thin, very flexible, warm sounding interconnect...

...that is not too fragile and won't break the bank (say less than $600 for a 1 M XLR pair).

Any thoughts? I am exploring a number of solid silver braided/unshielded interconnects. But I'm wondering if these all won't sound a bit on the lean side of things.

Your thoughts (as always) most appreciated.
Cardas GR
Audio Note AN-VX
Stealth PGS ..... Not real thin but flexible. They don't come up very often for sale but when they do figure around $400/$450 for 1 meter XLR. Gold beats Silver hands down !!!
Morrow audio. Great stuff, and very reasonable.
Audience Au24
You should check out DNM solid core cables. Fellow Agon member Guych loaned me a pair of their balanced cables. They sound like just what you're looking for. Very flexible, wonderful sound, seem sturdy to me. Not as sturdy feeling as my MIT EXP Prolines, but I may prefer their sound.
Goertz Micro Purl or TQ 2
Morrow MA2
Pure Note Alluvion. Flexible, strong, carbon fiber shield about 1/4" in diameter, excellent connectors. Very musical, neutral, and no edge. In your price range.
I second the Audience Au 24. Certainly thin, flexible but strudy feeling,very well made. I don't think they are really warm though, albeit very fluid and musical not sterile, cold or analytical.
If you value warmth than nothing has beaten the Cardas Gold refs for me. However you are back at wrestling with garden hoses with Cardas.
Hi all. And thanks! This is very helpful and most appreciated. I had thought about the Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference, but I am really trying to simplify and avoid the garden hose thing. I had to relocate my system and space is very tight. I just sold a bunch of very nice cables that were too thick to use in this new location.

The votes for Audience Au24 are very helpful. Two questions there -- is the "e" version worth the extra $$, also, it looks like on the RCA version of the Audience cable that while the cable is flexible the strain relief on the connectors extends pretty far, so if you don't have much clearance behind the components, you may have an issue? Doesn't seem to be as much of an issue on the XLR versions. Can someone please confirm?
i owned rhe audience au 24. i sold it earlier this year. it is not warm. i also compared the au24 to the au 24e. the e version is also not warm.

soundstring unshielded may suit you. i own that cable and would suggest you listen to it before buying it. try the unshielded version. i own both.
Dennis Boyle's Chimera Labs Advantage II ICs are pretty nice...
Aural Harmony-Cryo Gold Alloy Sonnet Interconnect II XLR 1M Pr. $171.50 delivered.
Picked up a pair off of ebay. Outstanding IC's with a fantastic soundstage. Well worth a demo!.
The Zu audio Varial, its super flexible, very thin, feels like a rubber tube with just air in it, super light weight etc... Its a premium cable, good reviews on it if you look. Its very smooth open and to the warm side of the spectrum, also you get 90 day money back if you don't like it after burning it in for a couple months.
Crystal Cable. Can get much thinner or flexible..very smooth for silver too!


I am the owner of PNF Audio.

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There is a sale currently for 15% off and a 1 meter set will run you about $200.

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I agree AU24 is not warm but rather neutral IMO YMMV

FWIW AN-VX is a much better cable (or was on my system)
hi philojet:

i have access to audionote products. is there another audionote cable warmer than the vx ? is the vx a silver cable or copper cable ?

i have reviewed a preamp, heard an audionote dac, and own an audionote cd player.
Okay, a very helpful set of new suggestions. I like the idea of copper audionotes. A friend recommended the Lexus. Any thoughts on where to get some?

Thanks all.
Drop John a note at KCI Cables about auditoning his Silkworm cables.....

I found the AN-V, AN-VX and AN-VZ to have similar tonal balance which seems neutral but allows musical fullness to come thru

these are all silver cables, but I lent the AN-V to a friend and he had them about a month and during that time presumed they were copper

also FWIW I prefer Gabriel Gold Revelation cables but they are not as flexable as the AN stuff
hi philojet:

i think warm means colored, i.e., subtraction in the treble and additive in the upper bass. i doubt a cable that sounds neutral can also be warm.

i think a cable like purist audio design proteus or colossus would probably qualify ass warm. however, they are not inexpensive and not thin.

i doubt there are any warm cables which are in current production today, except, perhaps, the soundstring.
sorry mrtennis I guess I was thinking smooth and not bright in the slightest with a full and natural bass.

Maybe Kimber Hero?

Does anyone have experience with the SP2 and SP3 (recent version) and can describe the differences between the audio experience?

I know this is subjective. That's what I'm interested in.

:) listening,


Kimber KS 1011($700) or KS 1016($780) Both are all copper and the KS 1016 is new with more conductors.