Tekton Design Moab

Ordered a pair just now. In Dark Gray, to which Tammy immediately said, "Oh the Charcoal is beautiful!" Charcoal sounds better than Dark Gray (even though we are talking about the same color!) so Charcoal it is!  

My beloved Talon Khorus do still sound awfully good. It will be interesting to see how the Moabs stock out of the box compare with these tweaked and modded warhorses. Both the strength, and the weakness, of the Khorus is using the 10" woofer to cover so much midrange. Its a strength because it makes for a very smooth and cohesive sound. But its a weakness because its asking a lot of such a large driver to go so high. Talon makes up for it with their isobaric design. Mounted inside and directly behind the woofer is another identical driver facing the opposite direction. The idea is this relieves the front facing driver of having to compress the air inside the cabinet. This does allow for a much faster response, and is a big reason for the wonderful music the Khorus produces. 

I have a feeling however it is no match for Eric Alexander's ultra-low mass driver array solution. Only one way to know for sure. So we will just have to see!  

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"...the transducer comprising a moving element, wherein the moving element is limited in mass to approximate the mass of the moving and sound-generating portion of the musical instrument."

How does the transducer know which instrument it should reproduce? Could such speakers reproduce the music played on unconventional instruments? Which transducer takes care of the music played on an synthesizer?


By the way, that patent seems to have expired.
I think it’s pretty obvious, that speaker is using pro drivers, to get that type of sensitivity. That is high.. They aren’t gonna tolerate a noisy system, that’s for sure. Neat looking. Just think if the bass drivers were loaded in a folded box... Stadium type volume, very directional, blow someone's hair off their head at 1500 watts, NOW, WOW!!! 

10-15 watts they are gonna get pretty loud pretty quick.. With the cluster in the center, sure make a serious center speaker on it’s side. Bet you could hear the voices with that in a HT center channel set up. I’m not a fan..BUT, I bet it would work, really well.

There is a guy on the Tekton Facebook group that has the Polycell 15's. He listens to Rock and metal and driving them with a little PS Audio Sprout100 integrated, 100W into 4 Ohms, class D. He says they are neutral and very detailed, musical with no listening fatigue. Runs with subs but feels the bass is good on there own. Wonder how these would sound with tubes or class A?
Eric told me they were designed for headbangers. He told me I would hate them. I said I liked the 2 15” woofers and the cabinet size. I asked him if he could put the tweeter array from the Moab in there instead and he said he would. He had to make some changes and told me to call him tomorrow and have an answer for me. I think he was checking availability on a different Twitter to get the same output as the woofers. I’ll find out more tomorrow.
Ray, I haven’t been able to reach tekton by phone at all the last month so not sure if you will be able to reach them. Still haven’t gotten a response by email either on the Moabs. I’d be interested in the new statement speakers, but at this point I think I’d hold off on any more purchases until they can get caught up with what the business they already have. The lack of any response is frustrating.