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Mogami Speaker cable question
Eddy, what's your thought? 
Benchmark dac - why such diverging opinions?
I have it and I love it! 
What software for 24/192 playback on PC?
yes, foobar is an excellent software. 
Dynaudio Contour SR as surrounds?
I had them. They sound good but you will need high power amp and a sub. 
Power cord for low-watt tube amp?
Onhwy61, I agree with you! :) 
Anybody compare Mystere ia21 to ARC VSi60?
I have the Mystere and like it alot. I had the Rogue Cronus Magnum before this. 
USB cable..what do you have.
I am using Cardas Clear USB and it's great. 
First tube integrated amp
Second on Rogue Cronus. If budget allow, go with the Magnum version. 
Best U.S. made integrated tube amp under $2500?
You can use EL34 in Magnum version. You can email Rogue directly. They are very helpful. 
Best U.S. made integrated tube amp under $2500?
I have the Rogue Cronus Magnum and love it! I am using it with my JMlab speakers and they are a very good match. 
Rogue Audio Cronus &/or Atlas owners ... TUBES ?
I am using EH KT90 on my Cronus Magnum. 
Rogue Audio Cronus &/or Atlas owners ... TUBES ?
I like KT90 tubes on my Cronus. 
Triangle sound-signature category. Which brands?
how about focal/jm lab? 
Warm Sounding Surround Receiver
Arcam receiver 
Rogue Cronus with KT-90 tubes
Thanks for your responses! I have checked with Rogue about the tubes, they said it will be ok to use KT-90. I just want to find out from users about the sound I will get.