Do flexible speaker cables exist?

Are there any really good speaker cables that are flexible pliable, supple, bendable, pliant, cables?
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Are those really your speaker cable qualifications? There are many, many cables that will fit into your description, including cables from Radio Shack or Wal-Mart.

IMHO, sound is the primary job of a speaker cable, but that could just be me. I may just be a 'nut', which I'm sure my wife will testify to.


BTW, it would help if you would define 'really good'. Are you talking about transparency, warmth, liquidity, nuetrality, or what? No, they are not all the same. Name a price range and what sonic attributes that you are looking to attain and it would make this a lot easier for all of us.
"Are those really your speaker cable qualifications?"

No John, of course not. What kind of questions is that? I assume being on Audiogon indicates what I trying to achieve.

Great sound is.

I have Zu wax cables that I like very much except they are so stiff it is ridiculous. Makes routing and securing them a pain. They are always in the wrong orientation, etc. I can't believe that is how it must be to achieve good sonic results.

Transparency, liquidity, and nuetrality are a nice attributes to aim for.

$1K new 10 feet.
How about Audience? Not obscenely expensive, and fairly lightweight. They've been well reviewed in the press and the community.
Try the Gabriel Gold Revelation speaker cables. Very flexible with outstanding sonics. Not cheap but far from crazy expensive and IMO worth every penny.

I use Crystal Cable Reference. State of the Art.

About 1/4 round and super bendy. Expensive.
Kimber 8TC are flexible and relatively inexpensive.
Audio Teknes should meet all of your needs. And then some. But as good as their speaker cables are, the Audio Tekne ics are even far better.

Give e-ticketcables a try. Their cables are very flexable, sound great, and priced right. I have a couple pairs of the megaflex. It is a 10 gauge all copper cable.
All levels of Kubala and Sosna Z series are flexible and easy to work with. And the sound is great (imho)!

But... there's a lot more to excellent speaker cables than just flex...
Transparency, liquidity and neutrality for $1K at new prices.........hmmmmm, you've certainly stumped me. That's asking an awful lot, don't you think? How about buying used? You may be able to get a pair of Stealth Hybrid MLT's for close to $1K on the used market. They come closest to your goal sonically, IMHO. I also would recommend a pair of Jade Vermeil's, but I highly doubt that you would find a pair on the used market.
FWIW, my experiences with the Kubala-Sosna cables would suggest that they would satisfy the liquidity, but are far from transparent and/or neutral.

As for new cables, flexible, transparent, liquid, neutral and under $1K for a 10 ft pair.....well I'm still drawing a blank....but I'll sleep on it. (FWIW yes, I have owned Audience AU24's).

Happy hunting,
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Thanks everyone. Great resource Audiogon is; but we know that. This gives me plenty of options and directions to check out. If $1k is unrealistic, that's cool, I need to know that. Thank you.
Hi Jbaussie, check out Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators. Flexible, Transparent, dynamic, neutral. Everything you are looking for and under 1K if you are nice to the dealers. ;-)
Don't forget Mapleshade.
You should try and audition a pair of Tesla Accelerators- $1200 retail, no bigger around then your little, as flexible as a limp interconnect, and a HUGE sound stage with powerful bass, extended air, and holographic layering. Call The Cable Co and audition a pair of Accelerators, a pair of Audience and what ever else you fancy. After that let your ears decide.