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Biwire vs Single/jumper: Cardas Golden Ref
Recently Cardas has stated on their website that you will get better results using a single wire with good quality jumpers as opposed to an internal bi-wire. Of course they do not hesitate to mention that a full shotgun bi-wire would be the best s... 
Bryston Loudspeakers?
Bryston has long been the target of audiophile snobbery already so I don't think this will bother them. I too heard the speakers at the most recent TAVES show in Toronto and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they sound but felt that they were... 
7 Channel Amp
The amp works fine everywhere but your apartment, and your brothers house, or does it now work fine there as well? 
Cables ... what's up with them?
Niagara's from China for that price? I can believe that they're fake. 
Recommendation for new 5-ch Amp
Bryston 9Bsst2, Cary cinema series, or the new Moon multi-channel amps would all be upgrades from your Sunfire amp I would think 
7 Channel Amp
Did you purchase the Cary new from a dealer? If you did you should be able to get the dealer to come to your apartment and witness the problenm first hand so he can relate it to Cary. I wouldn't give up so easily on this amp as it is supposed to b... 
audia flight opinions
About a year ago I went to the local dealer I frequent and noticed that they were now an Audia Flight dealer. I had never heard of the brand. In one of the smaller rooms they had one of the integrated amps, the middle model I think, with the match... 
An SACD question
I find I am buying a lot less of them since AudiogoN eliminated it's dedicated SACD section of the classifieds. 
Cables for Dynaudio C1 Sig
I have only heard the standard C1's, not the sigs. Most recently with an Adudia Flight integrated and CD player. The cabling was all the Newest Shunyata ZTron cabling and they sounded fantastic. I have also heard them sound great with upper end Ca... 
Ayre V-5Xe or Bryston 4B-ST
If the Ayre is to be purchased used, and you do not need to sell your curent amp first to finance the cost of the Ayre then I would purchase the Ayre and put it into your system for as long as you need to evaluate it fully. If you end up not likin... 
Phantom center channel volume
I don't really undertand why this is an issue. Can you not simply bring the main front channels volume down by 3db in the set-up, or increase the rear channels output by 3db's? Would this not solve the problem? 
how to re terminate my cardas hexlink golden 5c
Due to the type of extremely thin coating Cardas uses on their conductors they are very difficult to reterminate correctly, without irreperable damage, by anyone other than Cardas themselves. Early on even Cardas had an outside company do all of t... 
Need Hi Eff, Omni-directional Speakers
Duevel Planets used? 
It Turns Out...
I'm prety sure he is reffering to the 40inch XBR CRT television that Sony put out about ten years ago. I've never come across even an early generation 40inch plasma tv stand included that came to over 400 pounds. I used to own the 36inch Sony XBR ... 
What more possibly could they offer consumers?
The forty+ male is the fastest growing segment in the video game industry today.