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Triangle Silver Ghost speaker cables
Thanks for your info. 
Rogue Audio Cronus tubes ??
I am using SED Winged C with my Cronus with great result. Also, I changed the small tubes to NOS. 
Simaudio i-5 runs warm?
yes, it ran warm when I had them. leave it in open space. 
Your Top 5 Favorite Power Ballads
Songs from Michael Learns to Rock. 
8 ohm speaker hooked up to 4 ohm post ?
I have a similar question to the OP. When I called the dealer of Prima L. last year to buy the PL2 model, the dealer told me to connect my previous 8 ohm speakers (Totem Sttaf) to the 4 ohm taps! He told me the speakers will sound better!? I did n... 
Ayre CX7-E vs Rega Saturn; your thoughts please
I had both players and I preferred the Ayre. 
cayin vs. primaluna vs. unison for totem arros
Rogue Audio Cronus 
Cambridge 840c burn in
I did not notice bright sounding when I first played it at home. After 2 months with about 60 hours, I still don't see any improvement compare when it was brand new. Maybe I don't notice, although it sounds great. 
Help with bi-wirable efficient floorstanding 2.5K
Triangle speakers 
Preamp tubes or amp tubes will give more change?
Thanks Nsgarch for your detailed post for me to understand more on the structure of tube amp. 
Preamp tubes or amp tubes will give more change?
Thanks all for sharing your experiences. I will try some input tubes first and output tubes later. 
Help with CD Player
Cambridge Audio 840C. Very nice player. 
Bdgt Spker Cable 4 second system nordost v. kimber
Since he is using AP interconnect, why not AP speaker cables? Oval 9 or Oval 12 cables are very good. 
Rogue Audio Cronus ...what speakers do you love ?
I am using it with my Triangle Altea ESW speakers and very happy with the result. 
wall mounted speaker suggestion
Totem Tribe or Dynaudio 42W