Flexible DAC or Preamp or Integarted for Headphones Seeking Recommendations

I have built my current system around pieces of gear that are flexible in that they can serve multiple functions in a system, depending upon my likes. Some examples of the gear that I have now include:
  • LTA MicroZotl MZ2 which I use as the preamp in my main system, but is flexible to be used as an integrated and/or a headphone amp.
  • BlueSound Node 2i which I use as a dac/streamer in my main system, but is flexible as a stand alone streamer into an external DAC.
  • Rogue Audio Sphinx which I use an an integrated in my second system, but is flexible as a preamp as well.
With that in mind, I am looking for gear to use in a headphone setup in a new desktop system. I understand that I could use the Microzotl for this, but I enjoy it so much in my main rig that I would like to keep it there.

So I am looking for a flexible piece of gear to drive my Drop 6XX headphones. I am entertaining the following right now:
  • Ayre Codex
  • Mytek Liberty
I have heard that both of these are great DACs with good headphone capabilities and both are flexible to use as standalone DACs in a speaker setup.

Does anyone have gear recommendations along these lines? A DAC with a good headphone stage? A preamp or integrated with a great headphone stage?
As always I really appreciate feedback I always receive from everyone on this site.

The Gold Note DS-10 is a DAC/streamer/preamplifier that has a dedicated 1 watt low gain/5 watts high gain headphone amplifier. The Gold Note sound is neutral with this really pleasing dollop of aural honey. Just lots of fun.

Here's a YouTube review that covers the headphone section in particular.

Industry disclosure: I'm a Gold Note dealer.
Thanks for the recommendation. Might be a little above what Im looking to spend but I will still consider it. Ideally I'm looking for gear at or under $1500.