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Since solder is such a poor conductor, why use it?
Wire wrap connections... 
Siltech Triple Crown / Crystal Absolute dream
Nope. Siltech Gen 5 silver/gold. Very expensive in the day. 
Which of these USB Cables?
So many to choose from, my choices:Wireworld Silver StarlightWyWires USB SilverCabledyne Reference Silver 
HDMI Cables
Mono Price HDMIs work fine in my AV system. 
I'm looking for good analog interconnects
I also have the Pure Note Cables in one of my house systems and agree about the clarity. The closest cable sonically that compares to the Pure Note is Cabledyne Reference Coppers. The build quality is higher and they have the similar clarity. 
Anyone still using Michael Wolff power cords?
His contributions are timeless. I believe he lived/worked out of Seattle, WA. 
Siltech Triple Crown / Crystal Absolute dream
How does it compare to Gen.5? Retail price? 
Cable Evolution
In my case: $3.00 - $3000.00.From Philmore to Bon Vivant cables in 40 years time. WOW! About 25 other types/brands between those years. LOL. 
300B tubes for AN Kegon Set amps?
Anyone have any info on the EML Mesh 300B tubes? I currently own the Psvane black bottle tubes and they are powerful sounding but I wonder if the EML Mesh will sound more liquid in the highs? My amp is a Triode Audio SET 300B. 
Porter Ports or Cabledyne Cryo Hubbell 5362
Looks like Cabledyne has the Hubbell HBL5362 on sale. Best price I could find. 
Plinius owners, what power cable are you using?
SA-100 MKIII: Cabledyne Reference Premier. 
Using solid copper Door Bell wire as speaker wire.
Actually cloth/rubber covered copper house wiring from the 1940s sounds even better. :) 
Which BNC-BNC coaxial
Better price than Nordost is: 
Porter Ports or Cabledyne Cryo Hubbell 5362
Both are tight, IMO. Hubbell 8300 Hosp. grade and HBL5362. The Furutech outlets are even tighter. 
Spdif cable construction.
Depends on the input receiver of the DAC. I have had coax runs of 30 ft and heard no diff.