ideal by some person's opinion) seems to me as ridiculous as requesting that we all dress alike and drive the same car. It ain't gonna' happen.

Just my two Lincoln's.

Welcome back JD, I stopped participating in the forums for a while for several reasons:

1) There was too much censorship by the moderators

2) The same issues are raised time and again, people don't bother to search the archives. I suppose it's easier to start a new thread rather than do a search.

3) To be fair the archives are somewhat limited, many threads are deleted from the system. Disk space is cheap, I'm not not sure why threads are dumped.

4) You cannot post negative cooments about manufacturers so the site starts to look & feel like Stereophile (see #1)

5) Too many home theater queries. I'm an audio guy, don't care for HT at all.

I tend to post answers to issues and music/gear I'm familiar with; I'm biased cuz that's what I've listened to first hand in my home. I'm not rabid when it comes to offering an opinion, I just tell it like it is without gushing; I'm not "floored", and so far my "jaw hasn't dropped".

Many familiar members have stopped participating in the forums, but I've noticed a few old friends come back (e.g. RedKiwi). There are also some really nice folks that have joined over the last few years and made the site more enjoyable. I value the AudioGon community enough to overlook it's shortcomings. Happy listening, Jeff

p.s. I changed my user ID several months ago, I really hated the old one (jeffloistarca). "Hack" is my nickname with my hockey buddies, do me wrong and you'll feel some lumber hehehehe
Welcome back, JD!!! It's great to have your knowledge, passion, and dedication back here on Audiogon. I for one, have missed you dearly in the few years that you have left us. Here's to hoping that you will stay!

All of this being said, what you are asking for goes against my core being. What I value most in this world is freedom. Free thinking, free speech, FREE WILL. It has been man's destiny, talked about for millenia, become doctrine in The Church, granted in our nation's founding declarations, manifested still today. Honesty and trust are the two traits I most admire in people, beyond compassion. Honesty and trust, along with love, are what I consider to be core tenants of true freedom.

What makes Audiogon so powerful is the diversity. The diversity of likes/dislikes, interests, perspectives, opinions, knowledge, experiences, backgrounds, and people. We are ALL enriched by all of this, every one of us. To ask people to conform to whatever standard, beyond the norms of decency (profanity, etc.) goes against my values in freedom.

You are asking people to perhaps be something they are not. I can NEVER allow myself or anyone else to suppress the spirit or nature of another human being. What one wants to say, they should be allowed to say. The community itself can react positively, negatively, or neutrally towards it. Over time, the chips will fall where they may. Some members will gain the respect of those here, some will not. That's life.

With this, I must regrettfully tell you that I disagree with what you have come her to ask for.

That being said, so long as you are amenable, I sincerely hope you and I continue to walk together as friends, as we have always done.
Civility is vastly under rated. I find that it often comes with age as life tarnishes the brashness of youth.

Welcome back.
Representing this forum as an audio Mother Theresa is certainly noble. I've been on both sides of the fence you propose we build. Like many, many others I've learned quite a bit from members and generally try to help in a genuine manner, however, there are those times when one attitude breeds another (please forgive me for failing when tempation arises). Flippancy and humor are necessary for sanity, anger and defensiveness are not. Every time I enter this forum, I'm hoping to learn or help. Never do I search for some thread just to do damage. Certain issues get under the skin of the best of us, take this post for instance. The best of intentions.....
i agree 100% that comments made should be constructive and informative.
the only catch is that there are some very expensive/odd/exotic products on the market that don't deliver for "many" audiophiles/and or those consumers with some common sense. some people involved with these discussions however, swear by these very same products, which is great, and why should that bother me? so, i respect the opinions of others, but otoh, i certainly am not running out to get cryo-cables or little blocks of wood,etc.-- but that's me. either way, if "you" say it makes a difference, i'm happy for you. but "you" can certainly understand that "i" have doubts or concerns, and would rather spend my money elsewhere. -or, NOT SPEND ANY MONEY, which then might raise the hackles on some people's back. THEY might then insist that i'm unwilling to experiment, that i'm close-minded, or unwilling to put my money where my mouth is.
any way you cut it, the issue of money, sometimes big gobs of it, is going to color the discussions. i just hope that if i say i enjoy my tivoli clock radio almost as much as my huge stereo system in the living room, i get an understanding smile of recognition from some readers, rather than derisive snarls from scores of "experts"- the little guy makes beautiful music- and doesn't cost a lot either...imho....
Jadmo6, i agree with your sentiments.....and welcome back.

my opinion is that some here post opinions or viewpoints as 'unquestioned facts'; some take offense with different viewpoints; others question the morality of economic decisions; others have agendas to further; and still others just like to troll.

these situations are typically transparent.....but they do discourage the free exchange of ideas and the positive encouragement that is the wonderful part of this hobby and this forum.

it is amazing what some will post from the protection of a keyboard that they would never say face to face. if posters just thought to themselves first "would i say this to a person i have never met before if we were face to face" i think most of the conflict and crap would disappear.

yeah right......this is the web after all.
Read the comments listed above, and you have a perfect mirror for the motivation behind the request. Maybe we should begin our responses with something truly honest, like, "Oh yeah, well here's where you're wrong...."
Or perhaps something more representative of the group mentality, like "Come on, boys, let's get 'em!"
And then, when you've read and re-read the author's post, and the argument or plea STILL makes sense, hit 'em where the hole is. Generally, this will occur as a spelling or grammatical error.

Respect, trust, honesty, etc. I don't think they come naturally to any animal, and maybe we're the only ones to even pretend to front them. Some will find the inclination to surface these qualities from within, while others will not. But one thing's for sure--again, read the posts above--we all have highly-massaged, tunnel-vision justifications for our own chosen perspective. And so it continues...

At least most of the time, it's pretty fun to be part of this 'conversation'.
"pending moderator approval"---- Mr. Hack seems to hit on the concerns I also share.--(especially #4) --BUT--With the exception to #5.--The A and V before guy means george does both.To me this place has a similarity to your sat or cable provider. --Can't get any reception;without--but that don't mean you love every 'thing' about them.---AND life wouldn't be the same without them(for me).
This forum also provided me some good laughs,comedy,
at times.I really enjoy it.When I read the BEST QUOTE
I am still laughing.
Howard (Boa2) - you're just pointing out the hole in the hole-finders! And, in turn, I am pointing out the hole in your finding a hole in the hole-finders. Oh so many holes...this is getting to be like a porn site! The point of the forums is to provide a space for a diversity of input which is indeed a reflection of those who choose to take the time and effort to post. I'm not seeing "tunnel-vision" in the responses, but certainly a reflection of a diverse group of individuals, some seem to have something unique to say, while others seem to just echo the sentiments of another. That pretty much speaks to describe any assembly of individuals. I do, however, see "Tunnel Vision" in any attempt to limit conversation between human beings to a rigid set of parameters and content. That's about as interesting to me as reading a legal document. Why would someone read this post, or any other, and not contribute what uniquely comes to them as a response, which naturally would be their "own chosen perspective". Who else's perspective would you expect someone to offer up? And if they did offer someone else's viewpoint, would that be a heartfelt and meaningful contribution to a conversation? I would suggest you are correct in that you may view the responses as if holding up a mirror to the respondants. What is in your mirror that is any different? I guess I may not be understanding what exactly you are trying to say, so it's a long way around of asking you to expand upon it further.

"2) The same issues are raised time and again, people don't bother to search the archives. I suppose it's easier to start a new thread rather than do a search."

It would help if Tech talk was sub divided into categoies like: AC power conditioners/tweaks, tubes, DC power supplies, room treatments/correction...etc.

IMO, threads like "What's your profession? Age?" and
"How much does your system retail for?" Are meaningless
chat room subjects and don't belong in a Tech talk forum.
Funny, I have not visited this site in about a year.

I come back and see this post. Hack sums up the main reasons why I left this and other forums with
pints #1 and #4.

My last thread was questioning the value of jars of pebbles in audio. It was deleted.

A truly heartfelt welcome back! I hope this means your health is better and all is well. Hey did you make it to Fargo for the pyrotechnics display? I hope so it was the best in years!
Sorry for the confusion with my post. I'm having a rough time physically, and from hour to hour it seems to affect my clarity as well as my mood. Hopefully, neck surgery in a few weeks will help to quell some yucky symptoms I've been experiencing over the past couple of years. So if you want further elaboration on my post, I'll be happy to clarify it. At this point, however, I don't think I have anything to offer in terms of furthering this conversation, other than to say thanks for the post, JD. I've always taken an inexplicable comfort from the senior members of this community.
I forgot to respond to your other point, Marco, which is to say that I've yet to pull the Jergens from the shelf while logged on to the 'gon. So when I yearn for good porn, I'm sorry but you fellers just don't get me excited in THAT way. Though I did once turn the screen sideways for a better look at a topless DK.
I'm sure the long-time members remember the brew-ha'; re. when they were first going to start charging for adds?
I have a different take on asking folk to check old posts to get their ans. No response at all is better than a scolding(IMO) to such a poster. I mean,if you got time to read the post and time to scold?? Might as well have been a nice guy,while you're at it. (instead of---)I don't visit any other audio site; I think this place is great--works for me.
Brian, Rives, Elgordo, Bin, thank you for the warm welcome.

Jependleton, First part of your post sums up my thoughts. Your ending comment is right on, but for reasons not pertinent here, I have a hard time letting these people go.

Sonny, Again it’s all about the knowledge, and I agree this site is light years ahead of other sites and the real world. Humor is not the problem, Humor is the solution, I’m not referring to a good pock now and then, or a worthless thread for the sake of humor. (See my “Bubble Man” threads)

Jaycotoy, Entrope, Thank-you

Lugnut, Man you are special, so I’ve learned in the past couple days. If anyone needs to understand my point on this thread please read the “About Lugnut, Patrick Malone” it’s all about respect, love and kindness. It’s about kindly passing when there is nothing positive and constructive to add. Put yourself in Pat’s shoes and you will walk in mine. From this point it will be crystal clear.

Avguygeorge, I’ll bet your rating is up over 10,000 by now. As I recall you were right there with Albert with the conductor insignia. You could be a poster boy for what I’m talking about, helpful, honest, sincere and fun. Who is avs?

Kelly, I’ll try to find a place for you to join in. I too would like that.

Albert, I wish you would have written. No I wish I would have taken the time to a number of my friends here, it wasn’t your job, it was mine. I wish I would have. Thanks old friend.

Marco, I agree 99%. All I’m looking for is when a really strong, educated conversation is being played out (not an everyday experience) simply move on if you have nothing meaningful to share. A comment like “I disagree, this just shows what’s wrong with the audio industry” said nothing. A comment like “wire is wire and all of this is hype” is not constructive and damaging to a thread that is actually trying to learn from the science. It’s this type of comment that will derail a good exchange, and suddenly the entire post turns into a sward fight. Not useful and not necessary. I am not looking for censorship, people to conform to a standard or anything like that, just respect and some sort of humility.

Hack, you nailed it and as you say, you participate in topics you know. If that was simply the way we approached these forums it would work. Jeffloistarca was a bit hard to write.

Trelja, My old and good friend, thank-you for the welcome. You misunderstand me; I agree 100% with your comments. No I want freedom and lack of suppression. I too need to feel I can sat what I want, I’m just asking for respect of other and their freedom to share ideas without being sidetracked.

Mtl0425, Point taken. You also show me your understanding.

French Fries, Great moniker. You bring the point out very well. What I hope for is that those who have never experienced some product or DIY tweak not feel the need to down trod those who are sharing real experiences with the old, “those are just expensive ….that doesn’t work…” If people have no first hand knowledge, please simply read and move on. If you have first hand knowledge and you wish to share that your Bose wave radio sounds as good as… to your ears, fine. I could never argue with that. That is your impression and in your ears a fact. If a second guy felt cones under his Bose helped the focus, great, that is his experience. Now if Joe Blow comes alone, and has never owned or heard a Bose radio and states these guys a smoking something and their experiences are not possible. Well that was wrong, Joe Blow had no need to insert that comment, all it does is sidetrack the thread off into Bose vs. $70,000 system. Not on point and not constructive. It’s just simple respect. Is it not?

Mike, Thank you and yes, you got my point exactly.

Boa2, You get it.

Kana813, Your post is perfect and one of the reasons I started this thread. Improvement and growth it always good on this site. The only way for the people behind the curtain to know our thoughts is a thread that asks for…..

KP, how many pebbles and what size work best. Welcome back, let’s work at making it worth your while.

Jayctoy, Right on.

Fun to hear from all of you.
Jadem6, I'd love to say "welcome back" but I didn't know you were gone! :-) I'm a relative newbie here.

So much has been said, by you and others, about civility it's almost pasee to mention it again. But, in my view civility in talking with other folks, even those whom we do not particularily respect, let alone agree, is the greese that keep the social machine running smoothly, much as our legal system keeps us from killing each other over boundry disputes.

That said, I think if we attempt to restrain our recognition of an obnoxious post the authors will either reform their conduct and become a productive member or leave the forum for lack of the recognition that is so important to them. Unfortunately too often folks strike back when its really not necessary, and one nasty shot takes over the thread. We should all think more before we pen our responses. I don't exclude myself.

Beyond that I think our dialogue should be as free and diverse as possible, with each poster sharing whatever factual or subjective observations they feel appropriate, keeping the thought in mind that its all towards the ends of our hobby, not to enhance our own egos. At lease that is my personal goal, to be helpful.

The only folks who's post really disturb me are those who have a financial interest, usually undisclosed, in promoting a (or denegrating another's) product for their own financial benefit, and are attempting to take advantage of the guilibility of newbies who are trying to improve their systems. For experienced folks they are fairly easy to identify. But for the less experienced they may be viewed as authority figures. I think the senior (experience wise) members should not hesitate to challenge such posters (civilly of course) when they find them at "work".

Judging from all that has been said, and what I have seen of your recent posts, its no small wonder that folks are welcoming you back. Welcome...
The technical aspect would be good enough by itself,theres alot of deep thinkers here,but I think I enjoy the humor almost as much,a very eclectic cross-section of the world passes thru here.24/7 is another plus.Kind of like S.F. during the gold rush when the ship captains left their commands/ships in the harbor to run off to the hills to search for gold with the other seekers,cheers,Bob
Interesting and heartwarming to see some old names here. Don't know how I missed this thread first time; thanks for the "bump", Speedball.

JD- I first saw you back here when you posted on what I will call "Patrick's thread". Sorry to read that you have not been well; I've missed your contributions and hope that we will continue to hear from you. If my flippancy and skepticism has turned folks off, I apologize. However, its in my nature to be questioning. I also view these forums as a bit of chat room; for those of you who dislike the casual, off-handed and occassionally low-brow aspect of my posts, all I can ask is that you indulge me a little. I never intend to be mean; sometimes I just like to have a little fun. I work long hours on my own, and this site does function as a bit of hang out for me. As the old timers will recall, there was some discussion during "the great shut-down" of setting up an area for casual conversation chat room style. For whatever reason that never materialized; I like to think that the users self-policed that site (with monitors help, I guess) so that the technical forums did not need to be separated from the chat. I like it the way it is in general, but I have noticed some negativism creeping back in.

Anyhow, from my perspective, its great to hear from some folks I've missed over the last couple of years; that alone makes me grateful that you took the time to speak up, JD. My most sincere thanks to you. You obviously struck a chord. But when, IMO, the emperor has no clothes on, I will scream "naked"!! Sometimes, maybe frequently, I will be wrong. Tell me if I'm full of it, I can take it. Most of us, could use a periodic reality check; in our careers, our hobbies, or our personal lives.

Hey...your welcome Lugnut and a few of the others that have posted above are the ones I remember from when I started in the latter part of 2001.
I used to sit for hours reading and reading the posts and thinking this is amazing people from all around the globe sharing the same interest. I just now for the first time looked to see when I joined......where does the time go?

Something about what J.D. said makes a lot of sense to me, maybe some others will understand and appreciate his post as much as I do.
Hey Swamp Man,
You are one of the people on Audiogon I respect and have always felt you came here to enjoy, learn and share this great passion we all have. I conceder you a long time friend. Never in all our common posts have I not felt you approached a discussion to help, never to undermine the thread. We certainly have had silly and fun posts too, and those posts serve just as important a role here.
Sense you commented on Patrick’s thread, I think it is a good time to explain my reasons for a thread like this. For the last five years I’ve been told I have less than a year to live without a heart transplant. Living with that kind of issue over your head does something to a man. Going to sleep every night wondering if you’ll awake the next morning is a little bigger than if interconnects actually make a difference. I have learned over these years that life is very short, and it’s important to treat every person with respect and love. My faith has grown; not a religious faith, but a true knowledge that each of us are souls from the same place, and each of our souls need the help and love of each other soul. Now I apologize if I’m offending anyone by bringing these issues to an audio web site, but quite frankly a lot of you are “the love and friendship” that has helped me live this long.
My stereo and in turn my friends at Audiogon have been vital to my peace of mind. Now for me, I need to have this site remain a place of joy and peace. I just do not have the strength to battle any more; I just want to have the opportunity to share all I’ve learned with people who wish to learn. As long as we treat each other with respect and kindness, we can easily disagree. What bothers me is those who just want to pick a fight. I literally have a physical reaction to those people, thus the biggest reason I’ve been absent.
Now I have come back because I sincerely want to help people with the massive amounts I have learned.
Again please, please, please understand I do not mind differing views, I encourage it. I simply want each of us to treat each other kindly. It goes a lot further than anger and mean words. I again apologize if my need for our souls to love each other is out of place or bothers you, but this too is something I can offer and share. I have lived through a “near death” or “seeing the light” experience when I wasn’t expected to leave the hospital eight years ago at the age of 40. I have grown to understand I “came back” for a purpose. The purpose is very simple, love. We must realize how important it is to love and care for each others souls, for in fact we are all one soul when brought together in “the light”
Enough of that, I enjoy Audiogon. I would like to help. I also would like kindness. Just take a moment to walk in Patrick’s or my own shoes and I do think you will understand. Life is short, help take care of your neighbor, the love you will receive is a huge reward.
Thanks for the “bounce” speedball.

J.D. Thanks for your kind words to me specfically and of course all who read this thread (and Patrick's) cannot help but be moved; not only by the health problems that plague you but by the grace, dignity and courage of each of your "personas" or "souls" or whatever. I am glad that you clarified your feelings; I too feel and enjoy a sense of community here. I also feel the need to remind myself and others that the peace and enjoyment from music and friendship are WAY more important than the type of cable or which rack our equipment sits on. I have to admit that I enjoy the gear and trying different things out has become a real part of this hobby for me. I am lucky to be successful enough in my business to be able to afford the luxury of this and I also think that the buying, trying, selling, comparing is fun because I have met a lot of great people over the years. I don't have near as much knowledge about the hardware or software side of this hobby as many, nor do I have the time or patience to experiment analytically with different solutions to audio problems. I often try to pass on some information I've gained (usually from others) or maybe contribute a little humor or perspective.

SO lots of love and good wishes to J.D. and Patrick and Hacker, and Trelja, and cfb (great to see your still with us) and slappy and carl (hope he's still lurking) and Dekay and all of the other folks I've met here. After spending a day fighting the briars in the swamp and a night fighting boards and commissions, and lawyers and angry neighbors; its quite relaxing for me to know that I can log in anytime here and spend a bit of time with you all.
Couldn't agree more with your position and plea. Please take a look at DIY A/C Line Filtering...any suggestions? Am about ready to try capacitor(s) across hot and neutral. Has been recommended I try two .47 uF 600v in parallel at the outlet.
Thank you for your help in the forum, past and present.
As another of those 'dirty dozen' members who refused to let our forums die, I too had been away for quite some time, although I've again been participating a little more lately. Occasionally I've tried to recall the names of the others: Jade of course I do remember your name: and Kelly, Albert, Sean, Swampwalker, & Angela Overby were also involved. Can anyone help to recall whom the other five members were? Due to a compter crash I've unfortunately lost your phone#, along with contact info. for numerous old friends made here over the past 6 years.
That link into 'the dozens' private area (admittedly long idle) has now disappeared, along with the bio's that some of us took such care & effort in posting. Hey at least Arnie wisely retained our edit & bypass functions; a valued & still-useful priviledge to be sure. Thanks Arnie!
JD: I've learned much from you, and from so many others here. It's nice to take the time to show appreciation for the collective effort, and certainly to Arnie & the staff who put it all together.

I'm usually not at a loss for words. He he. Reading what you have written mirrors what now moves me. Like you, I've come to understand that our alotted time on earth is too short to waste. Bickering in these forums drags us down a destructive path that's contrary to what our hearts really desire. What I've found in these forums are people (not faceless, anonymous strangers) that care deeply about the shared human condition of vulnerability, and I've been humbled by it. You know, when we are fortunate enough to NOT be slapped around by all the possible misfortunes life can bring our way we are just lucky. Some people get it and some don't. Reflecting upon how this anonymous community has reached out to me in the last four months has been one of my lifes greatest treasures. Undeserved, most assuredly, but very happy to accept it. There are only a very few twisted and troubled souls lurking about. If only they knew the kind, generous and caring nature of the wonderful people sitting behind their keyboards here at Audigon their hardened hearts would melt. Even in your weakened condition you have shown great strength and courage by sharing your wisdom. Thank you J.D. for being open and honest in a most caring way. Your gentle words, encouraging us to be the BEST we can be, resonate in my heart with a pureness that our systems can never deliver. Bless you and this fine community.
Bob, great to see you. I'll email you...

Here’s the most amazing part of “our” Audiogon, as proved daily at the “About Lugnut-- Patrick Malone” thread. I have met people from every continent except Antarctica, although I tried to start a thread asking if there were any people on Antarctica checking in. I guess music on the southern continent isn’t all that important, although maybe one of us should go down there and help those folks become aware.
Anyway, people from every corner of the world are sharing a passion we all have in common. As faceless nameless individuals it’s easy to vent after a bad day by jumping on some analog guys thinking, or chastise a digital lover for their beliefs. It’s almost therapeutic to create the most cutting and painful comment, believe me, I’ve written my share.
What I’ve learned from Lugnut’s thread is it’s just as easy to share your most inner venerable feelings. It may actually be easier to share your deepest hidden thoughts here, rather than face to face with your closest friend. I know when I’ve actually seen people face to face that I met here, I’m almost embarrass because of what they might know about me.
So the point is, the people in the community of Audiogon are indeed our friends, and they contain the ability to be some of the closest people we know. Just simply follow Lugnut’s thread, you will find love and concern beyond what is available in the “real” world. It simply is not possible in the “real” world to meet as many people, and share so much with this many friends in our day to day life. We are very lucky to have this web site. That was something Arnie and the “Dirty Dozen” believed when we re-started Audiogon after a series of very stinging threads driven by a handful of angry unhappy people. We worked very hard to build something special, something above the internet norm. The audio community needs a place where you can share the audio passion with “FRIENDS”. Audio Asylum is readily available for fighting and sharpening our abilities at cutting another person to there knees.
My point is Audiogon is special and it works far better than I ever expected. My concern upon returning was seeing some of those old techniques on a few threads. I just think it’s important to understand why some of us have left this site, and what we hope to receive when we check in.
Now my vision may be a fantasy, I understand the world is not perfect, but I also know the people of the world have great potential. I believe that potential is being realized on Lugnut’s thread. Take note of it, perfection lives in that thread. It’s easy, we can have both, we can argue without pain and anger. It is possible. My hope in rejoining this incredible site is people will realize who they are arguing with, these are your friends. It should not require facing our mortality to understand this.
If we simply stay aware, each of us will have grown as humans in ways others could only dream of.
Enjoy life, enjoy family, enjoy Audiogon and enjoy your friends!
Wow. Well said, JD. Better than well said. Right to the heart of the matter.
I think some need to lighten up a bit, everyone learns here, most have a very serious, passionate, and eager to learn attitude, but jokes are ok and nobody should be told what to and what not to say, and no one person should ask that a sight like this be solely set for his/her tastes, I know I live in America, and freedom is king

Youre right Chad...some do need to lighten up.

How about I just make a random selection and go for it then justify it in some silly way.

While I'm at it I wont take into consideration they just may be sincere and want to learn or participate just like everyone else.

It might be fun!....although I doubt it.
I say you should not have to behave in any way you do not feel like behaving, for whatever reason. If you do not want to be insensitive, do not be insensitive. If you do not want to act absurdly, dont do it! These are all each persons definitions of what is right and wrong, and only that person knows the standard they must hold their self to. I suspect that if the majority of contributors share the value of a certain standard of behavior the evidence of that will stand in contrast to the behavior which is viewed as offensive, even if nothing is said or done.From my perspective, most of the time that contributors here react to a behavior in a negative manner the identified offense is usually something of a red herring. The reaction seems strategic rather than heartfelt, as there is the desire to make the offense known to all. It is something like a lawyers manuever. From what I have seen the majority of contributors here tend to ignore that which they find either offensive or unworthy of comment. The post dies where it stands, unloved and unattended, in a violence of silence I imagine to be something like drowning. That seems just enough in my view. When the majority of contributors here seem to have come to some agreement it seems to reveal itself in the way a thread developes, evolves or degrades. Nonetheless, it seems regardless of the outcome agreement has occurred. My view about this forum is that is works well for what it does.
Good point Tim